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  1. The Gov,t have to try and do something with no Vaccines in sight, and the chances of procuring Vaccines from Russia and the USA very slim. I suppose these tablets are better than nothing, but not much
  2. Seriously ! Not enough Test Queue tickets Translated into " not enough Test Kits or Staff "
  3. I think you need a " Butterfly Valve " - the correct name for this type of Valve not a swing valve
  4. And the non wearers are everywhere now. Almost as if sticking 2 fingers up
  5. And there in a Nutshell is the issue for many poor Thai Families. Go get tested and locked away in Quarantine for maybe 3 weeks or so, so what happens to the Family Etc Etc And on the other hand, there are the Thais with the Money to get tested and can afford to go to Quarantine for maybe 3 weeks, that say " why me, I am important, dont you know who I am ? ). The selfish, Ignorant, and greedy few.
  6. And there was me thinking that TAT had the Monopoly on Brain Farts.
  7. What is making a total farce of the figure released on a Daily basis, is the fact hat for Days now, there seems to be either a flat line in tests, or positives. We dont see 2000, and we dont see 1500, every day about 1700 -1800 positives. Maybe from 2000 tests only, or only those they actually want to report
  8. After rejecting the Covax program, and the generous offer of 2 Million Vaccines from India, how has he got the front to openly ask for International help now over Vaccines. Because thats what it is, a plea for help. Help, to get him and his cronies out of the Doo-Doo, which they created themselves through ignorance.
  9. But this is Thailand. Where are you going to find somebody like that ?
  10. Back when the Thong Lor outbreak hit the news, Phuket had One main vaccination site and Four others . After a couple of Days the Four satellite Vaccination sites were closed, presumably to divert Vaccines to center of the outbreak in Thong Lor Seems a viable reason to me.
  11. They are probably not testing more people because they are trying to ration Test Kits. Last week it was reported there were only 300,000 - 400,00 test Kits available Nationally. That is not very many, as the Authorities are finding about 1500 cases positive each Day now, its fair to assume they are testing at least 10 Times that number to find a positivity rate of 10 % tested. Thats 15,000 test kits per Day minimum. Or, the other scenario is that the Authorities know exactly where to test, and are using only 1500 test kits per Day.
  12. In order to achieve Herd Immunity, Vaccines have to be injected into arms. And that is just not happening. The population of " residents ", in Phuket is 600,000, so at least 400,000 + need to be vaccinated 2 times for Immunity
  13. The Missus showed me something in Thai on her phone this AM. It was the cases in Pattaya, and they are widespread around the location from NaJomtien to Banglamung, and Siam Country Club to Hua Yai Gonna be difficult to nail that kind of Virus spread down ( if at all )
  14. Wow ! This lot are real quick. Only 14 Flights affected Phuket Sandbox
  15. My Missus showed me something in Thai on her Phone this Morning. Some kind of report on Infections in and around Pattaya. Pretty much, there have been Infections found yesterday all over the Pattaya area. from Na Jomtien to Naklua and Siam Country Club to Hua Yai. They dont appear to be major clusters, but up to 10 people from a single venue, whether a BBQ place or Shop Etc Kind of tells me that the latest Outbreak is fairly widespread and rampant, and is going to be difficult, if not impossible to shut down using track and trace tactics. The numbers now infected ( rep
  16. Further to all of this Rhetoric, on Friday Prayut instructed the powers that be , to go procure Vaccines from America and Russia with all urgency
  17. Yes so do I. Every time this Guy opens his Biscuit Chute he instills so much confidence in everybody with his words of wisdom.
  18. And a very dangerous gift it is. A gift that will largely be under the Radar for the press in Rural Thailand Maybe that was the Songkran Plan all along from the Government
  19. And with the well known Thai fortitude for personal discipline, those that are " waiting " for a Hospital bed, are not going to Isolate in the correct manner at all. May as well just let them do what they want, as this is want many will be doing. And in the meantime, the shortage of beds will only get worse.
  20. And with the Sinovac Vaccine, the first Jab only gives 3 % Immunity. Apparently it gets better after the second jab, so until the second Jabs are administered, there is very little protection.
  21. So that should account for all the Karaoke Bars & Pubs full of hard working Thais, all Weddings, Funerals, and Merit Making events. And these venues are everywhere.
  22. The Thai Health Authorities have to run with Sinovac and the AZ vaccines. Sinovac 15 % owned by CP Group And a whole lot of Money invested in a new production Plant for the AZ vaccine which is scheduled to be online in June Money over Health
  23. Is it possible to replicate Brain Farts in a Zoom session, or do they have to be in the open domain ( a statement ) before they can be called
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