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  1. You can't expect Immigration to sign off on consolidated entries in pass books, I wouldn't, you need to provide bank statements. I'm going to update my pass book regularly now so my monthly transfers are shown
  2. Dr. Varocha is at the RSU Health you recommended so I'll go there. Costs are: 13C-UBT Breath Test 2,600 baht Gastroscopy 9,000 baht Biopsy 1,000-2,000 baht Colonoscopy 15,000 baht I'll start with the Breath test
  3. Sheryl, can you recommend anyone else at Bangkok Pattaya hospital? Or i can take pot luck out of the 3 in the GI Centre. I cancelled my initial appointment because i wanted to give it a few more days on a changed diet. Its changed slightly in that originally i had the uncomfortable feeling after eating, now its before eating on an empty stomach. Eating helps. I stopped taking PPI which i only took for 9 days, didn't make much difference. My now educated guess is its Gastritis rather than an Ulcer The plan is to see a specialist and arrange a test for H. pylori infection and then see whether an endoscopy is needed
  4. oh yeah ways round it, i just wondered if you knew if Immigration accepted it. Can also print the credit advices out which shows full details of the FX
  5. Are these codes recognised by Immigration as International transfers? as the statement you get when you request one online doesn't say International
  6. Kasikorn show as International when i look at the transactions online, but the statement you download just has teller code TFN05027. Swift from Santander UK. Maybe printed bank statement from bank will be different?
  7. Sounds like they are suspicious of you working. Maybe they are profiling
  8. Not for those embassies still issuing income letters, maybe. For other countries, monthly transfers from abroad are accepted, doesn't matter the source of income and why should it, its irrelevant
  9. Only at certain ages, in the UK earliest is 55, exception is certain govt medical early retirements. That's my point, many people aren't old enough to receive a pension but have the income easy enough which could just be cash transfers
  10. At 50 what is proof of retirement? a photo of your old work desk with you not sitting there. Perhaps another photo of your regular Friday night drink with colleagues in a pub but you nowhere to be seen? Probably too early to start taking a pension which is part of the ops problem
  11. Really boring when guys try to say how manly they are for having a bigger bike, very primitive. If anything its trying to make up for something else
  12. Is this 3-4 maximumin Laos or just at Savannakhet? so can still go to Vientiane?
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