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  1. First, you may not have been breaching whatever made up rules the immigration officials are applying. Secondly, your argument is similar to those who claim they have been smoking and drinking heavily for years with no damage to their health. They may be telling the truth. Some people, for various reasons down to luck, might engage in risky behaviours without bad consequences. It does not mean similar behaviours do not have serious repercussions for others.
  2. If you are arrested while on any overstay (even one day) you are liable for deportation and blacklisting from Thailand for five years. You only avoid blacklisting by leaving before you are arrested. The risk is small, but not a risk I would take.
  3. This. also, if you want to come back to Thailand for a few days (although you should leave by air) return using a land crossing (but not Poipet/Aranyaprathet). Returning immediately by air after an overstay involves some risk of a denied entry.
  4. It seems she received a single entry tourist visa for Thailand, receiving a 60-day permission to stay, then left to fly to Singapore ending her permission to stay. What she should have done was purchase a re-entry permit to keep her permission to stay in Thailand intact when she left and returned to Thailand. The airline properly denied her boarding because she would not have been allowed to enter Thailand, having no valid visa. Even with her French residence, I think she is in a very difficult situation. Usually, as a Senegal national with French residence, she cannot get a fresh tourist visa at most Thai consulates. I think her best approach is to try phoning nearby consulates, explaining the situation, to see if any will issue her a visa under the prevailing circumstances. I doubt the Thai Embassy in Singapore will help, but it is worth asking. There is a slightly better chance with the Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. There may be no alternative but to return to France.
  5. While Penang is not a great place for tourist visa applications these days, I think you are right that it should be no problem with your history. A hotel reservation you can cancel is easily arranged, if you do not want to make a reservation you will use. Be careful on the flight reservation. The consulate tends to insist that the onward flight is already paid for. In theory, you could purchase a fully refundable ticket, but they tend to take a long time to refund, and you tie up a lot of money in the meantime. Cheaper refundable tickets always include a cancellation fee that is more than the price of the cheapest available ticket out of Thailand. Using Skyscanner, you can usually find a flight for under 1,000 baht, sometimes as little as 500-600 baht.
  6. Online check in for the flight might be possible, but at most 24 hours before the flight, and immigration is likely to baulk at allowing you through more than about 12 hours before your flight. Getting the extension is the rational course of action. 1,900 baht is not a fortune though, depending on the immigration office you will be using, the time spent is an annoying interruption of your holiday.
  7. Most of Myanmar is now completely open to foreigners. Only a few areas are still off limits, especially Rakhine State where you are prevented from going mainly because the Myanmar military does not want witnesses to its ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas. There are some areas where a foreign tourist must have a travel permit and be accompanied by an official Myanmar guide. Notwithstanding, Myanmar is generally a safe country for visitors. Although most of the country is open, tourism infrastructure is still limited in many areas, and transport links can be basic and slow. These are the main factors that should determine where most tourists choose to go. Depending on your proposed entry point, you may be able to use an evisa purchased online, or may need a visa from the Myanmar Embassy arranged in advance. Border passes allow you to stay a few days in the immediate vicinity of some crossing points, but there is not a great deal to see. Staying one night in Myawaddy across from the border crossing at Maesot may be just about worth it.
  8. There is pretty much nothing on the Myanmar side of the border at Ban Phu Nam Ron (at least, as of a couple of years ago). You cannot go far inside Myanmar with just the border pass included in the 960 baht. To go far enough to be worthwhile, you would need a Myanmar visa in advance from the Myanmar embassy (Myanmar evisa not usable at that crossing). I believe onward transport from that crossing point is also limited. If interested in spending time in Myanmar, consider using the Maesot crossing in Tak province.
  9. It is valuable to understand the dynamics between these two completely separate branches of government (and, although not relevant to this thread, the also separate labour department). Officials in different branches of government will rarely defer to the decisions of other departments. They operate according to the laws governing their own separate roles (or, in some cases, operate outside the law when it suits them).
  10. Well, the visa run companies are not taking those without bookings. I would expect them to know the current situation, and unlikely to unnecessarily turn away customers. However, if you want to ignore the official announcements, and a couple of first hand reports on here, assuming the visa run companies are idiots, then that is up to you.
  11. That "which is considered from the tourism point of view to be longer than necessary", was cited in a rule on visa exempt entries. I believe there is agreement between the MFA and Immigration Bureau that decisions on whether to grant visa exempt entries (and visas on arrival) are properly the purview of the Immigration Bureau. The decision on whether people qualify for entry using tourist visas rests with the issuing consulate. The reason you do not see the reasons for denial now being used by immigration officials at some entry points being officially announced is that the MFA is not willing to cede control to the Immigration Bureau. While those reasons for denying entry are not official, immigration officials are avoiding an open war with the MFA by maintaining plausible deniability on the real reason for denied entry.
  12. There are no immigration officials at consulates. Consular officials work under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not the Immigration Bureau. Consular officials have a lot of discretion on whether to issue you a visa. Officially, immigration officials when you enter the country are only supposed to deny entry pursuant to explicit reasons listed in Section 12 of the Immigration Act (or additional criteria ordered by the Minister). In recent years, immigration officials at certain entry points, who feel they should have powers similar to those in most other countries, have been denying entry for reasons not listed in the Immigration Act, but then stamping your passport with one of the reasons actually listed in Section 12 (though you are, in fact, not in violation of the reason used).
  13. Denied entry is totally different from being arrested in country and subsequently deported (whatever the reason for the deportation). There are many good threads on ThaiVisa that describe what happens to people in the immigration detention centre (IDC) and the deportation process.
  14. I think the email sent by support is a send only account. Both those email addresses failed the sameway the support email failed. To be honest, I am not especially surprised. The whole way the appointment system was rolled out reeks of technical incompetence. A working postmaster address is something any email admin should know to have working and properly monitored.
  15. Many people using Vientiane for visa runs use visa run companies. Those doing so will have been informed of the rules by the company, and in many cases assisted by the company in getting a reserved slot. Also, at least until a few days ago, it was possible to purchase a queue ticket from touts outside the consulate.
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