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  1. Winnie had so many words of wisdom, that many are used today. Prayut has ................ well " what will happen will happen "
  2. Return the Vehicles to the Creditors. Many would rather cut off their Nuts than loose Face in this manner.
  3. Treat all the Workers as Employees ! What !, and loose the air of domination over the lowly classes. And thats my view.
  4. Today alone we have HE Ministry planning to Vaccinate all Students. All Restaurant Staff in BKK to be Inoculated and more vaccines for Phuket. But where are all these Vaccines ?
  5. And still there are no reports of Prison Personnel being Infected. All those Infections, all those people in close contact, and yet not a single Guard, Admin , Cook, Cleaner Etc infected. Mind boggling
  6. It is already a disaster, and it is happening right now. Its just the early stages.
  7. So the Buriram Governor has become the Mouthpiece for a Certain Minister now.
  8. I am positive that all of this is already on the Radar Screens of those Governments who have Inoculated a high percentage of their Civilians, and with those Civilians wishing to have Holidays. Thailand is going to be Red Flagged by many, who deem the Country to be a risk, to not just their Citizens, but also to their recovering Economies should Covid be transmitted back by Vacationers.
  9. Prawit, please choose your words more carefully, as none of the above part of your Statement seems to correlate with what is actually happening.
  10. Hmmmmm So they do not have enough Vaccines Do not have enough Trained Staff Are being continually lied too about the number of vaccines they will receive. But they do have a Cow Shed called a Sports Stadium to not Inoculate all the People. Priceless
  11. There will be a whole load more from the " Prem " for sure, once testing of the other " Zones " is started. This beggars the question What are the Infections rates among the other 440+ Prisons in Thailand, that are Housing over 330,000 prisoners. Its odds on certain that the 3 Prisons in BKK are not stand alone cases.
  12. I have posted that 20 K tests are performed every Day, and yet you say there are only 15 K test performed daily. So what you are trying to say is that the Infection rate is nothing like the 10 % of 20000 tested ( 2000 ), but is higher at 12,5 % of 15000 tests ( 2000 ). Is this correct ?
  13. No ! It was run up along the roof of some Apartment Building we have.
  14. These people seem to have completely different agenda than the rest of the World. It is 70 % of the entire population that need to be Vaccinated. No Tourists are going to wander around a Country that has only maybe 10% of the entire population Vaccinated, for fear of carrying the Virus back home to loved ones. And of course, this will only apply if Government have not placed Thailand on a Red Flag List.
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