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  1. I have prescriptions from three Thai doctors, (all certified to prescribe cannabis) for neuropathy. The only problem at the moment is that the FDA gave hospitals the option beginning 1 Jan 2020 to decide if they only wanted to dispense to Thai citizens or to all residents and the government hospitals in Ubon decided to discriminate. It may surprise some people here that I and many other foreigners received permission to grow and possess cannabis from the FDA the beginning of 2019. And if you follow the news you saw an article a few months back about a Thai who was
  2. In most places the main difference is the amount of testing required before it’s sold. In the Netherlands medical marijuana must be tested free of pesticides, fungicides, mold, mildew and other pathogens and then sterilized with non-ionizing radiation. Coffee shops don’t have the same requirement. In areas with legal recreational cannabis many of the same tests are required. Medical cannabis is also made from strains that were chosen to be most effective in the disease they’re intended to treat. THC to CBD ratios and levels, cannabinoid profiles and terpene profiles in orde
  3. You’re not keeping up with the news if you think nothing has changed. Extracts are available free in government hospitals in every province and now they’re in phase two with a pilot program where citizens can grow at home and sell it back to the government.
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