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  1. Yeah. Last time I went didn't really warrant an update TBH, would just be repeating your experience. Previously in old Tiger it used to be the last two or three rows towards the back that were empty or closed. Last time seemed to be all but the first 3-4 rows. Just a few of the big front facing bars in New Tiger too. Couple of new bars seemed to be doing well, Follies for example. Not sure that's still the case. Took the guys down Sea Dragon. SW same as always but, IIRC, Harem was 350 for LDs and the guy who asked one of the girls told me the BF was 3k!! Yikes!!!
  2. Definitely a glitch. Two other local sensors are showing 155. Odd given the sensors on the other side of Sukhumvit are in the green.
  3. Yeah I just noticed that one. Very odd.
  4. Buddy of mine told me that they big Aussie bar about half way down Bangla on the right (heading towards the beach) had closed down its upper floor? Not sure if that's right?
  5. Never. Always use cash. Don't even carry my debit cards, I've never lost my wallet but the lax checking at many outlets makes me concerned that people could use it just about anywhere and get away with it. To draw cash I use the Kasikorn cardless withdrawal so all my cards stay at home. One of the other things about Bangkok Bank and their app I don't like, no cardless withdrawal. Long way behind Kasikorn on that front.
  6. On the up now. Seems there's a lot more stations springing up all over with Air Visual now too. Some time back the nearest were still some way away. Maybe the poor AQ had prompted more folks to invest in the stations.
  7. Yeah looks like it was either a brief isolated surge or even a unit glitch. After the last 10 days or so it'd be disappointing if it surged back up to orange and red of the last month.
  8. That's now, 80 I can live with (would prefer the 30-40 of the last few days), was back up to 165 here at around 3pm though with readings on Air Visual from Soi 20 / 22, like I say, didn't last long . Traffic's back I guess. Be interesting to see how the remainder of the month plays out.
  9. Seems to be working better now except when viewing subscribed forums once the first 'page' of them had loaded it seems to refuse to load any below it, just a perpetual spinning loading symbol so you only get to see the first 20 or so threads. Posted using Tapatalk
  10. Didn't last long :( Posted using Tapatalk
  11. Just watched Secret City. Drama involving dodgy dealings between certain Australian intelligence agencies and the Chinese. Not bad and quite a good story but I've watched a couple of these now and the story always seems to unfold in quite a flat and lifeless way, more like they're making a soap. Seems to lack the "gotta watch the next episode" impact that some manage to achieve. Also watching The Durrells. Very pleasant light hearted comedy in the style of Darling Buds of May. Story follows a widow who in 1935 carts her 4, at times troublesome, kids off in search of a better life in Corfu. Posted using Tapatalk
  12. Not sure if it's a glitch of what but trying to open any links from Tapatalk results for me, after a very long loading symbol in a white page with: "Jump to content" with three bullet points underneath. Happening on both Android phone and iPad.
  13. Just noticed this of late but when waking the Playbox (ethernet connected) from sleep I quite often get the AIS Playbox logo screen and a message saying 'Internet reconnecting'. Waiting does nothing. Can only be fixed by pulling the ethernet cable and plugging it in again. So far I've tried changing ethernet cables, cleaning the connections and changing ethernet ports on the Asus 86U router. Have just changed the cable again so will see how that goes. Doesn't happen every time, maybe will wake OK 3-4 times then I get a drop-out. I have several devices connected to the router and it's only the Playbox that seems to be losing the connection. The Shield never has this problem and I've even tried the Playbox in the port that the Shield was using in case a port was failing (doubtful). Will likely try a factory reset of the Playbox if that fails to resolve it will contact AIS, maybe the box has developed a fault. Anyone else getting the problem?
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