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  1. Bad planning, just one room, you'll have to do better than that next time.
  2. Brat is arrested for wilful manslaughter and DUI, Red Bull considers moving headquarters and production to Europe, Brat set free due to lack of evidence.
  3. Just a Freudian slip from the cesspit of his cognitive abilities
  4. "I'd like to make a complaint", shows picture to desk sergeant, "He called me a fat ugly pig" "I see madam, and what exactly is your complaint"
  5. She was in the public eye, she ought to be prosecuted for that alone. for a moment I considered scratching out my eyes when I first saw the picture.
  6. I haven't but possibly my brother in Australia. My brother and my mother were very close and when she died in a traffic accident he was at her side when she died without recovering consciousness in hospital. She was to be cremated but my brother had no wish to go to the service as he was too upset and he isn't religious anyway. The cremation took place many miles from where he lived and he had no idea where it was. Coincidentally on the day of the cremation (he didn't even know which day it was to be) he took a long drive on his BMW motorbike and then feeling tired he pulled in to a car park with lots of cars in it in front of a large building, he thought it may be a restaurant or the like, it was a crematorium and my mother's service was being held at that moment, it freaked him out a little. Of course this could just be a weird coincidence.
  7. I think the article as referring to Cambodia.
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