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  1. Buy her a 2-week tour trip to Europe so she can see all the wonderful infrastructure, show her how fast the internet is there and how clean the country is, how happy the people and how beautiful & clean houses there are. Show her a Costa Brava beach and a Switzerland town. Then go back with her for a Sunday afternoon to Cha Am or Jomtien Beach after the hordes of Thai weekenders have left and aks her if she still likes Thailand

    you do know eu is a basketcase. whats your taxe rate? 75%? hahahaha!

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  2. Well I don't know about you but whenever I see an older gent with a local woman who's clearly his wife/GF in places like Big C or Tesco, invariably she is anything but young, hard-bodied and attractive.

    As someone else said, if these men are describing these local women as "beautiful", <deleted> were they knocking boots with back home??

    All the women I had relationships with, in Thailand, where attractive when I met them.

    How attractive they would have been after 10 years, maybe not.

    The one I was married to in the UK, wasn't so hot after 30 years, but looked OK when she was 19.

    I am a happily married man in Chiang Mai.

    Almost impossible to stay faithful to my wife as I get offers all the time (at least one at random every month).

    Only last week, I smiled at a young woman in my local coffee bar.

    As I left she pulled up alongside me in a big 4x4, wound her window down, and said get in ..... yes, I was tempted.

    Then you woke up................laugh.png

    and realized he was pushing 70. oops!

  3. Nothing new about what the OP is describing.

    Not only teachers but many Thais have this attitude.

    Envy and xenophobia is integrated in their everyday life.

    Can't blame them as they never had the opportunity of proper education.

    they have something better than proper education. they live with the farangs among them.

    it no secret those that live here on their own dime are not what one considers high quality men. high quality are just not interested in drinking and partying with bar girls everyday.

    the good men that do live in thai are prolly old and stay home.

    no such thing as middle class farang. its either low so types or those with good ex pat jobs.

  4. where did you meet your gf sir?? did your relationship start with a barfine? also age difference.

    i cant tell you are older as you state-its hard for old man to recover from big financial loss.

    if the 50k is a BIG deal to you- ditch the girl! or tell her no deal you just want her love- you got enough money..........................lol.

    a guy meets thai girl and want to be thai developer.............................lol. just marry the girl nad have kids and buy a dog and of course build her the house. i bet she has architechtural plans in a draw waiting for you.

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  5. There are thousands and thousands of similar stories. Most Thai care only about ONE THING MONEY and will say or do anything to get it and they are NEVER SATISFIED no matter how much they get. Learn from your mistake and don't do it again. Some stupid Westerners repeat the same mistakes time and time again. I have learned my lesson after losing a furnished house etc etc!

    Tell us your story. Sounds like a north girl story with you losing a house. I still need convinving on men being this silly.

    Did the girl say she will love you more once the house is finished................lol. That both of you will be buried in the back yard?

  6. Thai girls that have NPD have potentially been involved with many guys and / or bar work / or worse. You either need to have NPD to work in those industries or you will develop it naturally since you need to trade yourself for money. = BIG warning sign, pull out immediately.

    To summarize: If it seems too good and jolly to be true it probably is. There are tons of good girls in this country that wouldn't steal from you and wouldn't be out for money. You just need to date from a different pool. If you find someone who is the opposite of all the points I posted above you should be fine. And don't trust people too much, period.

    To work in bar genereally it is accepted girl is poor not that they have NPD....................lol.

    If so many tons of good girls why do so many marry northern girls? the answer. the good ones are reserved for thais!

  7. I think the OP is winding everybody up....just look at some of his other posts.

    However, if I have misjudged this, all I can say is 'never mind you'll get over her'. At least you weren't married!

    This post is the whole truth. I don't want to be alone and don't want a hooker, a maid and a cook once or twice a week. Get used to it, yes I will. It's just difficult for me. Not for others.

    I have posted some others and I think that is the point about this site, correct? Some post many more than me. Up to them.

    I think exactly the same, as I said previously, easy to replace her with a slightly younger one for the same price (or less).

    The going rate for a live-in gf/wife/mother-of-your-children appears to be between 8k and 15k a month.

    for 8k he might as well go get a hot thAI girl construction worker................lol. much more skills, repair cabinets, do drywall, etc.

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  8. Please be humble and treat the newbie with a warm welcome..

