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  1. Not really, migrant (for my understanding) assumes a right to permanently stay in the country, the word migrant coming from immigrant, a migrant has permanently changed his country and becomes a citizen of his new country. We are lower down the food chain we don't have the right to stay here we have permission to do so which can be withdrawn at any time. No matter how well we are integrated it matters not, we are long stay tourists nothing more.
  2. After the event, he entered illegally, fell through the cracks in the system as a result and now complains about his situation instead of being grateful that he wasn't sent straight back after serving some time in prison. If I was in his situation I would be keeping a low profile and work illegally at any low paying job I could find, grateful that I was safe.
  3. I agree, who wouldn't want to flee poverty and war but one must understand the receiving nations, they want to keep their national integrity/identity, their resources, their housing for their own people (already overstretched and expensive), they don't two systems (where the imam is the go to person for the town council) they don't want two legal systems (where sharia law eg, although superseded by the national law courts, is silently respected by the muslim immigrants). I lived for nigh on 40 years in Germany and the least willing to integrate with German society and their values
  4. He is a financially independent long stay tourist with permission to stay in the country, there is a difference.
  5. These days there is only a fine line between illegal immigrants fleeing poverty and refugees fleeing oppression, both have their merits and deserve sympathy but there is a political dimension to both. If scientists are to be believed then the global warming in the future will unleash a tsunami of people fleeing not only high sea levels destroying living areas, wars, oppression and hunger but also unbearable heat. Northern Europe will be the first port of call and Europe is already an overloaded boat. Due to the lopsided demographics there will be the desire and necessity to take in
  6. In his position it would have been better to be discreet, he entered France illegally and then openly protests his living conditions. France, like the UK have seen a large influx of illegal immigrants and I can imagine that this is a frustrating situation for the police who are on the sharp end of law enforcement. There has to be political a response to this problem which can only come from the EU and therein lies the problem. It has become a moral and philosophical problem with each country looking back to their own experiences of repression whether these experiences are derived from Nazi opp
  7. Start packing. You could have done this graciously and with dignity but you are Trump so you mess it up. One thing is sure you will go down in history as the most divisive, incompetent president ever, an anomaly that the world hopes will never be repeated.
  8. All colonial powers acted with brutality, that doesn't make it right, it's just the way it was, it would be unfair to single out the French without mentioning the 'humane' treatment that the British applied within its empire.
  9. With the rice prices so low he decided that the Agricultural cooperative bank should cooperate.
  10. The UK poodle is seeking a new owner, his old one asked for his opinions, the new one is a little stricter and you get to join in his wars.
  11. That's OK, all Biden has done is say is "If you want a special treaty with me then..........up to you.
  12. So you are guilty of bribery and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.
  13. and then there's the second coming. 'America is back" sounds a little like "Here comes Johnny".
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