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  1. Not for those embassies still issuing income letters, maybe. For other countries, monthly transfers from abroad are accepted, doesn't matter the source of income and why should it, its irrelevant
  2. Only at certain ages, in the UK earliest is 55, exception is certain govt medical early retirements. That's my point, many people aren't old enough to receive a pension but have the income easy enough which could just be cash transfers
  3. At 50 what is proof of retirement? a photo of your old work desk with you not sitting there. Perhaps another photo of your regular Friday night drink with colleagues in a pub but you nowhere to be seen? Probably too early to start taking a pension which is part of the ops problem
  4. Really boring when guys try to say how manly they are for having a bigger bike, very primitive. If anything its trying to make up for something else
  5. Is this 3-4 maximumin Laos or just at Savannakhet? so can still go to Vientiane?
  6. They could have thought through the changes and the impact far more and when issuing new rules provide guidance notes, also ensure all immigration offices sing from the same hymn sheet. Why is that so difficult. But the way forward is just try your best to stick to the new rules
  7. i had similar questions to you in terms of when to switch, i can't recall getting an answer, hopefully you will
  8. Reports on other threads that banks aren't providing a "letter from the bank confirming your foreign transfers"
  9. you need monthly minimum 33,334 rather than 65k for combo if you have 400,000 in the bank
  10. Lovina perhaps. My favourite place was Ubud which is in land. Maybe some expat locals can give more details
  11. Chicken and egg problem with a lot of branches. They want to see a 1 year visa (extension) before they will open an account for you. Can't get 1 year visa without bank account. tit never been truer Try many branches, tell us how it goes
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