    During the day I doubt you'll see any bar girls, they usually only come out at night..

    In Bangkok I suggest you stay away from Nana, Soi cowbow, and Sukhumvit area.

    If you do come across these parts of town. My advice is try not to be so prejudice towards bar girls & have an open mind.

    Not everyone is dealt with a winning hand in life smile.png

    I like you....................kiss kiss!

    You just need to know how to handle them. HINT-dont marry 1..............lol.

  9. I too joined the club, was certain she was one thing (honest normal not sociopath), but here is the truth cut from emails to my brother, meant as a warning. Firstly I thought people on this forum were negative and racist against Thais.

    I have done a 180 degree turn, were are just "rich cows" to be milked and despised...

    They are actually taught "all Farangs somehow have unlimited money and are to be swindled if possible".

    I tried to break up with girlfriend Mikky, and even after her 100s of promises, she tried to take me for

    everything I have.(and she got a fair bit)

    I really try not to blame myself too much (although a lot), because she also fooled four guys (and 1 woman) I trust a

    lot, and have lived here for 20 years or more and speak Thai etc. You/I just can’t tell if they are lying.

    It went from...

    Ian (naive and gullible idiot)

    Oh you seem like a nice girl with some problems, I’ll try and help you out of poverty, help you use your brain etc etc

    “Oh your late husband dropped dead when you were so young and you got robbed, I will make sure

    it can’t happen to you again coz I’m a nice guy etc etc”

    Mikky (ethics free thief)

    Stupid old bastard, while alive I’ll take him for whatever I can get, and if he dies,

    I get the apartment, what a moron. I hope he dies soon, and maybe I can get that plane too!

    (bit later)

    Oh shit, he won’t have a baby with me and seems he wants to break up and just be friends.

    I had better RAPE him for as much as possible.

    Apparently all Thai's are the same, irrespective of where you meet them or education etc, apparently they do it to each other all the time.

    I asked my pal, “How can she be so cruel after I paid for her mom's multiple operations,

    her own monthly "salary", getting her a laptop and a scooter plus the trip to Aus etc etc etc etc?”

    He says "right of passage if you try and live here. You won’t believe they can have no remorse or conscience

    or basic honesty until you experience it”

    I literally have known using heroin addicts that have far more ethics.

    But you would/could never believe this unless you experience it.

    It is soo far out of our Western values/beliefs. However Japanese are as honest as most, if not more honest than most.

    (I lived in Japan over 10 years)

    So it is not an Asian thing, it must just be a Thai thing (which I am hearing repeatedly).

    On this


    You often read where some Western guy kills himself over being “seduced/robbed/swindled/humiliated” by some Thai girl.

    I used to think ….

    “what a whimp” or “must be really gullible” and “he is old enough to be her father, can’t he see

    she is just in it for the money?” etc etc.

    Other negative stories you hear, you think the guy must have been really gullible/stupid/greedy/sex addict or


    Now I think….

    "Poor bastard, would never have even seen it coming, probably way too trusting a guy to live in Thailand.”

    And can relate completely, many lose their life savings.

    Happens a lot….guys fall in love, she takes him for everything, he kills himself.

    The ironic thing is, I bet they all think “that will show her”, “she will be sorry now” etc. But the truth is she will not give a shit and simply wonder how she can gain from the death.

    Thank God I never loved her, more of a sort of charity thing for me, we made it SUPER clear

    and agreed that it was very likely a short relationship. (age etc, and she promised she was fine with that etc)

    It still amazes me, the lack of conscience or even belief in Karma here (supposed to be Buddist).

    It really is corrupt on soooo many levels.

    I am way too much of a trusting guy to be here (perfect 20/20 hindsight!)

    I have lived by this….

    It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust.

    --Samuel Johnson

    Works in most places but not sure it applies here. wanke_r should have said ….

    In England, It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust.

    --Samuel Johnson ; )

    The girl above cleaned out the safe of 16Bht gold, (been together 18 months and trusted her.) I even had a small aircraft (that must be in a Thai's name), bought on borrowed money (worth 1.5M Bht), in her name. She almost got that too!

    I went to the Police and really fought it, as per an article posted here from the Phuket Gazette.

