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  1. 10% of your winnings, unless your name is Kucher.
  2. Yes, putting aside the bickering about routes out of Kamala, I had doubts about the authenticity of the query from the start. My earlier suggestion was a little tongue in cheek.
  3. They're talking about climate, not weather. Climate trends are a bit easier to predict.
  4. My thoughts. Firstly, it's a bit disingenuous to post like this on an opinion forum and expect only positive replies. Moving your life to another country, particularly one with a vastly different culture to yours, is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make in life. No matter how many visits are made beforehand, it can never completely prepare a person for the reality of permanently emigrating from their own culture. While some people can fly by the seat of their pants and adapt to anything, most need to do the research so they don't find themselves flailing. Not everyone is suited and many return home. Reading your reasons to go after a relatively short time here suggests to me you were always unprepared and unsuited. 1. You blame the changes to the financial rules, yet they don't seem to effect you. You state you meet the pension provisions. You don't need the 800k, what's the problem there? 2. You don't like jumping through hoops. Who does, but in reality it's just an annoyance not a game changer. 3. Cant live with rule changes. Same as 2. 4. Health Insurance. The biggy, and a concern for virtually all us old farts. Something you should have considered, and planned for, before hand. Did you come to Thailand expecting health care was free? (I self-insure) 5. Being stopped by police. Another annoyance and, as pointed out by another poster, possibly related to your choice of abode. I have never been stopped by police in my time here. The only ones I've ever talked to have been IOs at their office when I go there to jump through the hoops. 6. Smog. Personally, I can't understand why anyone would want to retire to a foreign (Asian) city with 6 or 7 million residents, and, it would seem to be a good reason to head for the country or a beachside location, rather than flee back home. As stated not everyone finds expat life easy, and most do the research before hand. I joined TVF 5 years before making the move. I note you felt the need to advertise your former employment in airborne forces. There are many, many, veterans of all types living here, but this is not a "Thankyou for your Service" country. Perhaps you are just more suited to living in Texas. Maybe you should be more honest with yourself rather than blaming the country for your failure to adapt.
  5. Thinking rationally is obviously not your strong point. Phuket is the center of one of the busiest diving destinations in the world. There are many decompression chambers available on the Island. One of the people in the diving industry should post shortly with a better idea of exactly how many. He's a link to just one: https://www.phukethospital.com/center/diving-medicine-center/
  6. There are grandfathering rules for people who have been continuously getting these extensions since before upwards changes in funding requirements. ie They stay at the same rate. It seems there are two levels of grandfathering, the older applicants who started when it was 200k and the not quite as old, who began when the requirement was at 500k. They don't have to meet the current 800k (or 65K) requirements.
  7. My last operation in Australia (hip replacement) cost me the price of the newspapers they delivered to my bed. Well, that, and the many hundreds of thousand dollars I'd forked out for private health insurance and Medicare levies over a lifetime. I probably wouldn't be wrong in thinking medical tourists coming here for treatment don't have private cover back home, and they have done the money sums before coming. It wouldn't make sense otherwise. It's adds realism to a comparison if all costs are included. For me. as someone living here, now self-insured, and a frequent hospital patient, I find Thailand is much cheaper (despite rising costs) than the western medical treatment that you pay for in a less direct way. As others have stated India is the cheapest for medical tourism (I've checked), but for some there is a psychological barrier in contemplating doing so in India.
  8. Oh, it's true, just not particularly relevant here.
  9. If drunken accidents are worse than usual on a particular day, they could try banning vehicles on the road that day, or better still close all roads and force the population to stay indoors. Or, ban all alcohol in the Kingdom permanently! That would minimize accidents. Or, another way, they could try to enforce the road rules and actually invoke harsh penalties against transgressors. I wouldn't really like to see Thailand become like Australia with booze buses lurking around every corner, instant jail, high fines and long loss of license, but the measures scared the hell out of most drunk drivers (I should know) and resulted in a dramatic decrease in fatalities.
  10. I know I'm a sarcastic bastard, and today I'm probably more grumpy than usual, possibly because the dogs woke me far too early. However, I really do get tired of the dross some people post that seem to have no purpose other than to denigrate a place they have either never seen, or only visited for a few days decades ago. Nothing wrong with informed criticism, there are genuine former residents who contribute often. Nowhere is ideal for all people all the time.
  11. Wow, you can learn something every day! Who knew in the tropics it can rain, and if you're out in it on a motorbike, you will need wet weather gear or get wet!
  12. Ahh, Possum. What made you think it was a good idea to post on a topic where someone is seeking advice about best place to live, in a destination you've never seen? And, not judging - recent events have highlighted how many low income people have moved to Thailand, but why would you feel the need to display your financial situation by revealing that the cost of a taxi is the reason you've never visited. Seeking sympathy in a harsh world?
  13. What a non-sensical post! Yes, by definition, and any other way it can be classified, Phuket is an Island! No, It's not a small sand atoll with a couple of palm trees, but only in your strange brain does that preclude it from being what it is! And what the hell are you trying to say about bragging rights (!) and making comparisons with the nations of UK and Australia? Incidentally, what's your definition of a bridge?
  14. This is one of those Deja Vu threads. It's all been said before, at great length, and nothing ever really happens. The dodgy renters are not going to refuse paying customers, nor are police going to upset the lucrative apple cart.
  15. Just input Thailand Crashes into YouTube and you will see how much already exists.
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