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  1. A couple of off topic posts removed. Please try to stay off the subject of ditches.
  2. Some off topic posts and their replies - mostly about interpreting statistics- were removed. Please stay on topic.
  3. Isn't there a choice of GRAB and GRAB ROT DAENG on the app? So some red truck drivers do go through GRAB I presume. The songtaews are licensed as they all have yellow plates. It seems that GRAB cars are not licensed to take passengers and therefore paying passengers would not be covered under their insurance if they got into an accident.
  4. Their switchboard will go into meltdown when I start calling it non stop in "pollution season". Without an air purifier the air is much worse than having a football team in your living room lighting up simultaneously. I can't wait !!!
  5. 1,102 respondents is not "most Thais" ! In Hong Kong it gets you disqualification; shame the same doesn't apply in Thailand. Oath taking antics
  6. Is number of parachutes according to rank ?
  7. Bowie obviously knew a thing or two about Thai politics!
  8. No , only Internet Explorer 4.0 and Windows 98
  9. The other explanation being , someone high up in the RTAF is a closet "Trekkie" !!!! Beam me up Scottie!
  10. Otherwise translated, as the extreme increase in the unequal distribution of wealth. Translated as , we get the jitters when we look at the news and see the occasional repercussions of such a scenario worldwide. Last paragraph says you are on your own and best to get used to eating recycled sticky rice cakes.
  11. Awesome photo! Worthy of a caption competition! Looks like the "patrols from outer space" have just arrived, lowered gently from a (recyclable) plastic bag.
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