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  1. I'm unsure why Leaver, who is not Australian, has such strong opinions and warnings about ATO audit attacks on low income retirees, but his dire predictions are not backed up by examples. There are a myriad of Australian pensioners, in various categories, living in Thailand and I have not heard of a single one being monstered by the tax office. They would be screaming on these pages if it were the case. I have not been back to Australia for 10 years and no longer have reason to ever return. My income category is that of retired Australian Government Employee on a CSS pension. I also
  2. You're quite right. With the face covered anyone could have been substituted by a man! These helmeted gridiron players in the ladies comp could be really be men!
  3. It's probably because there are so many moronic fools there who regard the pandemic as a political conspiracy and refuse the vaccine..
  4. You're welcome. Always happy to educate those with confidence above their knowledge level. And thanks for the unearned title. I continue to wait in vain hope for a calling to the greatness of moderator level. I thought a basic knowledge of forum rules would help me with my quest. Actual moderators have referred me there several times.
  5. Thaivisa's rule on posting links from other publications is fairly clear and does not make allowances for editing nor does it always give what might be regarded as essential facts. IMO, it's always a good idea to read the full link before posting about (or criticizing) information in the short version. Rule #14) You will not post any copyrighted material except as fair use laws apply (as in the case of news articles). Please only post a link, the headline and the first three sentences.
  6. Believe it or not, I remember that thread and thought about it at the time! I think I actually did it for a couple of days!
  7. I have an app on my phone called Google Assist. It "interprets" the spoken word and can even "translate" written Thai. It's an enormous help with my struggling language skills.
  8. Nobody was more assimilated in his own mind than this guy, but he had an enormous struggle to get recognition by Thailand. I would bet he still gets called falang and treated differently. So proud to be Thai! American born funny man gets Thai nationality at last - Thailand News - Thai Visa Forum (Apologies if he has already been mentioned in the thread)
  9. This is not his first time in the job. Article from 2003: Judges order Patong mayor to step down | Thaiger (thethaiger.com)
  10. Save the proposed house purchase money for her to buy a long term elite visa. Presumably she will have an income to subsist on. When 50 she could switch to a non-imm extension. or, Many people posting here live long term on short term visas without having to prove funds. Adopt a dodgy agent. A little confusing.
  11. Putting aside the usual petty, personal financial circumstances and ingrained bigotry, there are two sides to this debate about payments for covid testing.. Should visitors to the country on temporary visas (pretty well all of us) receive free medical treatment sponsored by the public purse? Does that happen in our home country? Should those visa holders who pay taxes be exempt, instead of being part the usual official scattergun approach to all non-Thais? or Is the fight against the global pandemic, coupled with the need to re-start a major section of the economy, mor
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