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  1. One thing about Patong is that it is not compulsory to go there. It is not a Xinjiang re-education camp. Every year several million people from all over the planet choose to go there, to sightsee, party or just hang out on the beach. It's not for everyone, the crowds, the noise, the ambience and the high prices associated with any popular tourist destination certainly make it one of the more full- on and expensive Thailand towns. Not everyone wants to holiday there, or simply can't afford to. For them Thailand still has quiet, cheap, rural areas, like Isaan, where people on a budget can have a good life and practice their complaining skills about places no one forces them to visit.
  2. It's a well known fact that, for westerners, the act of crossing a border into Thailand automatically absolves all past misdemeanors and confers on them something akin to sainthood. They are incapable of committing any crime here, that is reserved for the evil locals. The longer they stay, even if without lawful permission nor any obvious legal means of income, the more likely they are to be considered to be model members of the community. They are almost certainly supporting a village of full of locals who are without the means to exist without their benefactor, and their largesse should be rewarded with grant of citizenship or at least PR.
  3. "UK prisoner tested for coronavirus after extradition is virus-free" https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/coronavirus/uk-prisoner-tested-for-coronavirus-after-extradition-from-thailand
  4. “The Turkish man was not involved with this death,” stated Patong Police Deputy Chief Lt Col Jetsada Seangsuree. “He was in the hotel lobby when the incident happened and therefore cannot be held responsible,” added Lt Col Jetsada." ...where there were two other people who could have been involved, hence a proper investigation. Flawed thinking. The other two were not considered suspect, nor held in custody on suspicion of murder. The guy who was in the lobby at the time of death was. He should have been exonerated immediately, particularly as there were the two witnesses to the fall. It smells to me like an attempt to get money for the mother from the tourist, with a cut going to the negotiators.
  5. Justice will be seen to be done, but both will no doubt be back at the helm in a year or so, precedent indicates.
  6. The first time I bought some in Australia the pharmacist was a little reluctant to give it to me without a prescription. Apparently it is/was something that had to be recorded when dispensed. A friend, who visited here, got me a couple of tubes without a problem sometime later. The cortisone, as a steroid, is the problem.
  7. I also use Dermaid from Australia. I get dry flaking skin on the forehead, bridge of the nose and sometimes ears. It clears it up in a day. I've tried to buy some here in Phuket without success. I might try to find some of the other creams suggested here.
  8. What I also found worrying was the crewman cradling a kid, but obviously without the knowledge to try CPR. I don't know how much later the medics arrived and tried to revive him. Too late by then.
  9. Thaiger has video of the actual collision, as well as disturbing vision of attempts to revive the children. Both drivers (won't call them captains) were speeding in the channel and neither seemed to attempt to swerve to avoid the other. https://thethaiger.com/news/phuket/phuket-speedboat-collision-2-confirmed-dead
  10. Way better than the American version in every aspect.
  11. I agree. Where do you plan to start?
  12. Questions like this inevitably bring out the imaginary John Lennon theory of "no countries", where people should be free to choose wherever in the world they want to live, without the restrictions of any local laws. The people who advocate such fantasies rarely think through the consequences of the mass migration, from poor and underdeveloped countries, that would ensue. Often the same people decry the deterioration of their own home country from just partially open borders. A great theory, that would eventually (in 100's of years) result in a complete melding of the world's population, but at what cost, and what would be the leveling out point? Would academia, science, fascism or religion be the main philosophy? I live more in the real world, with experience telling me that open borders will not work at this point of world disparity and unrest. (and disease!) Thailand has found that out, as their previous lax attitudes to border jumpers resulted in the country becoming a haven for criminals and other undesirables. Of course, their attempt to become more in control of who enters and stays is typically chaotic, disjointed and even bigoted. I would report any overstayer who harms me, mine, my bank account or is noticeably harmful to the community at large. (Unless such action would result in harm to me, mine or my bank account)
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