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  1. Even if these Beer Bars open today, they will not make any money. With few potential customers, it will cost them money to keep the lights on all day and night.
  2. Have they forgotten to also add on the Foot and Mouth Disease, and African Horse Disease that are also rampant in the Province.
  3. I hope that Train is decontaminated for the rest of us to use in the future.
  4. All these Hotel and Resort Operators are citing Hygiene, Social Distancing and Customer " Safety " Etc. These things are well and good within the confines of the Tourists "Luxury Hotel ', but the moment they step foot outside the door they are in the same environment as the rest of us. And that Environment is one where nobody, whether Young Old, Rich or Poor is safe from the Covid19 Virus. This is just another load of Tosh from TAT
  5. You have already faced up to the most difficult hurdle to overcome. You admit to a drink problem. Now you need to take a long shower, and think about getting some real help for yourself. There are organisations out there for tortured souls such as you, and you just need to make initial contact with them to get that help you obviously need. Good luck and be strong
  6. I am sure that " business as usual " is all going to change over the next 6 Months or so. Many of the Manufacturing Companies on the Eastern Seaboard have yet to feel the full effect upon them of the Covid19 outbreak. Companies will now be making to " put to stock " items they deem will be needed in the near future, but this policy for keeping Staff employed will only last so long. After which time, the lay offs start in earnest, and with the Global Auto market in the can, and the Thai Manufacturing base relying upon it so heavily, there are going to be many lay offs , not just from the Large Companies, but also the smaller ones in the supply chains
  7. The ramifications of not paying the Debts to their Foreign Creditors could get very ugly indeed. Creditors that are owed huge amounts of money by Thai will stop at nothing to retrieve their outstanding debts from Thai, and the Thai Government ( Re Smedly post ). Hell hath no fury like a Bank that is owed Money
  8. I dont think I have heard such a load of Tosh in my entire life
  9. Apologies if I have misled anybody. When I referred to compensation, it was for the cost of my Ticket both ways Problems booking, changing flight times at the last minute, and now this I would rather walk. Will never use them again
  10. Would be nice if they paid the Passengers they left without flights to Nam in March also, 76 Days and still waiting for my compensation
  11. A trip to that large Big C Supermarket in Pattaya Klang will tell you a different story. Thai business nounce = Less customers, then put up the prices by 20%. Less footfall, but the same money ringing through the cash registers. Market Traders putting up prices " because Vegetable costs have gone up " CPI down ???? Stop pulling my chain
  12. If it was another Minister, them maybe the flack would not be so heavy. But for this Arrogant, Xenophobic, Racist to break the Social Distancing rules that his own Office implemented has just put Gasoline onto a fire. There must be about 20 of these " Officials "in total pigging out around those 2 tables Disgusting behaveur again from the man that does disgusting rather well.
  13. Tourism did indeed lift a large section of the population from poverty. However, greed, arrogance, corruption and a virus plunged them right back into it.
  14. Maybe its because of the FDI coming into the Country from the Mother land to the North. I think Thailand sees the start of a massive investment program into the Country from China, and want to a court that idea. Any investment by Chinese Companies into Thailand in order to skirt around Tariffs imposed by the US will soon be pinged, and a whole world of hurt will hit the Country
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