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  1. Just watched Secret City. Drama involving dodgy dealings between certain Australian intelligence agencies and the Chinese. Not bad and quite a good story but I've watched a couple of these now and the story always seems to unfold in quite a flat and lifeless way, more like they're making a soap. Seems to lack the "gotta watch the next episode" impact that some manage to achieve. Also watching The Durrells. Very pleasant light hearted comedy in the style of Darling Buds of May. Story follows a widow who in 1935 carts her 4, at times troublesome, kids off in search of a better life in Corfu. Posted using Tapatalk
  2. AIS did call me quickly to be fair, said she could see the subscription was all valid. Sorted in the end with a factory reset triggered from the AIS end. No big deal as there's not so much to set up again with the boxes now, just language preferences and Netflix sign in details.
  3. Just asked my chum about this as I knew he went last week. Thought he'd booked online but he said he tried the online system but ended up having to mail them to book via the address on the site.
  4. And......next. Always seems to be some annoying problem cropping up with these. Latest one is that if I try to click on several of the movie channels like Fox or WB I get a message saying “You need another package to watch this Channel”, clicking the link it takes me to a screen to subscribe to Platinum HH, the package I already have! So, mailed them again, will wait for it to be sorted again. Much as I like it, AIS or the company they contract out to seem to make bloody hard work of managing this service, always seems to be something.
  5. Amendment to the above. When you do this at the 7/11 they will print you an A4 size 'certificate' / receipt, this is the Pro Raw Bor. The long print out tickets that you get are only when you insure in person at one of the insurance booths / shops. The 'tax sticker' will be sent in the post though, they say up to 14 days, mine arrived within 4.
  6. Opened an account recently in light of the recent changes with the income method for retirement and have always used Kasikorn up to now and I have to say, compared to Kasikorn, I find BKK Bank's app (if it indeed it is an app, seems more like a wrap for their mobile site) very clunky, borderline terrible. No fingerprint log-on No cardless withdrawal option No ability to edit amount of transfer in saved favourites Unable to even use a saved favourite for a transfer Trying to even do a transfer to an account was a pain. Obviously can't s select 'Own account' as that would be to another account at BKK Bank that you own (fair enough) so, try '3rd party' and get "you don't have any 3rd parties set up, please use "Other menu", go back (and pressing the back button will try to log you out so you have to select 'Transfers' again), there is no "Other" menu? So, then select "Account Number", let's try that option. Managed to then do a transfer after setting it up there. Saved that as a favourite thinking it might help. Today, wanted to do a transfer to the same account but different amount, selected the saved transfer, pressed 'Transfer', edited the amount at the next screen, then "Confirm" and "An error occurred". Tried another 3 times, even once using the same amount, just to see if it was editing the amount that was causing a problem. Nope. "An error occurred". Never had such a rigmarole in all the time I've used Kasikorn's app where you can just get to save the payees, not amounts. Will try the internet banking site later to see if setting up a payee in a way that works easily is possible from there. Might just be a systems glitch at the moment, not sure, if it isn't though, their app sucks more than I first thought.
  7. Just noticed this of late but when waking the Playbox (ethernet connected) from sleep I quite often get the AIS Playbox logo screen and a message saying 'Internet reconnecting'. Waiting does nothing. Can only be fixed by pulling the ethernet cable and plugging it in again. So far I've tried changing ethernet cables, cleaning the connections and changing ethernet ports on the Asus 86U router. Have just changed the cable again so will see how that goes. Doesn't happen every time, maybe will wake OK 3-4 times then I get a drop-out. I have several devices connected to the router and it's only the Playbox that seems to be losing the connection. The Shield never has this problem and I've even tried the Playbox in the port that the Shield was using in case a port was failing (doubtful). Will likely try a factory reset of the Playbox if that fails to resolve it will contact AIS, maybe the box has developed a fault. Anyone else getting the problem?
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