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  1. I do not think you need to be worried. Some officials can be offended if you look like a hippy, so you might decide it is worth looking fairly smart when arriving. Officials generally only use accusations of illegal working to deny entry to persons they dislike for other reasons. Only worry if you want to spend many months in Thailand.
  2. There is no definite answer to the OP's question. First, these are the official rules. A multiple entry visa of any type allows unlimited entries into Thailand until the expiry date of the visa. This is true unless there is a reason under Section 12 of the Immigration Act to deny entry. That reason would apply regardless of how often and for how long you visit Thailand. There is no reason listed in Section 12 that restricts frequency or duration of visits. Very, very few visitors need to concern themselves with those official rules. Second, the official rules are no longer the whole story. Some in Immigration, including people at senior levels, have decided they do not agree with the current rules, and resent the idea of allowing consular officials to decide whether people qualify for visas. At several airports, and at least one land crossing, officials have introduced unofficial limits on the degree to which tourist visas will be honoured. Very recently, it appears they may have decided to do the same with Non O visas. At the current time, there is no clear picture of how much time immigration officials at specific entry points will consider appropriate for those coming to visit Thai family members on multiple entry (or single entry) Non O visas. All you can do (as with tourist visas) is stay up to date on the rules that appear to be in force at each airport and land crossing (which may depend on which officials are on duty).
  3. Just be aware of one issue. Immigration does not particularly like people using visas issued by consular staff (a different branch of the Thai bureaucracy) to stay long periods in Thailand. They want you to use extensions that they police. Part of that is the "not invented here" syndrome, and part is losing the opportunities for corruption. Anyway, after cracking down on people using tourist visas for long stays, Immigration at several crossing points has recently begun preventing people making border runs with multiple entry Non O visas to extend their stay in Thailand. If the trend continues, you will be fine getting an initial visa, but may find it difficult to avoid in country extensions from Immigration in the future (unless willing to pay bribes at border crossings).
  4. There are two strong indications that this is the case: The official stamped him out once given 2,000 baht. An immigration official should be aware that CW is not an international border where you can leave and return to get a fresh 90-day entry. I am assuming the report of the problem at Ban Laem is accurate. Based on this, I would say there is strong evidence they are refusing to stamp out people with multiple entry visas (unless given money) and spewing rubbish as their excuse.
  5. If you really intend returning to Germany in another 90 days with no intention of returning for a long time, you should consider just using a friendly land crossing, and getting visa exempt entries extendable at immigration. Do not do this if you anticipate returning to Thailand again this year. Those land based visa exempt entries are the insurance policy these days for long stay tourists. There are a few consulates that might give you a single entry tourist visa since you do not seem to have applied for them in the past. Decide, in advance, how you will arrange to return by land if you cannot get the visa.
  6. CW has no international border crossing into another country. As you surmise, this is a scam to extort money. This might be a suitable use for the 1111 hotline, assuming whoever answers knows anything about immigration matters. EDIT: Assuming you really have a re-entry permit, and your permission to stay is well in the future, did you try doing the 90-day address report online (too late now if the notification is due in two days)? If the issue is the 90-day address notification, you can submit it in person up to seven days after the due date. Note: you should still be allowed to leave and return at Ban Laem.
  7. I can recall some negative reports about Koh Samui airport immigration, but they were not recent. It is possible that the situation there has changed.
  8. The expired visa is a non issue. Whether you will receive a visa exemption will just depend on your history of stays in Thailand, especially over the last year or so.
  9. When your permission to stay expires on a weekend or holiday, your extension is granted without penalty if the apply on the first working day after the holiday. Make sure you get it done Monday without fail.
  10. Unless @ubonjoe advises different, I think you can assume that the copy of the house book will not be required when you explain that the child's official residence is still in Italy. EDIT: To apply in Savannakhet (and most other consulates) there is no appointment system. You just turn up in the morning and receive the visa in the afternoon of the following day. Exceptions are if you apply in Vientiane or Kuala Lumpur where appointments are not only possible but required.
  11. If you want a tourist visa, I think your easy solution is to make an appointment with the Leeds consulate, and travel there to receive a Thai tourist visa while you wait.
  12. The two land visa exempt entries reset on January 1st. If you want to enter by land after using your two visa exempt entries by land for that calendar year, you must have a visa. The decision, I believe, was to eliminate the discretion immigration officials at land crossings previously had to decide whether or not to allow visa exempt entry, and replace that discretion with hard and fast rules. It certainly does inconvenience some (most obviously expats in neighbouring countries who used to cross into Thailand regularly to shop) but at least the system produces certainty. Arriving at a land crossing not knowing whether or not you would be admitted was horrible.
  13. Is the birth certificate a Thai birth certificate? For applications anywhere outside Italy, an Italian birth certificate is not going to be accepted.
  14. There is no right answer to your question. Entering with a visa even now would have a good chance of success, and using a visa is definitely better (albeit no guarantee) whatever time you decide to risk returning via Suvarnabhumi. If you want to return visa exempt, I would recommend you wait a full year before trying. If you are fly from your home country, with a visa and flight out within 60 days, I rate your chances excellent after six months away.
  15. Just to clarify what @ubonjoe is saying: you can get a border pass with the Thai id card, but (until you have the border pass) you cannot simply leave Thailand with just the id card.
  16. Marriage to the mother is not required. As long as you have the original birth certificate naming you as the father, this is the most critical requirement for the Non O visa. I suggest Savannakhet, applying on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
  17. There have been bad reports from Krabi. There have been positive reports from U-Tapao. I am not aware of recent feedback from Surat Thani. In my opinion, it is unwise to try to enter visa exempt at any airport with an extensive recent history of tourist entries, but U-Tapao would be my choice if I did decide to take the risk.
  18. It is worth trying to enter with a passport with a little less than six months validity. While, technically, this is not allowed, Lao immigration is not always strict about this at land crossings. You can fall back on the three-day border pass if necessary (recognizing that this only allows travel in the vicinity of the crossing used).
  19. I do not believe your prior history would create problems at immigration. However, you need to be clear about whether you really mean a visa on arrival (15 days for nationals not entitled to visa exemption) or a visa exempt entry. I assume you are from a country that qualifies for visa exempt entry, in which case you will get 30 days (29 nights) on entry, which can optionally be extended for a further 30 days at an immigration office in Thailand.
  20. I am always surprised that people cannot do the arithmetic and subtract US$10 from 960 baht to calculate the cost of their shared "transport across no-man's land". If you try and use your own transport to cross, you will find that the cost for an in-out is still 960 baht. Although much more time consuming, round trip travel from Kanchanaburi up to Maesot to do the border bounce works out cheaper because that border does not operate similar scams.
  21. While the terms of the agreement between Thailand Elite and Immigration are not clear, anyone who understands Thailand will assume senior officials in Immigration get a cut for each Easy Access visa issued. Personally, I see the very long approval process and threats of denials from Immigration some months ago as evidence that Immigration's deal with Thailand Elite was then being renegotiated.
  22. The TM30 is only required when you are present at a dwelling for over 24 hours. The TM6 arrival form is quite sufficient for those in transit.
  23. Is there a chance that immigration would then object that you do not have a policy for the whole period of your extension (you would not be covered from (09:00-23:59 on the last day)? If they want to be stupid, are there any limits?
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