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  1. Are you sure? That was not how I read his posts. I understood that he only had a 90-day permission to stay as the re-entry permit tied to his November extension of stay was not used on entry, the official stamping him in on the still unexpired Non O visa.
  2. What appears to have happened back in November is that you receive a one-year extension at that time, and additionally purchased a multiple entry reentry permit (which was ignored when you came back to Thailand) the immigration official at the airport stamping you in on the Non O visa instead. Easiest now is just to get a fresh one-year extension of the 90-day permission to stay you were given, and pair this with a new reentry permit (the old reentry permit is no longer applicable for the new permission to stay).
  3. An alternative to resurrecting the old permission to stay using the reentry permit would be to accept the new 90-day permission to stay based on the multiple entry Non O visa, and just do a one-year extension of your permission to stay. That would obviate the need to change the permission to stay granted on entry at the airport. Can you immediately satisfy the requirements for the one-year extension based on marriage?
  4. That is, indeed, important context. I would normally suggest doing a 90-day report using the address specified when entering the country (i.e. where you said you were going to be staying after quarantine) at whatever immigration office services that area. If you never, in fact, stayed at all at that address, try using the first address where you actually stayed, at the appropriate immigration office, but that might be queried.
  5. If you have done a one-year extension of your permission to stay, there should be no problem doing a 90-day report through the same office where you did your extension and using the same address you used at that time. At most offices, you can do this by mail if the online system is not working. The difficulty usually arises when you want to apply for the one-year extension. Most offices dislike people who do not have proof of a long term rental agreement or other (semi-)permanent address.
  6. I do not think multiple musical instruments (and associated equipment) will normally qualify as either personal effects or household effects qualifying for duty exemption. It may be possible to bring them in duty free if you can show that they are used as part of your profession.
  7. Some ASQ hotels do allow girlfriends (as long as they arrive in Thailand with you) to stay with you in your room. That would allow one "nurse", I guess. If you want multiple "girlfriends" to stay with you, who knows how the hotel would react. Personally, I would be a bit concerned about being committed to spending two weeks in a room with two women I did not know well in advance. I could imagine the atmosphere becoming a little tense. On the other hand, it could provide an interesting scenario for a reality TV show. If you are capable of operating the necessary equipment, you might even fin
  8. The general process is to apply online using the link you cite. You send scans of required documents using that site. Once your application is accepted, you either arrange to send your passport with required documents through the post to have the visa affixed to your passport, or make an appointment to have this done in person at the embassy. Probably, at the current time, the embassy wants you to do it by post. Covid-19 does change matters. The online application prompts you with everything required for the visa. I believe you apply for the COE (with its own requirements) separ
  9. Go to ASQ Hotels. Use the room feature drop down to select a feature. You can do this multiple times to add further features. To remove features, either use Clear or use the drop down menu and click the selected feature you want to remove.
  10. You receive an official Thai marriage certificate (what is required for visas and extensions from immigration) as a result of meeting the requirements for marriage registration. I have no intention currently of marrying. If I did, I doubt I would care about anything other than an official marriage certificate.
  11. I can find no evidence at all that a Buddhist ceremony has ever been required for official registration of a marriage in Thailand. The first time official registration was mentioned in Thai law was in 1935 (see http://web.krisdika.go.th/data/outsitedata/outsite21/file/Family_Registration_Act_BE_2478_(1935).pdf) and changes since have mainly revolved around what happens to the name of the woman, and her salutation, following marriage. It is no doubt true that in some villages (and possibly still today) a marriage would not have been considered valid unless solemnised in a religious
  12. Unless there are special circumstances that would mean applying nearer to the expiry of your current permission to stay is not possible, Immigration would not allow you to apply so early. The usual earliest you can apply is somewhere between 30 and 45 days before expiry.
  13. A nice dream! For enough money, something could possibly be arranged together with an AHQ package (Alternative Hospital Quarantine) where the hospital could have plausible deniability that there was anything improper, but I would be very surprised if it would be possible in ASQ.
  14. If you want to get to Thailand as quickly as possible, plan to enter visa exempt, and immediately book the flight and ASQ hotel and Covid insurance necessary to apply for the Certificate of Entry. This avoids needing to send your passport to the embassy for them to affix a visa. Once in Thailand, there will be ways to extend your permission to stay at immigration. Depending on decisions made over the next couple of months, you may or may not require the services of an agent to facilitate the extension(s).
  15. Although I am not aware of anyone who has done it, if your work permit runs past the end of your current permission to stay, it would seem logical that Immigration would accept a letter from your employer stating that they are aware of your intention to change the reason for your permission to stay during your next extension, and that it has no effect on your employment. @ubonjoeWhat do you think about this?
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