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  1. Last year 90 day reports were put on hold as many couldn't get to the IO, and I'm fairly sure the on-line system was working anyway. In Phuket last year there were army roadblocks preventing travel between districts. Although open, Immigration was not accessible for many of us. Their attempts at providing secondary offices in several locations was a failure in many ways. My concern was about getting to the office if a general lockdown occurs, not whether it was open or not.
  2. You can't (couldn't) do a report on-line until 15 days before due date. I was unaware the system was abandoned until attempting to do a report within the allowable time frame. Obviously by that time it was already too late to do it by mail (has to be done 15 days before report date). My IO is 125kms away. With some problems in completing an upcoming extension I will be unable to lodge it before the 7 working days after the due date for a report. It's not feasible to make an extra trip just to make a report so I will have to wear a 2000 baht fine because of their lax practices, and my fa
  3. A niece of the wife was to be married on the 18th (today). Friends and relatives were coming from all over, particularly Bangkok, to celebrate along with Songkran. They had to cancel the wedding, no one travelled. Not all are idiotic. Unfortunately, some are. Just heard that the local hospital in Dan Sai (Loei) has 3 new infected patients. Not in the covid lists yet.
  4. Bicycle Shops in Phuket Province Thailand - Bicycle Thailand
  5. There's still plenty of lamp posts just sitting there, waiting.
  6. Perhaps you could get that symbol on the back of a T-shirt?
  7. I've just received an SMS from my local hospital offering me the "latest flu vaccine against new virus strains, show this SMS to get a shot". 550 baht (vaccine only). It doesn't mention covid nor the pandemic, but it appears it could be for that, not just a basic flu jab.
  8. This is the Phuket forum, the article is from The Phuket News and the speaker is the Phuket Vice Governor. If you are looking for general discussion on the pandemic try the specific covid forum or the local forum for the region where your interest lies.
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