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  1. The problem is their knowledge, Thais think farang are greater risk of covid than Thais even though zero cases
  2. schoolboy error though, you have to triple check here
  3. Yeah I didn't like the place, went once only, seems to be where farang pick up freelancers, usually older birds, i recall they have cards on the table saying whether want to meet or not
  4. Still, apparently the boss man knows his stuff
  5. websites are more often than not, out of date here, it's a Thai thing. Also quite poor, Decathlon Thailand for example has a rubbish search, UK version is good
  6. Try Facebook marketplace, also the 2nd hand shop top of Theprasit on the left is pretty good. If you don't want to spend too much on golf with the gf go to the Navy 9 hole courses at Sattahip or par 3 course Pratumnak soi 4
  7. Massage shops are my favourite currently, loads of ladies and few customers, aim for Buakhao, Honey, Pothole, 500, Excite
  8. No, you just have to pay for the tax you missed on your return
  9. 10\10 thanks a lot. Strange though, people were talking about using a QR code for paying, nothing on there?
  10. Maybe someone could post an example of a PEA bill?
  11. On Facebook marketplace i see condos in Pattaya offered at lower rent
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