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  1. Wrong an extension of stay based on marriage or retirement can be obtained. As far as i understand the OA returns to a non O when applying for an extension but this is where the confusion begins re health insurance. I think the new rules are only meant to apply when obtaining a new visa outside the country. The problem is the io's interpretation of the upcoming change hence the original post of my friends visit to NK immigration for clarification before applying for his new extension again next month
  2. Brer can you read ? Why is it not possible to stay here 7 years using 2 OA visas plus extensions ? You are making yourself sound like a fool.........and no he doesn't have dementia and knows exactly which visa he entered on and has previously obtained 1 year extensions based on retirement
  3. His post clearly states what questions were asked. Not second hand information , he is a friend of mine who is intelligent and not short of money. ...... Also at the end of the day it doesn't appear to matter what the official rules are if the IO says insurance needed and you don't have it then no extension
  4. This thread isn't just speculation, it is someone who actually went into immigration as his extension is due just after the 31st and was told no health insurance then no extension
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/965164143512861/
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