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  1. I can see where this will end, urgent police matter didn't allow the police to stop but they made a full report of the incident back at the station, wai's and apologies all round, a bunch of flowers, smiles and the insurance will take care of everything.
  2. Moderation is unknown in Thailand. Noise pollution is torture for residents, fun (possibly) for the customers who in a drunken stupor don't notice it and live far away. They could start now on the Ark Bar on Koh Samui if it's still going.
  3. Not really, they were TM30 experts and this was out of their league because the smart BMW hadn't yet arrived, wouldn't come because the two people were Thai
  4. so if you are over 50 it's dangerous, phew, missed that one then, I'm over 70 so it won't affect me
  5. True, I can only speak from my own experience, I don't doubt that you had success in your endevoure's, a silver tongue and the luck of the Irish perhaps. I think that my experience would be the norm though.
  6. wrong, they need the form and they make you wait until the next pension payment is due before you are reimbursed, has happened to me twice, the forms they sent got lost in the post. I even asked a relative of mine who is retired from the DWP as a department manager to intervene on my behalf, he did but it was no use.
  7. I believe that if you let it run over the expiry date you have to retake the test. At my office I was told it can only be renewed on the last day, bit like the IO then, every office has its own rules.
  8. You didn't go to the police ? Even if you had to offer an incentive payment that would have been cheaper.
  9. Everything flows, nothing remains, all is flux, nothing is stationary........Heraclitus 500 BC.
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