    Got a bit of the gold back, about 15%, and made it really hard for her. Most guys just “roll over”

    and do nothing due to the humiliation and depression etc. I had two physical brawls with them

    and went to police etc. Got death threats so that is why I had to up security (cameras) for a while, (she said I get Mafia kill you) but all sorted now. (probably on to next victim)

    I was so duped and trusting, I left her an apartment in my will when I found out she was a widow (Thai husband dropped dead at 58), when she was 26. I have since had the humiliation of changing it back, and felt the derision and

    ridicule from some that warned me.

    Anyway, I will survive, many don’t, especially if they were truly trying to help someone, and then get robbed.

    It is worse to get raped by someone you are trying to help, rather than by a stranger.

    So hard to believe, few believe it (like me) and so the system/scam/con-game goes on.

    Not sure I want to live, knowing everyone is out to scam me, and is insanely good at it.

    Your pals warn you, but you can’t see it until you are hurt….. BAD.

    As it has been 100% proven, I am unable to tell if a Thai person is 100% honest or 100% evil.

    (at the same time I almost got conned very badly by a Thai man I thought of as a friend)

    For self protection, I must assume they are all out to totally scam me and must not be trusted.

    I simply can't recognize the honest from the dishonest here.

    I have read all the books like "Private dancer", have multiple Thai speaker friends that

    were also fooled. I had been visiting for 10 years, and STILL I was 100% duped. Be VERY careful

    out there guys, if you run into a sociopath, RUN, you can never win in combat, as they will do

    what you will be unwilling to do.


    I hope this saves the next guys....

    1) Put NOTHING in her name. If it can't go in your name, don't own it.

    (this include iPads, phones, motorcycles etc. Keep the receipt if

    you paid for it.)

    2) Don't legally marry them, do the ceremony in their village if you must,

    but not the paperwork. Thank God this witch was just my girlfriend and not my wife.

    If wife, she gets half or more and you are screwed.

    3) She was pushing for a kid, now I see how she could "own" me thru the kid.

    Avoid pregnancies unless you are ok with being blackmailed thru the kid.

    My 3 best friends have all been paying and paying for over 25 years and

    all admit, if no kids, would have "kicked her to the curb" long ago.



    PS Thai girls, WARNING Will Robinson WARNING!!!

    You are playing VICTIM. Get a clue you dipshit! You guys are pathetic.

    for laughs-can you describe the nature of the mothers operations you paid for...........lol. i hope they were all a success.

    Ive said over and over. Its the guys own fault.

  10. How long is it that you know she has npd ?

    She has never been medically diagnosed but my mum (who knows a lot more about psychology than me) has been warning me that she has it for years. She even secretly gave me books about NPD.

    Afew times when we went to visit doctors in UK about unrelated issues, they could sense (I assume from her demeanour or use of language) something is not right but my wife always refused to discuss mental health issues.

    There are different degrees of severity for NPD and while I have been sure for some time she has the condition, it's only now that this has happened AND she has shown no remorse that I see how severe her case is.

    If you are living with someone with severe NPD, I'm afraid to say from my understanding it cannot be cured and treatment to treat it requires the patient to be committed to therapy (which goes against the nature of those with NPD).

    SORRY. but you are to blame more than anything. YOU had info and yet had 2 kid with her. Where theres smoke there always is fire.

    Listen to mommy....they do know best!

    I f you buy a donkey with bad legs dont blame the donkey for not winning donkey races...................lol.

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  11. really out of curiosity, i notice that you did have more than 3000 messages on tv, so here my question: Are you one of those members

    who spent their times claiming how much their gf/wife is different, that she come from a good family, she is so honest, you can trust her with you life, she will never harm you, she is the best thing that did happen in your life, and she love you maak????!

    (Well inspite of warning, the cultural gap, language barriere, difference of wealth, her family, etc etc)

    Because if you are one of them, who spent his times to spread myths and <deleted> on tv, well in fact you might have fooled some other members, but the biggest victims is...you!

    Now its time for some weeks holidays, and after to start to build back yourself, and dont run again in the same problems as it seems that some never learn.......

    That is a very interesting post.

    I'm one of the guys who didn't discover Thaivisa (or really know anything about Thailand) until AFTER I married my wife.

    Now I would actually say my wife is very DIFFERENT because most Thai people are not evil monsters with NPD.

    where did you first meet her? let us be the judge if she was diffferent...................lol. her having no money could only mean one thing.

