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  1. how much to rent a motorbike for a month in SR? can use Thai licence? or need IDP?
  2. what have you added to this thread? zilch as far as i can see
  3. One example is my personal experience of going to Central Festival Kasikorn and they would only open an account if i bought the 6k insurance, many other reports, try the opening a thai bank account threads
  4. Pattaya Mar\Apr last year was pretty bad with heat\humidity. Is SR worse than that?
  5. I checked with Axa and they triple checked that it does cover motorcycle accidents (they fielded the questions professionally and weren't fazed), the lady even confirmed in an email. I recommend Axa, might as well go direct
  6. That accounts for some of the riff raff you get there
  7. Cycling strengthens your stomach muscles which helps your back. Ice packs or frozen peas are very effective. Cocodamol is effective but not available here. Often you just need time for your back to improve, get back to normal activities asap, my quickest is playing golf 1 week after my back went
  8. Daft of the medical staff to say coronavirus if it wasn't the one everyone is talking about, talk about misleading and scaring people
  9. No chinese around now so he must be bored in the box
  10. Good advice I'll do that, i know the farang are in the background usually dealing with health insurance stuff
  11. sounds more like dengue, mixed up stories perhaps
  12. I questioned my agent (AA) about this with my AXA policy when i purchased it, they seem to get uncomfortable when you ask them questions they don't know the answer to, they don't want to ask someone who may know the answer. Disappointing really they can't field questions professionally
  13. they always seem to look for condoms, which encourages the places not to stock any
  14. I don't like Bangkok Pattaya hospital, bill padding and a bad doctor i saw plus the most expensive hospital, I'd rather take my chances at one of the others
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