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  1. Not to mention into the Lungs and Intestines of the poor, underpaid Sods that I see spraying it all over the Fields. No consideration is given to protective gear being issue by these Farmers They are Killing people slowly with this Poisonous stuff. FACT:- Paraquat is the No 1 choice to people who commit Suicide in the Philippines
  2. Well done Kids. Hardly Thai National though.
  3. When are they going to stop the use of "Wind Bags "
  4. This has to be the most productive and fastest acting "Stimulus Package "ever put forward by ANY Government in the World. Not only has the scheme been running just about a Month, but already figures have been collected, correlated and published as to the schemes affect on the Economy. Really Amazing Thailand
  5. The Whales have come for their Yearly top-up of Plastic Bags and Trash.
  6. The Thais are already making their own Judgments, and have been for the last Year or so.
  7. BOT trying to reign in these Banks to prevent even more stress on an Economy under pressure. Book Loan value to Asset Ratio would be a good place to start IMO
  8. The Government are despised in a great number of Thai Households right across the Nation. An average Thai family have seen their way of life being eroded. and a spiral of debt entering their World, where before, there was little or non. Until about 3 Years ago, A family could just about make ends meet and have a small amount of money for Emergencies. Now they are unable to meet the Monthly bills (not entirely their fault for over borrowing ) in some cases. This Government seems to think that Thailand is up there with the " Elite " Countries of the Planet, the likes of the US, and European Nations, Etc, and thinks that because a few rich people that Reside in Bangkok are in that status group, then why are the rest of the population not ? The reality is that Thailand is trying to punch above its weight in the World, and the mass,s are being left to rot by this Government. Thailand is still a "Developing Nation " and not a " Developed Nation", and are in urgent need of a reality check.
  9. Thailands good times have gone For 40+ Years or so Thailand has been propped up by Foreign Governments with Aid , Help with Infrastructure Etc The USA, France Japan Etc have poured Mega Money into Thailand over the Years, and all its spawned is Greed and Corruption Now these Countries do not give, and the Country is struggling to manage its own affairs correctly, as they have never had to do this before. Within the BOT statement is the reason they are unable to do anything with the Baht " HIGH HOUSEHOLD DEBT AND BUSINESS DEBT "
  10. Thailand, and its Governments are living in a Pre Digital Bubble. As little as 10 Years or so ago, Governments, and their Citizens could do what ever they wished, and little, or nothing was ever known about it Globally . Now, In the age of Social Media Platforms and the Digital Age, any kind of bad news ( or good ) is World Wide News within 10 Minutes. Visa restriction news - 10 Minutes Globally Jet Ski Scams - 10 minutes - ditto Food Poisoning at a Restaurant - 10 Minutes - ditto My point is that Thailand has no place to hide any more, all the Skeletons are out of the Cupboard, and for World wide consumption. With the strong Baht and all the Viral posts on Social Media the World is not liking what it sees any more. .
  11. Is this the modern day version of " Siam Raptor "? Your guess is a good as mine " Siam Raptor " ... A fitting name ( Why is it not Thailand Raptor " )
  12. Thailand has prospered since before the Vietnam War from other Countries pouring aid into the Country and assisting with Infrastructure projects. Now those Countries are saying to Thailand " You can stand on your own feet from now on ". However, 40+ Years of easy Money have spawned a Cancerous Growth of Corruption in the Country, and there is little the Government are able to do in stamping it out. And with no experience of actually having to Balance the books, a perfect storm will erupt.
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