  12. I'll reiterate what Lite Beer and Crossy said on the first page of this thread: Unless you live in one or two tourist areas you will be totally unaware of it's existence.

    Having said that my niece came to visit and stayed with me for a week, she later reported to friends and family that during her visit to it was impossible to "avoid the sex industry thing". When I quizzed her on this point later she admitted she had not seen any evidence of the sex industry but it was expected, by virtue of Thailand's reputation, to have seen evidence first hand and to have not seen it would have made her an idiot to friends at school!

    Actualyy since op is already aware of its existence she wont be able to think it doesnt exist. She will prolly see it where it really doesnt exist. Bank tellers......................lol.?

    My up to date opioion- not the greatest idea to move here....................lol. Thesres a reason single guys are attracted to thailand. it aint the food and temples.

  13. Take CARE of their boyish figures................lol. Unfortunately the slim girls come with no breasts!

    You appear to have a great deal of animosity towards Thai women.

    If I can ask the obvious question... how many years were you with your Thai "girlfriend" before you realised she was a he?

    i love the girls. its the farang man who doesnt get it that i not understand.

    you should be more concerned about all the guys who complain about fat white girls................lol.

  14. Sorry for your loss. You said you built the business not your wife. Who did the books?


    Did you ask for a refund ?

    maybe they were thai accountants......................lol. cannot refund!

    bad thai girl- no biggie- happens all the time.

    i want to hear about the big international business. Is the business still sound?

  15. I'm sorry, but all these guys boasting of their "beautiful" bar girl couplings , need their eyes examined.

    I fully agree with you. But for many men, the ugly offerings in Thailand still trounce what they had 'back home'...

    Many Western women turn into livestock prematurely but asians seem to be able to keep the weight off a bit easier

    even though a thai girl is so lazy she would take a taxi instead of a 5minute walk

    the % of women with good slim bodies here is definately better than back home

    Have you looked at the average fat farang guy.. they put the woman to shame ... bit unfair to judge the woman while foreign guys in general as they age look like ogres too. Just a few take care of their shape while most keep on guzzling down the beers.

    Take CARE of their boyish figures................lol. Unfortunately the slim girls come with no breasts!

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  16. You've obviously been brainwashed by the stories you've read and docos you've seen. I can assure you there is not a go-go bar on every corner (just 7/11s). Many expat families live here without seeing much sign of the sex industry, so don't be naive.

    True but the people you meet, thais and non- thais, will know about the sex industry.

    The ex-pat families who send kids to school mingle with thai kids who probably have relatives in the sex industry.

    SEX is pervasive in thailand-you can choose to partake or not! Many no-sex workers think like sex workers...............................lol.

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  17. You strike me as the kind of person who could live here 100 years, but yet not see the light. So you have seen the kind of Western Men who come here and now you feel that this makes you some kind of scholar on this subject. Well maybe it does back home, but not here! Here it makes you blind! But like most Western Women, you can't see the forest through the trees.

    You arent disappointing me. Ive lived in Thailand full-time for over 10 years. Ive seen the kinds of western men that generally come here, and i can see why they need to.

    Then there are the other kinds of men who come here (for work etc) who happen to fall for a Thai lady (usually around similar ages and education etc) and funnily enough, these guys have normal opinions and respect for women of all cultures and race. They base their opinions on women as individuals and not basing their (negative) opinion on women just from the colour of their skin.

    Funny how the men on here who make disparaging comments about western women get up in arms if someone makes disparaging comments about Thai women. How do you feel if you go places and everyone thinks your wife is(was) a hooker? Not very nice, is it? Yet the brain power seems lacking to see that they are just as bad as those they get angry at.

    No suprise to read this stuff here though, Thaivisa does attract a great deal of "those" kinds of men.

    I seen the Western Men that come here to and spoke with many of them. Many recently divorced as there Western Wife kicked him out of the house he worked for and paid for, which he was not allowed to drink or smoke in. The Middle Aged Man trying to get away from his nagging Western Wife. Perhaps a Middle Aged Man trying to relive some youth before it is all gone. To find some happiness with a Woman, before he is gone.

