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  1. I've been using them for years to transfer aud. Never a problem. I moved large amounts last year, but in $10k lots because of restrictions by my Aus bank. I did once change a locked in rate without a problem, when it improved before I transferred the money to them . They seem stronger and safer than ever, the name change seems to reflect their expansion from just a money transfer group. They also issue their own Master cards now.
  2. Many people who have lived in Thailand for years still do not understand how it all works. This is not Britain nor the US, Australia, etc. Yes, there is corruption here, just as in your country. No country is free of it. The difference is that in Thailand it is more overt. However, in my opinion, less of a burden on my retirement funds than paying all the extra taxes, high wages, permits, licenses, bribes, etc. that feed elected officials elsewhere. Why do you think jobs here in public service, police or armed services are so sought after when the pay can be very low? It's not just the po
  3. Let me guess, the BEST west coast beach is Kamala.
  4. Life involves more than just being adjacent to a beach. Five minutes or fifteen makes little difference if you want a day at the beach. Paying cheaper rents and being closer to other daily amenities makes more sense for most long term residents. I spent my youth in walking distance of one of the best beaches in Australia and travelled extensively during my life. I also enjoyed Patong as a tourist last century, but wont bore readers with a list of places I've lived over the last 40 years.
  5. The beauty of moving to an Island is that, wherever you choose to live, a favored beach or raunchy night out, is only a 10-15 minute scooter drive away. There's no reason to live in any of the noisy, pricey, tourist enclaves to enjoy the best Phuket has to offer. My place, away from the tourist throngs, is within minutes of Tesco malls, Makro, Homepro, Villa Mart, Supercheap Central Mall, hospitals, schools, business centers, etc. A short drive gets you to the best beaches. The Island is only about 20km across at the widest point.
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