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  1. Sorry, but the level of immunity someone possesses to a virus cannot be judged just based on whether antigens showing exposure can be detected.
  2. In order to do this, Thailand Elite would need access to data maintained by Immigration that even other Thai government departments have no access to. In general, Thailand Elite has no idea when members exit and re-enter the country and when they submit 90-day reports.
  3. I assume that it is your name in the book even though, as should be the case, the employer paid for it. See @ubonjoe's post. The Labour Department has made clear that the book is yours.
  4. This is an unfortunate situation. If Immigration had raised the overstay issue in March, it could have been dealt with with only a fine. A handful of well connected agents are allegedly able to finesse the problem, but I understand the costs are now astronomical. I assume you do the 90-day address reports yourself, not using Thailand Elite. If so, there is no way Thailand Elite could be expected to know about your issue. As others have posted, the requirement to request an extension if in Thailand over one year is well documented.
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