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  1. You could interpret it as Thailand wishing to discourage foreigners from resigning from their current jobs. Since there is no mechanism for staying briefly in Thailand between jobs, Thailand is being moved closer to the system operated by some other (especially Middle Eastern) countries where you are indentured to your employer.
  2. There is no 90-day extension from immigration on the basis of marriage (though there is something similar which I will explain at the bottom of this post). There are two very different extensions of your permission to stay that are available based on marriage to a Thai: Once per entry into Thailand, you can apply for a 60-day extension to visit your Thai spouse. In principle, you can get this after entering visa exempt. However, some immigration offices will not give it to you if you have already used the regular 30-day extension. A one-year extension based on marriage to a Thai. There are various conditions that must be met. You must be in Thailand on a non immigrant entry. Thus, you would not be able to apply with your visa exempt entry, or if you entered with a tourist visa. Also, you must show 400,000 baht in the Thai bank, seasoned for two months, or proof of 40,000 baht per month income. As I stated above, there is no 90-day extension. However, you can achieve something equivalent by a process usually called "conversion". This is used when you are in Thailand on a tourist entry, and intend later to apply for the one-year extension of stay. The conversion is effectively an application for a Non Immigrant O visa at the immigration office which, when granted, is immediately stamped used while granting you a fresh 90-day non immigrant entry to Thailand. It is expected that you will later apply for the one-year extension of stay, and must be able to show that you would qualify. At a minimum, you need 15 days (more at some offices) left on your tourist entry before you can apply for a conversion. It is a lot of work for the immigration officials, and they may try to stop you doing it.
  3. I am 99% confident you will be fine. On the return from South Africa asking for a visa exempt entry, you will have your onward flight to the US departing in a couple of days. It would be very harsh to deny you a visa exempt entry under those circumstances.
  4. With a visa, all indications are that you are fine entering through Chiang Mai airport. However, a visa exempt entry is another matter. Chiang Mai airport immigration is supposed to evaluate whether those requesting visa exempt entry fit the profile of typical tourists. They are supposed to deny entry to those using visa exempt entries to spend more time in Thailand than is necessary for tourism purposes (through the prime minister in 2014 when these directions were introduced said they should be applied flexibly).
  5. Entering visa exempt is definitely risky. A tourist or transit visa would improve your chances, and I believe would make denied entry unlikely if you can show a confirmed flight to Europe within, say, three weeks in addition. Good luck!
  6. As you say, a unique situation. I would have thought you could find another reason why you need to leave than visa problems, especially as your girlfriend might come up with suggested solutions to those. However, I obviously do not know as much about your situation as you do. Please take a few minutes to let us know whether insurance was an issue reentering with the Non O-A.
  7. There are so far only a handful of reports, and the situation remains unclear. It may depend on where you enter Thailand.
  8. Ban Phu Nam Ron (Kanchanaburi) has a well organised scam which cannot be circumvented. The 960 baht includes US$10 for the Myanmar border pass, and what should be less than 100 baht for the round trip to and from Myanmar immigration. The remainder (500+ baht) is split by those running this scam. That does not mean I am recommending that people not use Ban Phu Nam Ron. However, if you are making a special trip there to avoid the scams at Cambodian border crossings, you do not understand what is happening. In fact, at most crossings to Cambodia, I can get the correct price on the visa, and often avoid the charge for same day return. If looking for a scam free border crossing (and one that is very cheap) Maesot is my first choice and Maesai is also OK.
  9. If you get the visa on arrival via the eVisa system, it is much easier. There is a special line (regular immigration counters) for those with visa on arrival in advance.
  10. I think what you are remembering is their policy on a Non O to visit your Thai child. Penang is the only consulate in the region who will consider the multiple Non O for this purpose if you are not a resident of the country where you are applying. However, they will generally only issue a single entry if it is your first.
  11. You should be fine. Note that the second visa exempt entry (by land) can also be extended by 30 days so a second border bounce is not necessary.
  12. I assume your entry into Thailand was within the last few years, and you are in the regular immigration system. It is then a non issue, and you just fill out a new TM6. There can be a problem if you have been continuously in Thailand for decades without leaving.
  13. I hate to speculate on what happens when willing to offer tea money to facilitate an application. I would just suggest you first apply with the documentation you have without suggesting a bribe, and (if denied) use an agent as a cutout if you want to go ahead regardless. EDIT: In Penang, when applying for a multiple entry Non B, nothing is certain these days. Multiple entry Non B's are officially restricted to business owners visiting the country periodically for business reasons. As a director (according to the paperwork you submit) I expect they will give you the visa, but be prepared for a rejection. It might happen. With a multiple entry Non B, you do not have to apply for an extension. You can do a border bounce every 90 days instead. The point I was trying to make was based on ... There will be no difference whether applying for an extension after three months, one year or ten years. You either qualify for an extension or you do not. The only thing I can think of is that the original work permit application specifying a 35k salary might have been seen by your lady consultant as an issue until an updated work permit application next year. I doubt that is true. There is nothing in the regulations that forbids companies from giving their employees pay increases. If your revised contract has an updated salary, Immigration should accept it.
