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  1. One of the Hungry Hippo girls told me so must be true
  2. I gave up on the powders and decided to live with some ants searching about for food. I've started using a separate bin bag for food waste which is tied up so ants can't get in there, this stops them marching
  3. Thaichana app is the one you can use for shopping centres etc, just scan the QR code. I use it sometimes. Maybe the authorities will care if you get covid and they check your timeline and you've been nowhere i.e. not checked in anywhere
  4. 2m baht has nothing to do with the point, what are you on about, transfers get delayed when extra checks take place, nothing to do with Wise having a 2m limit
  5. larger amounts that trigger anti money laundering checks are probably circ £10,000
  6. You want to choose an area you're happy with and favourite condos to choose from then look at ones for sale, go to the condo office sometimes they have a long list, some maybe on the wall advertised. Buy in your name (foreign quota), avoid company name nonsense. I bought in Pattaya, interestingly I've changed my mind a few times where i wanted to live so don't buy too soon. Decide how you will ensure the money transfer will be classed as "International transfer" so condo can become foreign quota no problem. Ensure there is a chanote, no buying off plan nonsense. The app
  7. I was following a falang on facebook stuck in the system, refused a second test even though zero symptoms, a good chance false positive. A cynic would say they kept him in to get max money
  8. Yes, less to talk about maybe, lockdowns all over the world, i doubt they've all died
  9. Depends, my Kasikorn account settles in seconds, Bangkok Bank can take hours\days due to their extra processes to class as Intl
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