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  1. Looking at his face , it is like being in an eerie time warp. He looks uncomfortably like his father.
  2. People tried to organise a "protest" last year in CM and were threatened with arrest.
  3. So basically they don't have any kind of insurance, whereas tour operators have to insure for every guest and employee for every trip. It would seem that they also don't cover caddies under the social insurance scheme. I wonder if all golf courses are the same. Sorry , which golf course was this?
  4. You would think that the golf course itself would have some kind of insurance that covered this kind of stuff. All the adventure tours etc have to have insurance to cover the likely happenings and look how the authorities come down on them when they drop off a zipline etc. But for some reason it seems in golf no one has to take responsibility ? Don't the courses even have accident / health insurance for their employees ?
  5. Years ago, you didn't get the massive collections of smoke/haze in the atmosphere as you do now. Everything stayed pretty much localised. Scale of cars, scale of construction, decrease in green space would all be contributing to the scale of the pollution.
  6. They don't need to stick their head down. Above ground it is pretty much the same consistency as sand ! Goggles come in handy though.
  7. Also reading an article that the North has an extra high level of radon which spikes in the hot season during the haze.
  8. It's about 150 this morning, which is downright terrible.
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