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  1. My landlady takes a photo of the screen when she registers me and sends it to me on Line
  2. Yes herpes and warts are common and a condom is little help with those but i agree you have to take responsibility yourself that's why I'm on PrEP. The girls need help though, they aren't in control of their STI risk at all
  3. I've been pretty close to a couple of girls recently who work in walking st gogos and a bar off buakhao and no testing done on them, plus its well known testing isn't routinely carried out in most places. In fact i know of only 1 place where testing is done. If it was being done why would we even have this thread?
  4. Evidently, daft all the same. Guesthouse has multiple rooms. Condos could be treated the same if Immigration ever thought things through
  5. So he has a different login\password for each property, that's daft. My guesthouse has one login and password which makes more sense
  6. Old news this. Last year Jomtien were sending people incl me into TM30 Room 10 ahead of the Res cert or extension. The good news is my landlord registers me online. Many people getting fined when i was there last year
  7. A mistake i think with the wrong patient, go back and check. It highlights an issue where the doctor doesn't always discuss the medication with you prior to getting the prescription, they can be secretive in case you buy cheaper elsewhere
  8. Are you sure this was a doctor? you had a fever and he gives you Omeprazole, doesn't make sense.
  9. Nonsense about the compulsory monthly checks, it's a myth
  10. I agree there needs to be a much better dedicated facility, not the dodgy little clinics. 50\50 whether you'd get the correct treatment
  11. Funny enough although I've also noticed bars on soi 6 are empty they claim to be doing very well
  12. So naive. Believe it or not they aren't rolling in cash and have to support their families. Paying for STD testing is way down the list. I'm guessing you pay your wife, she supports her family which you are paying for or maybe she's different..
  13. i considered both April Thailand and April Intl France. April Thailand is a lot cheaper but obviously some downsides
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