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  1. I asked Bangkok Bank about the fixed term deposits, they didn't mention the 1.5%, maybe it's changed or maybe it's not applicable for immigration/retirement extension
  2. Pratumnak for one, they closed it for a few days to begin with
  3. It was the same at a couple of Navy courses in Sattahip, no Falang. If I ever meet a Thai person when I visit UK I'll make sure I refer to them as falang
  4. I have 3 different bank accounts already, I didn't really want to set up another so I checked the best rates available at those banks, Krungsri was the best at 1% (MTD account), Bangkok Bank 0.5%, Kasikorn 0.45%
  5. A Fascino might work but if just a bog standard small overpriced shop then it won't. That Pizza Hut on Soi 13/2 looks like it's gone, cleared out, signs gone. When big chains close it's a bad sign
  6. Facebook marketplace is best, the problem with other websites incl bahtsold is ads can be quite old, even years, some aren't even removed once sold
  7. Decathlon now open, parks open in Pattaya, maybe local governor is using common sense
  8. Ridiculous to potentially kill a man's career over one word
  9. They need to bin the members card, rather than join and get the discounted prices you can just east at Hungry Hippo and others instead
  10. Until Thailand gets vaccinated the country will remain closed, they can't let vaccinated people in who could still have covid and spread it to people here and repeat the last 9 months
  11. Walking briskly is much better than lying on the sofa
  12. I guess now the manufacturer knows what went wrong they can adjust the mix
  13. I wonder if HISOs will get it ahead of LOSOs
  14. I agree emoticons get old quick and are mainly for children I like this one though
  15. I agree I don't think I'd get a straight answer from them because they are always looking for the agent route
  16. Smart idea that, problem is I'd need to wait a couple months to get into the 400k period
  17. Anyone moved the 800k to another bank mid year and it caused problems with Immigration processing it? Assuming it settles the same day I can show it coming out of one account and into the other
  18. OK send to me if you like, Wechat is garbage these days as it's so strict to join
  19. Bear in mind the Falang are probably unaware how happy the Thai lady really is
  20. I think 50% of marriages in UK end in divorce, what's it here? % of farang/Thai marriages would be interesting, I reckon more than 50%
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