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  1. Instead of asking for prices on a 7 year old thread on the Phuket forum, why not seek current costs in a new thread in your local area? Everyone will tell you that all things in Phuket are very expensive anyway.
  2. A question about privacy. At night, with inside lights on, can someone outside see in, effectively reversing the required effect?
  3. That doesn't accord with my experience. In fact on my last extension I was forced to take a 2 month extension as my seasoning money arrived one day late to satisfy the 400k requirement for a marriage extension, previously a retirement extension, as they didn't want any glitches on the paperwork being sent to Bangkok. My bank account showed around 100k prior to the deposit of my seasoning money, and there were no repercussions.... In all 4 of my extensions (3 x retirement) my account has shown far less than the 400k you state has to be maintained prior to the seasoning period. The post you are quoting outlines the new, current, requirements for a retirement visa extension. In force from 1 July 2019 I believe. Previously you could remove the 800k from your bank as soon as the extension was granted, but had to seed it for 3 months before the next one. Marriage extensions have different rules for lump sums and seeding, which you apparently didn't meet anyway, and luckily was granted an extension until you did.
  4. Thailand's Jutanugarn sisters finished 2nd and 5th in the Ladies Scottish Open last weekend. Despite holding a 1 shot lead at the halfway point, it's a bit early to be calling jazz the winner in his tournament
  5. I got the Bungalow name from an historical look at the site on GE. It is described as a guest house. .
  6. In dispute with Lazada at the moment. Deliveries are fast, but returns and refunds move at glacial pace. I'm owed nearly 7000b but can't contact either the supplier or lazada.
  7. Don't agree. Planes scheduled around midnight are quite likely to land earlier or later and therefore on a different day from scheduled. The official arrival time is when it hits the runway. Had my say on the subject, not interested in continuing any longer.
  8. What!!!! Computers don't decide anything, Ai is still a way off! You are processed out by an actual person who inputs your flight details into the computer system. This he would get from the boarding pass, ticket, departure card, or whatever. The flight time and date details are already in the computer. The stamp in a passport is an unnecessary part of the processing and only ever looked at again by the holder.
  9. I think that some aspects of making merit in Buddhism make more sense than buying indulgences in the Catholic Church. In the "civilized world" many religious sheep pay a tithe of 10 percent to avoid being accused of robbing god. I don't know if their god is the one who gets to spend it.
  10. Obviously a fake pic, he's holding the setup in place with his thumb, but amusing.
  11. It depends on time and date going through Immigration not on flight arrival. 'nuf sed. Many countries no longer issue departure stamps and some don't even stamp passports on arrival for their own citizens, unless requested - Australia is one. Stamps in passports are being phased out, travel time and date is determined by official flight times, and is recorded on those new fangled computer things. It doesn't matter when someone decides to wander through Immigration control.
  12. The cameras picked out Cleese at the cricket yesterday. Looking very old, not surprising I suppose, he's nearly 80.
  13. “Next, I want to restore the Phoenix to be good condition like it used to be, and return it back to the sea where the boat lay on the seabed" Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/new-phoenix-owner-aims-to-restore-wreck-return-it-to-the-sea-72534.php#WWGDDc3WWjUKOUuv.99
  14. As some may have ascertained from my input here, I've also been looking to get cameras installed. One of those cowboy operators installed some wired cameras for me a while back and stuffed it up to the point where it had to be dismantled. I can see that wireless is the way to go, but it would still need power installed at various points and someone better equipped than me to clamber around roofs, etc. So I'm still looking, and hope someone comes up with a recommendation for someone who hasn't closed down.
  15. That is Ao Chalong Villa Resort and Spa, and you are correct, it is still in business. A group of what seemed to be houses (now demolished) on the new Passport site, were called Bungalow Ao Chalong.
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