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I am British but only spent 7 years of my working life in England. I have worked approx 40 years in Germany before retiring to Thailand where i have lived for the last 8 years. I have a 6 year old son with my Thai girlfriend.

I have a daughter in Germany from my first wife. My daughter has to my joy at long last presented me with a grand daughter who i have unfortunately not yet been able to see.

Whilst in Germany i taught myself to read and write Thai ( a 10 year task ) i have read many Thai books as a sort of hobby really including all of the Harry Potter novels (they awoke the child in me ) However recently i haven't read much as i am devoting my time to teaching my son to read English,although he speaks it fluently he seems very disinterested in reading it,but i persevere in the hope that he will eventual be able to read fluently before one of us dies.

I live in a small village in Isan where i am very happy. I get on well with the people here even though i don't speak khmer,they can all speak Thai. I, or rather my girl friend, grow rice. She has a great deal of land and its a lot of work,i help now and again but prefer surfing on the Internet.

I think that's about all

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