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  1. Checked, my pump is an Hitachi TM-60L. The maximum pressure is around 1.7 kg/cm2. Unsuitable for my purpose.
  2. One would assume they were a bit more surreptitious in hiding it than that picture indicates.
  3. OK, Thanks guys, I knew there would be some good knowledge out there. I need to check the pump to find it's output, but from what you say it probably wont have enough pressure. Plan B involves battery power.
  4. Hard to help without you giving an indication of what you consider a reasonable prize (sic) There's a huge disparity in price between a pool villa, and a condo with a common pool area. How many bedrooms are you wanting? Villas could cost above B50,000 pm (even more for a 1 month holiday rental), and a condo, depending on size, considerably less. The month you plan to visit can also be a big factor as prices change with the seasons. More details may result in some helpful suggestions.
  5. Good post with some excellent suggestions. I haven't noticed that pickpocketing is particularly common in Phuket, and more detail about this incident would seem to be essential for credibility. Considering it's a post from the north-east it raises suspicions that it's just more Phuket bashing by the denizens of that area.
  6. I'm looking to buy an hydraulically powered device that requires at least 3.5kg/cm2 pressure from my garden hose to operate. I have no idea how much that is, nor how to measure the pressure without buying a gauge. My water comes from a well, into a holding tank and is pumped to outlets via a pressure pump. Water flow is generally quite good. My question - is there a way to estimate the pressure of the flow from my hose by other means, such as timing the flow or elevating it and doing calculations? For the engineers here. I thank all for any suggestions made.
  7. It did flood once, just after I had made a comment about the amount of road debris building up, and how they didn't seem to have a road sweeper. They blamed debris blocking the drains.
  8. I pretty sure tunnels everywhere these days have water pump systems to remove any potential flood water. If you are overly concerned about a fire in a tunnel coinciding with air pump failure, I suggest you use the slip roads over the top. Can't be too safe. This is Thailand, enforcement of road safety rules is hit and miss (!) any time. I can't see the underground parts of a road being any different. They may occasionally extract fines from bike riders using it against regulations. The escape route is the opposite direction from the fire.
  9. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1005204-selling-on-lazada/ https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1071460-is-anybody-selling-on-lazada/ https://lazadathpsc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/216749708-How-do-I-sign-up-to-sell-on-Lazada-
  10. The "Central" underpass is only 1 lane each way (started as a ludicrous 3 lanes), and it works reasonably well in funneling large amounts of traffic through. Any holdups stem from the next southern intersection, an easy fix that no one seems to be interested in solving. I think the problems for the Chalong one will all be on the roof where they will still have 5 roads converging.
  11. I see 5 doctors at BPH on a regular basis and take 8 different drugs for my various conditions. I buy all, but one, at supercheap, and several times a doctor has given me a prescription to use there. As an example, the doctor gave me a script to buy Warfarin. (The drug I have to get from the hospital is unfortunately, very expensive, and their markup hurts, but it's just not available in regular pharmacies. I even started a thread about it on this forum and also tried unsuccessfully to source it from India) The hospital obviously prefers you buy drugs from them, as they are a business and not a free government hospital, but it's up to you to find the alternatives. You should ask the doctor for a script to buy outside, and tell them not to put drugs on the hospital bill. These days the doctors ask me how I want to source it.
  12. 10% of your winnings, unless your name is Kucher.
  13. Yes, putting aside the bickering about routes out of Kamala, I had doubts about the authenticity of the query from the start. My earlier suggestion was a little tongue in cheek.
  14. They're talking about climate, not weather. Climate trends are a bit easier to predict.
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