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  1. never ever get involved with drugs here, even if they are sitting on a far away horizon, you may end up as a fall guy or as her banker, walk away.
  2. but shouldn't that have been Bamebridge, you misspelt your seat of learning
  3. Have to check if any patriotic his-so wants to build a factory, housing estate or hotel in that area.
  4. If you have your appetite it probably isn't dengue, food poisoning maybe, see a doctor, TV isn't the MAYO
  5. "Wot a larf"? From which university did you post this.
  6. so why isn't the production and sale of cigarettes not banned ? could it be that the tax money on cigarettes is beneficial ? just tax sugary snacks instead should help with the far more dangerous diabetes epidemic. As for rubbish, on my walks I see no end of plastic bottles and snack wrappers.
  7. Obesity ought to be banned as well, they are an eyesore, they overuse the health system and they eat too much.
  8. The longevity of old people today come from the times where smoking in buses, cinemas, shops and even hospitals was normal. I'm not saying smoking is healthy, far from it, but things get taken to far, the instruments today are so so accurate at measuring the slightest pollution that there is now the issue of third hand smoke, be in the room with someone smoking and the residue on your clothes can now be harmful to others, just think of all the diesel fumes on your clothes if you live in Bangkok, you would have to change your clothes every hour. Lead in petrol was banned because now it can be measured in the dust, asbestos was banned from brake linings because it could be measured, lead in paint was also the devils work (in many places in the USA it is in the water supply but nothing is done about it) These things in general have been banned, do you see any reduction in cancers ?
  9. 1300, is that the same number for emergencies that the police don't answer either?
  10. and spend all day in bed therefore not buying anything (aspirins maybe)
  11. I go the German embassy every year to get my income letter for my yearly extension. I take the night train from surin (sleeper) go to the embassy, get my letter and go straight to the train station to get the 10:20 train back to surin. Maybe I should do a TM30 with the place of overnight stay being the state railway of Thailand. (I don't)
  12. He got worried when told the water buffaloes are on strike
  13. They are not taught not to think, they are taught to think in the right way (the way the elite want you to think)
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