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  1. Talk to a good doctor. A combination of a nicotine patch and anti anxiety drug should allow you a relatively smooth journey.
  2. What is the latest opinion on a border bounce just prior to the expiry of a Thailand Elite Easy Access visa? Do you get a fresh one-year stay? Generally suggested border crossings from Chiang Mai are Mae Sai (no visa required to enter Myanmar and go straight back to Thailand, only a border pass) or Chiang Khong (Laos visa on arrival necessary for most nationalities). If going to Chiang Khong, you can save money by having clean, undamaged US dollar notes to pay for the visa.
  3. I think each immigration official has his/her own ideas of what constitutes a desirable visitor. At entry points where the criteria specified in the Thai Immigration Act for denied entry no longer apply, the opinion of the official at the immigration desk, and of his superior, determine whether you are denied entry.
  4. Only if you are planning to enter visa exempt. Many Thai consulates, even today, will issue tourist visas with no return flight booking. If you have a visa, few airlines will insist on a return flight when you check in.
  5. Need money for airfare and overstay fine is, indeed, a common scam. Father dead and mother has no money is also common. However, they will never add "the police are after me, and I cannot get money any more from friends because I already owe them all money". Instead, he would talk about the motorcycle accident he had, and how his room was robbed. When judging scams, details like this are very significant. That does not mean that I would have any inclination to help him based on what we know about the situation.
  6. The UK Embassy sometimes gives awful advice, but he needs to contact them anyway if he expects to receive money from friends or relatives. One service the embassy will provide is taking custody of the money to ensure it is used for the stated purpose. In reality, I bet he has contacted the UK Embassy weeks ago, begging for money, and was rebuffed. It probably was not a pleasant experience.
  7. I think you are wrong about the OP running a scam, though a troll post is possible (still unlikely). With a scam, he would make a son a much more sympathetic character. I take the OP at face value. The son of a friend has ended up in the sort of predicament young British kids end up in every day. What I think he was mainly asking initially is whether there is a cheaper option than airfare plus 20,000 baht to get him back to the UK. Answer: "no" to which many members here have added "and I hope the guy ends up in a world of hurt".
  8. If you do not have a really good understanding (and the official does not initiate a possible deal) stay away from offering bribes. Doing it the wrong way can lead to trouble. This is not like resolving a traffic stop. Any deviation from procedure is visible. In summary, unless you can contact the senior official in the office directly, it is difficult. Flexibility in the criteria will come from the top down. The subordinates will do what the boss tells them to do. Unless a procedure for it already exists (in which case the junior official will likely initiate the exchange) these things are rarely arranged bottom up. That is why using agents is generally how it is done. The agent has the right relationship with the office boss, and protects both you and the boss from allegations of bribery and corruption.
  9. With the 60-day extension available, there was no reason for the official you dealt with to ask her boss if they could waive the two month seasoning requirement. The official you were dealing with directly would not have had that power, and subordinates are very reluctant to involve their superiors in anything when not strictly necessary.
  10. Without all the facts, I never condemn anybody. There may be psychological issues involved that would make me sympathetic if I knew about them. Even if he is just a young idiot who brought this all on himself with his eyes open, I can understand why his mother would not want to see him rot for months or years in a Thai prison.
  11. In that case, it becomes complicated. Your airline needs to negotiate with airlines that can return you to home country, generally indemnifying the airline that agrees to carry you against all costs they incur. In the end, your home country's national airline will be obliged to carry you if it becomes clear that no other option is available.
  12. Cheapest one-way flights to the UK from Bangkok (without baggage allowance, run around 9,000 baht. Start at https://www.skyscanner.net/ to research what is available. On top of this, he needs 20,000 baht for the fine at the airport, and a few baht to get himself there. 800 pounds is, indeed, in the right ballpark. Getting arrested and processed through the court system, although it can result in a reduced fine, works out more expensive overall because you are limited in the flights you can use when returning to home country via deportation. It is also an extremely unpleasant process. If neither the son nor his mother has any friends or relatives, he is in a very dicey situation. I think he would be very lucky to raise the money through a donations site. There is too much competition there for assistance. The British Embassy will not help, except that they may be able to pressure friends and family to fork out. Forget ideas of any cash from that quarter.
  13. @ElzearI can see all the recent threads. If you are still only able to view threads from 2015, try using a different browser. If that works, there may be something messed up in your usual browser's cache.
  14. I would be very surprised if you have a problem getting the visa. If you fly into Thailand with the tourist visa, and are very unlucky, you might encounter issues at immigration, but I doubt it.
  15. Are you sure they will do a multiple entry Non O? It was my understanding that consulates were no longer allowed to provide multiple entry Non O visas. (And, since the new "e-visa" system does not support ME Non O visas, you cannot get one from London either.) It would be great news if consulates have been given permission to accept applications for multiple entry Non O visas again.
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