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  1. A month or so ago, the " Experts "also said in a statement that there would be no drought conditions or water shortages this dry season.
  2. its probably going to sound as if Morse Code is beings sent to the Insurer there will e so man claims over Songkran
  3. So that will mean no more shake downs and fines for the legal workers then ? by the BIB 300 a pop now at a roadside checkpoint for these poor people.
  4. Uncle Tadpole and Whale Vomit You could not write a script for this
  5. Note - only 300 K International arrivals That equals 2 Million drunken Thais driving on the roads if TAT are to be believed. Time to board up the House and Lock the car up for a month.
  6. For future reference " Nam Oi ", all you need to do is move over to the Left slightly in order that the Ambulance has room to pass you at speed if required. Or better still, stop driving and take a cab. Jesus H Christ ! these people are allowed to drive a 4 wheel death dealing machine ! Only in Thailand.
  7. Why do the Thai,s always think that there are so many Millionairs in every Country in the World that wish to come to Thailand ? If I had that much money sloshing around, I certainly would not pick Thailand as a destination. Bahamas, Monaco Maybe , but trashy Thailand - no way.
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