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  1. It really does not matter how the Lady contracted the Virus. i just hope that she makes a full and quick recovery with non of the long lasting effects of the Virus, and the Media and others do not make her out to be a Freak of some kind through no fault of her own making.
  2. There is some 1 Trillion - Yes that is rillion with a capital T worth of empty property in Bangkok and surrounding Provinces alone. Heaven only knows what the National figure would be, if calculated ,and with the addition of all the Commercial Property and Installations added on.
  3. Sea Slugs - from the Ocean - low Salt Oceans Salt concentration diluted by Rain water run off into the Ocean. What Tosh
  4. It really does not matter if the Government increase the Daily spending to 2,000 Baht per Day. Its just the same Money sloshing about in the system, and will create Zero growth.
  5. And I know several people in the UK that got Sick They sadly passed away. Life did not go on for them, or their Families and Loved ones. Remember People ?
  6. I can fully see where Electrical Goods such as Computers Etc will come into the equation, but Motorised Furniture ? Maybe they have been ordered for the January Sales along with all the other White Goods. And after the Sales back to small orders for the Exporters
  7. Is this a Policy purely for Covid, or is everything else covered as well. If only for Covid its a rip off.
  8. I viewed a Photo this Morning in a Newspaper out of Bangkok, which showed some people inspecting a Quarantine room at the Samui Hospital. A room with multiple beds in the Photo, I may add. Have I missed the whole point of Quarantine ? . Surely a room full of beds with people that have potentially got the Corona Virus is Insane. If only One person has it , and is tested positive on day 13 there may be other already released on day 12 with the Virus already in their System. Potential carriers of the disease should be properly Quarantined in a room separated from all other people
  9. I m wondering if this is going to trigger the same kind of Paranoia we saw when that Egyptian " Soldier " went walkabout in Rayong. I inclined to believe at this Lady contracted the Covid Virus in Quarantine from a flawed procedure or a contaminated worker
  10. Just how out of touch are these people. China has banned all tours to Foreign Lands, and its a good job that they have, as the Pandemic in China is still not under control, and with the onset of colder Weather, the situation is going to escalate. Thailand classes China as a safe Country for Tourists - how delusional.
  11. And the IMF are saying that Countries which are heavily reliant upon Tourism, are going to have much larger hits to their GDP next year, and will take until possibly the end of 2022 to recover.
  12. What is it exactly that Phiphat does not understand about the fact that CHINA has said it will ban all Tour Groups. This will obviously mean Chinese Tourists of any kind. The CCP need their Citizens to stay put in China and spend Money on Domestic Tourism. There is no room in their remit to entertain Thailand and this Minister spitting out his Dummy. My 5 Year Old can understand something such as this.
  13. In other words looking at the amount of Loans entering " Special Mention Loans " that have a very real, and high , potential to turn into NPL Loans very quickly.
  14. " Loan quality Deterioration " is another worrying aspect of this report. If the Banks have Loaned Money out against Assets that are becoming less valuable IE Cars , White Goods Etc, this will cause the Banks to have a negative Asset to Loan Ratio on their Books. Many previously " good Assets " will also soon become less Valuable IE Houses, Etc, and if the Loans on these good Asset were given against poor evaluations of the original Asset, the Banks are really in the Doo-Doo. If that were the case, the Banks would find it hard to borrow Money in order to prop the Sector up at c
  15. The Virus has only been " controlled " in China and not eradicated. With the onset of the colder weather in China, there is a really high potential for the Virus to have a Major Outbreak. remember, it was this time only 1 Year ago that this Monster reared its ugly head from Wuhan.
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