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  1. Is this pic from Thailand? It appears to be left hand drive.
  2. Alien definition, a resident of one country who was born in or owes allegiance to another country and has not acquired citizenship by naturalization in the country of residence (distinguished from citizen). Foreigners are referred to as alien's in the migration laws of many countries. The UK's original Aliens Act was written to keep the Scots in their place. They were considered the aliens at that time..
  3. I seem to recall the can of worms has been opened in Phuket. There has been several auctions of seized assets including many tour boats and fleets of buses of the bogus Chinese company Tranlee Travel Co. This was a result of the boat sinking a couple of years ago. Other companies in the rubber products and jewellery business have been identified as money laundering enterprises.
  4. I recently journeyed for the first time to my Lady's home village near Dan Sai in Loei. I can concur the province is scenically exceptional. Her district is in the mountains and views of the hills, rivers and rice fields are epic. The weather was chilly with foggy mornings and warm days and the low humidity, compared to my home in Phuket, was a pleasant change. The locals are all friendly, although the kids found the strange looking farang in a wheelchair to be somewhat scary. I too was the only farang in the village Many of the plethora of kids were being raised by grandparents a
  5. The people in the YouTube video said they paid 20 baht each.
  6. Some people enjoy viewing low flying aircraft.
  7. They're almost certainly lemons. Cut one open and see. Many trees in Australia grow them like the ones pictured. Also grafted trees can produce fruit unlike the pretty ones some people believe all should be. I had a tree that produced both oranges and grapefruit because shoots from below the graft were allowed to grow to maturity.
  8. She visited Australia as a tourist 4 times in the noughties staying about a year in total. There was no reason for her to open an account back then. I didn't anticipate that many years later it would become necessary. edit: If that question was to me
  9. A couple of things. Domestic flights are operating all over Thailand including to Phuket. Those who are wondering why planes are in the air should try to understand simple concepts, such as domestic travel and tourism. On topic, these saleng taxis have been operating for at least a month as evidenced by this youtube video posted by an expat domestic tourist on 9th of October.
  10. Yes, it's easy to transfer money from an Aussie bank to Thailand. I simply make a payment to Transferwise in Australia and they deposit it in Thailand. The problem for many of us is to organise a way for our partners to receive the widows pension after our death. They need a bank account in Australia as the fund won't deposit it overseas. I, and others I'm sure, are looking at a way to avoid the lady having to travel to Australia just to open a bank account.
  11. Long story short - don't make idiot remarks that may be construed as threatening to aircraft safety. Most of us understand this simple rule. Nearly all countries have strong laws about such behavior because of the harm that actual terrorism can cause to aircraft. There are always going to be airport staff or members of the travelling public, who will react, or over react, when hearing such remarks even if the words were just motivated by frustration or meant jokingly. This fool will no doubt receive a fine when he gets to court and the matter will be quickly forgotten.
  12. If ATO assess you as a resident for tax purposes you need a TFN. They dont care where you apply from. https://www.ato.gov.au/uploadedFiles/Content/CAS/downloads/IND-TFN- NAT2628.pdf
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