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  1. I've got the Philips one. Not that impressed TBH.
  2. Whatever description we choose to assign to it the pound has barely risen above 40 for a long time. Only time will tell is this is a trend and not a longer lifespan ripple, maybe a 'tripple'.
  3. I just hope it doesn't go crashing back down again like it's done with every other recovery 'blip' over the last couple of years. Up from 39 to 40 (great!) only to drop to 38 days later
  4. I I appreciate that and I didn't suggest there was. However, each time you renew on the basis of income you DO have to show that you have been transferring the funds over the last 12-13 months and that's in respect of your last extension. Personally I wouldn't want to take the risk that they are not going to ask see that proof when you change just because you want to switch to another method, particularly with the entry / exit problems at the moment. It all depends on what view the IO takes at the end of the day, whether he/she thinks you need to show that you've complied wi
  5. That's what I intend to do. My thinking is that the last extension was issued with terms and conditions that you need to comply with, taking the statements, bank book and whatever other print outs and letters each year merely shows you complied with those conditions the year before. Way too risky IMO to just stop doing the transfers on the hope of showing the 2 months balance you need to switch members.
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