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  1. I had a dairy queen girl come over the other day, you get extra points for that
  2. A simple question, I'll answer for you, around £1,000 UK vs £5,000 Thailand using your example
  3. Often you get a tiny piece of metal or glass inbetween the outer and inner layer of the tyre, you need to take the tyre off and turn it inside out and look and feel very carefully, sometimes not even visible. I've had this a few times
  4. Usually the club takes 50 baht, not a big deal, still 550 baht vs 200 baht. From memory Plutaluang you don't need a cart unless unfit or struggle with walking
  5. Yes but mixed reports about that, on a recent thread many people said they don't pay and it's never been mentioned at tax renewal
  6. Everybody knows caddy tips are compulsory stop pretending otherwise and everyone knows its 300 up unless caddy is extremely rubbish, try talking to your fellow golfers to find out. So 200 baht green fee, 600 baht caddy, 3x the amount the golf course gets, crazy
  7. Some people haven't had an erection for a long time, so a good way to go?
  8. Maybe bring back hanging, at least you die with an erection
  9. 500 baht sounds good but it isn't that, include compulsory caddy tip and it's 800+,be honest with that rather than ignore it
  10. So assuming a cart is optional and you play three times a week that's about £5,000, how much for annual membership in the UK where you lived?
  11. I probably will try to change the green book address when I go for my new licence. I'm getting one original res cert only for the two licences, I'll show them the original that I take upstairs for the licences and give them a copy, if that's not good enough I won't bother changing
  12. Yes many at 80 baht now, the ones at the end of Buakhao agree a price, you know typical Thailand cartel. See if they all drop at once. I always find it strange why they charge much more for oil, if they charged 150 they'd get more takers and then scope for more money. Currently at 180 for those Klang shops
  13. Fridge Freezers are pretty cheap right now, circ 8k for decent size one. As for who can fix it it depends where you are
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