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  1. On the other hand that should take care of the Bahts heady rise.
  2. That would be a way out, give her back her UK citizenship and let Syria put her on trial for acts of terror, should get her the death penalty or life imprisonment, the child can be given to her grandparents.
  3. when nothing will happen, the theater will continue to roll on and on and on, it's what comes of not preparing and looking at all the consequences, I would have thought that the NI border would have been flashing red from the beginning as it is the only land border between the UK and the EU and the political sensitivity of this border should have been obvious, even to May.
  4. Whatever, they will find in favour for her as the UK has breached international law. She may even be able to sue the UK after that causing even more costs to the UK and giving her a nice big house in the UK with plenty to live on like a princess after that. Maybe she can send some to a local terror cell.
  5. That isn't true, up until the age of 21 she can apply for Citizenship in Bangladesh due to the nationality of her mother, that doesn't mean it has to be approved.
  6. That doesn't give her Bangladesh citizenship, probably prison for illegal entry and an appeal to the UN or the ECJ to make Britain take her back.
  7. It will be declared.... by the UN, you are not allowed to make one of your citizens stateless. Pretty clear cut really, they stripped one of their citizens of her nationality without using due care to ensure she had or could obtain another nationality, Bangladesh is quite adamant there, she wont get a passport from them, the ball is back in the UK's court, they broke international law. The fact that I and most other Brits feel she should stay where she is doesn't enter into it.
  8. Well the voters don't really matter, the ones counting the vote slips however....
  9. Those poles are always jumping about, they ought to put a stop to it.
  10. It's for your own good, you know it makes sense.
  11. Where is it 'our' country, what personal influence do you have? a cross on a bit of paper every 5 years and a letter to the BBC perhaps. The establishment rules and they don't sit in parliament, you are shafted every day you get up to go to work to travel on an expensive out of date late railway thankful that you aren't ill and have to wait months for a referral to a specialist who will take months to get you into hospital while being told to save more for your retirement when you can barely afford your living expenses.
  12. No, international law will save her. The UK can't make her stateless by law so she will bask under the shadow of the union Jack again. As with Brexit the government has jumped the gun without looking at the facts, they will be forced to reinstate her British nationality.
  13. Does the private life of a 'celebrity' really matter, there is so little decency and discretion these days.
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