    Ya! I spoke to many. But if there is one common denominator to all of them, it was that they where all lonely for good female companionship. As they were not getting that back home and not happy with their life. I know better than you because I was one of them. I first came here as I had no other place to go, or would rather be, as I didn't want to move in with 80 something year old dad, at my age..

    Thought I was a good husband and faithful, although Western Women never do think that of any husband, and make sure you know there is always lots of room for improvement in you. None in themselves! Came home for a short leave as I was working in the desert supporting my family as best I could and putting my wife through University, which was her dream to be higher educated, like me. Found out then she was sleeping with her X-boyfriend in my bed while I was gone. Said I was away too much and got lonely.

    There goes the house! There goes the car! There goes that Little Daughter I loved so much! Here comes the Child Support Payment for Umpteen Years. Strange that Western Women never lose that in a divorce no matter what they have done. As long as they got that kid under their arm they see it as a Gold Mine. So yes! I know.

    So you say I generalize all Western Women this way, Hum? Well, I guess there is always the exception to any rule. But do you want to know what? There would be exceptions to the rules in Nigeria concerning White Women living their? But after 2 years I never saw many. After many years in the West, I never saw many goods one either.

    An Older Brother who's wife left him for a younger Karate Instructor. A second older brother who he to put through University and left him for a ,man half his age, and hers. Strange when a Western Woman hears of an older middle age woman catching some hunk half her age, they all say, "Good for You Gal". But when they see a man doing this same thing, you all think it is disgusting, and that he is with her for one reason only Like you think all men come here for one reason only. If they are not working here.

    Do you really want to see disgusting? Go to Turkey and watch all the Fat 50 Something Western Women walking around so proud and hand in hand with a Young Turk Teenage Boy under her arm. Now that is Disgusting! So now the rest of you guys also know where your Divorce Money and Child Support money is being spent these days, like me.

    Men here were not up-in-arms with your comments. I welcomed them. He just said I was serious and why. He was right! I am not angry at all and in fact very happy. It is that poor SOB I feel sorry for who is stuck with some Western Woman, who treats him like garbage, and doesn't know how to escape from that unless he gives up everything he has worked so hard for all his life.

    Yes, I have had people think my wife was a Hooker. But considering where we live that is not such a big surprise or disappointment with us. I guess that is also better than some Young Turk checking into some sleazy hotel and them asking when his girlfriend is going to show up and wondering why he brought his Grandma with him. .

    Also don't assume for a second you have vast knowledge of the world because you lived Overseas in a place or two. or have a higher educated than I do, as you would be wrong. My Career has taken me all over the world and I lived in places you only read about. I have met many difference cultures and many different people. I do not look or judge anyone by their skin color, but I do have a preference to my own. My Gripe is with Western Women in General, which can be any color of skin. That is not the point here and you know it.

    Western Women are just damned Spoiled through and through. My Wife started life planting rice as soon as she could walk. Her first doll was made out of straw. Her life consisted of school and helping our with the farm choirs. I was recently at a Thai Wedding where I witness many teenage girls cousins being ordered around like slaves to do things, and obeyed without hesitation. Helping with the setting of the table, cleaning and cooking.

    Now, when I go back many years in my life and think how impossible it was for me to try and get my Western Teenage Daughter to keep her room tidy, to help out with some house work, and stop eating out of a can. and never succeeded, it is now no wonder why there is such a big difference between women from the East & West.

    Good Luck with you stay in Thailand and I hope you will continue to enjoy it here. Perhaps try something different and when you see things don't form you own opinion right away. Just sit and think about it for awhile and ask your self why. Why are so many Western Men coming here? Especially if he can get that one thing you thing he is after, back home for a price. Mind you a higher priced than here. But still far cheaper than the price of an airplane ticket to come here.

    Are you trying to convince us of something? Your respective ages please, to put things in context for us.

    If you are living in the village thats all we need to know......................lol.

    If you are happy great but please dont try to convince us it is what its not.

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  18. This aversion to admit to paying..............i just dont get.

    Guys to the girl its just business. They dont think of us as boyfriends so please stop thinking of them as girlfriends.

    I have to believe real bf gf relations here is few and far btween.

    Maybe if you had a personality, a woman could have a real relationship with you.

    What if most of us dont want to be seen as a human atm. It cant be a great feeling.

    What i as a middle age guy do i have to offer a hot young thai girl other than money? I got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let the thai guys their age do the romancing.

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