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  1. Deacent (sic) people socialising nicely and pandemic be f,,,,d! The American Way!! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/smash-mouth-singer-says-f-214456387.html "I aint the sharpest tool in the shed" Smashmouth lyric.
  2. The get out of jail free card has nothing to do with cocaine in the system, rather massive reserves in the family vault.
  3. Good post. Recognising your own shortcomings is always a good thing,
  4. I wonder if she would gain more "peace in her soul" if she gave away her accumulated $140 million fortune. (I'd also immediately retire from pretending to be other people if I had that much money)
  5. Try reading the link: "The neighbour then lowered a rope to lift Ms Da and Seo out of the well, she added."
  6. What percentage were stranded as opposed to those reluctant to leave and happy to enjoy the amnesty?
  7. Completely untrue. How do you even come up with this? Look at the pics, that plastic was on land first and got swept into the see, usually via klongs/rain etc. It's self-inflicted and they couldn't care less. Your statement is untrue. The most plastic polluted island in the world is uninhabited and extremely remote (Henderson Island Pitcairn Group). The plastics in the oceans mainly come from the major polluters - China and Indonesia. Of course Thailand is also one of the biggest and far too much debris is thrown in canals, but tidal flotsam comes from around the planet.. Plastics found on beaches in Australia can be traced to fishing boats and are often branded in Indonesia.
  8. Koh Lanta Yai is over 30 km long, in area is more than 80 sq. kms and has 9 major beaches. It is one of the larger Islands in Thailand.
  9. It would have to be a mangrove, that's sea water.
  10. Who could have predicted that a footpath laid along a sea wall would get undermined by the sea in storm season.
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