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  1. How are Thais gonna hold this with only 200,000 Sinovac and 117,000 questionable AZ Vaccines for the whole population available now, with a few Sinovac more to follow in the next 2 Months. This guy has spouted some Tosh in the past, but this is about his best yet.
  2. The Investors have not stopped Investing. Sure, some of their activity may have been curtailed slightly by the Pandemic, but they have been, still are, and will be Investing. However. The Covid Pandemic has given a lot of time to these Investors to take stock, and to revamp their Business Models. The regretable outcome will be that Thailand will find itself no longer competetive on the Global Market, a sharp downward trend for Thailands Economy in the last Q of 2019, was a warning shot across the Bows. The Investors, are making their Investments into other Countries for higher r
  3. 6.1% contraction is indeed very low. Foreign Tourists alone account for 11% of GDP, and the number fell by 99,8% Exports fell by something like 10% also Agro products fell also by about 8%, with a 17% reduction in Rice Exports alone. Vehicle Sales and Exports fell by 12% IMHO 15% is still on the low side.
  4. I am not quite sure that all the new cases are from " Hospital Walk ins ". But I am pretty sure that most of the testing will be concentrated on Migrant Workers, as the Thai Health Authorities seem to think that these are the only people that can contract Covid for some reason.
  5. I hope they produce a vaccine soon, because if this beast gets out big time there will be a World of hurt that will make the Covid 19 Outbreak seem like a head cold. Nipah has a 40 -75 % Mortality rate, and has been linked to possible use in Bio Warfare weapons. A real bad Boy.
  6. Yes, a miserly 200,000 Sinovac Doses and 117,000 AZ Doses of Vaccine that have a " Technical problem " could hardly be described as a Vaccine Rollout. More of a drunken wobble from the Pub at closing time.
  7. I only thought that thee were several small outbreaks across S Asia. Large outbreaks is somewhat worrying, as this one seems to be a very nasty beast indeed.
  8. Yes Sheryl, we shall see more of these Virus cross overs from Animals to Humans. One such worrying Virus, that the WHO and many others have there beady eyes on is called Nipah Virus, which has a very high Mortality Rate
  9. When all is said and done, the lad is just learning to enjoy cycling with his Father. We can assist him, but he will find his own style as he advances and becomes more competent. Its just good that he is enjoying himself on a Bike, and long may it continue.
  10. There a quite a few strange issues with this story. A newspaper out of Bangkok, this morning carries a report that the " Doctor " was found out by UN personnel, and it was not C19 Vaccine he was selling but Flu Jabs at $20 each, and turned out to be Vitamin Supplements and Saline.. This issue is also reported to go back as far as March 2020, and the " Doctor " was a replacement Guy that had not been screened ??? All very weird. Not only was this Guy found out by UN Staff, but the incident was on on Foreign Soil whilst the Thai Army were on peace keeping duties with the UN.
  11. And they needed practice to get that many done. I can really see vaccination in Thailand being a complete Cluster f##k
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