  14. If really concerned (and I do not think you need to be) bear in mind that you have the option of getting Thai transit visas.
  15. It seems you are getting a lot of garbled information from Immigration. With the entry on your single entry Non B, plus a work permit, it should be possible to get a one year extension of your permission to stay based on working if your monthly salary is high enough (for a Belgian national, 50,000 baht per month). Do this if eligible. With a work permit, plus evidence that you are a director of the company, you will most likely be able to get a one year multiple entry Non B visa in Penang. With this, you would need to do a border bounce every 90 days. Penang does not automatically provide multiple entry Non B visas these days, so this plan is shaky. However, there is no income requirement. The requirements for an extension of stay based on working will be no different when using a multiple entry Non B to when using a single entry Non B. Either you qualify or you do not.
  16. You should state your nationality when asking this kind of question, along with stating where you currently reside if not in your home country. The rules for issuing visas vary greatly from country to country. Sometimes, knowing where in your country of residence you are is also helpful, as sometimes there is a nearby consulate we can direct you to for a simplified visa application.
  17. I have left via Suvarnabhumi in the past with a new (UK) passport, and wanting a re-entry permit. I went to the re-entry permit desk, and explained the situation. They were able to transfer my most recent entry stamp from the old passport to the new passport (with an annotation about the visa the stamp was associated with) placed a re-entry permit in the new passport, and stamped me out of Thailand. (Of course, the visa in the old passport was not transferred.) Unlike a regular request for a re-entry permit at Suvarnabhumi, this took quite some time (nearly an hour as I recall) but they had no comment on my request that it be done. I think they needed to shunt my passport around a couple of sections to get it done.
  18. It is my opinion that it is not wise to just use the easy visa exempt land crossings, and then think about your next move. Those visa exempt land crossings should be husbanded for emergencies when other ways of returning fail. In your position now, I would not try to get a tourist visa in Vientiane or Savannakhet (that have become unfriendly to applicants with significant recent time in Thailand). Further, Phnom Penh and Penang may well be problematic, even when using agents. A final consideration is that (with the visa) returning by land is safer than flying in to many airports (including Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, Penang and Krabi). I do not guarantee success with my two suggestions, but this is what I would do in your position: Get a Myanmar eVisa. Fly to Yangon. Get a single entry tourist visa. Take an overnight VIP bus to Myawaddy. Cross into Thailand at Maesot. OR Make an appointment for the embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Fly to Kuala Lumpur. Get a single entry tourist visa. Take the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai (which uses the crossing at Sadao). Also possible is applying for a visa in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi and then fly to Vientiane, crossing to Nong Khai at the Friendship Bridge; or overland to a land crossing from Laos or Cambodia into Thailand (but avoiding the Aran/Poipet crossing). Good luck.
  19. You can look for the flights on any of the booking sites. However, realize that there are no low price tickets that are fully refundable. Indeed, many full fare tickets have cancellation fees. Given the possibility of booking cheap tickets out of Thailand for 1,000 baht or less, the hassle of purchasing a 15,000 baht ticket and applying for a refund is not worthwhile for most of us.
  20. If you get the visa on arrival at Savannakhet, it is a full page. You have the option of applying for an eVisa in advance if you want to avoid this.
  21. A border bounce at a land crossing will be fine (as long as you avoid Aran/Poipet). However, if you just need a few days (and depending on your local immigration office) a denied request for an extension of stay and seven days to leave the country might be less stressful than the border run. By the way, which airport were you using for entry when the immigration official suggested that a tourist visa would be OK where a visa exempt entry was not? There is evidence that Chiang Mai airport still has that policy, but that the Bangkok airports now see the possession of a visa as irrelevant.
  22. I assume you are in the UK, and trying to use the new (inaccurately named) eVisa system. If at all possible, make an appointment with one of the consulates (e.g. Cardiff, Hull) and get your visas there while you wait. Postal applications to London are possible, but only after you manage to force your application through the eVisa system. As others have suggested, try different browsers (and if possible browser versions). It is known that the system occasionally works.
  23. Your risk of denied entry is low, but real. On balance, a return to Bangkok with a confirmed flight out within two days might be the lesser risk. A rational immigration official is not going to see a planned two day stay as evidence of illegal working!
  24. Pay the fine at the airport. (Never risk trying to resolve an overstay at immigration with an overstay of more than a week.) Live like a hermit until your departure. You cannot afford to get arrested while on overstay.
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