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  1. In conjunction with other measures, it is helpful. It is just important to recognise the limitations. Too many people seem to believe that it is an infallible guide to those who currently have active infections.
  2. Also, unfortunate for some individuals, false positives can occur in those who had Covid-19 but have subsequently recovered. Testing for active infection by viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 is simply an inexact science.
  3. Your plans seem fine. You might ant to wait on the re-entry permit, although you can apply for one at any time to protect your current permission to stay when leaving and returning to Thailand. You can get a re-entry permit at the airport just before leaving Thailand. Of course, if you leave and return, you will need to go through quarantine again.
  4. It seems the divorce was done just before leaving Thailand by mutual consent because neither of them believes in long distance relationships. If sure you are not returning to Thailand, this is reasonable, as it is really easy if they go together to the amphoe.
  5. You cannot apply inside Thailand for all visa types under all circumstances. As a general rule, you can only apply for Non Immigrant visas under specific circumstances after entering Thailand on a tourist visa (or visa exempt). The circumstances under which it is possible have expanded over time. It does seem a little easier to convert to a Non B visa (from a tourist entry) now than in the past as they try to facilitate matters in view of Covid.
  6. You will want to ensure you get the work permit and start work within 90 days of entering with the visa. Regardless, when you apply for the visa, and when you enter Thailand, do not determine when your employment (and permission to stay based on working) will end. Having received the work permit, and towards the end of your 90-day initial stay, you apply for a one year extension of your permission to stay. At the end of this 12 month extension, you can then apply for a further extension as long as you still qualify.
  7. No doubt you are joking but, just in case, brewing beer takes several weeks. Unless you are allowed to bring the partially brewed beer with you, and only complete the process in quarantine, unfortunately, this is not viable. Nor is fermenting large quantities of fruit you bring with you. EDIT: Purely out of academic interest, I did look to see if there are rapid ways to create alcohol. Apparently, there are ethanol production methods that take only three days. I suspect alcohol withdrawal would be a lesser risk.
  8. Once you have an offer of employment from a suitable, employee, they must usually provide documentation to the Labour Department to get a WP3 which is a preauthorisation for the employer to engage you. Armed with this and a few other documents, you usually apply for a Non B visa at an embassy outside Thailand, though applying for the visa through immigration is usually possible, albeit with stricter requirements. Assuming you apply for the visa outside Thailand, you have 90 days from the date the visa is issued to enter Thailand, and you receive an initial 90-day permission to stay when you en
  9. Reentry permits are available for any kind of permission to stay. However, the possession of a reentry permit does not exempt you from the regular conditions for entry. In the time of Covid-19, this means the mandatory quarantine, testing and insurance.
  10. I believe a time will come when showing a Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be part of the process in being allowed entry. That is probably a year down the road. It is possible that selected groups (critical foreign workers, perhaps) will be allowed quarantine free entry earlier, but quarantine is going to be with us for a long time yet. Continued strict controls will remain necessary if outbreaks are to be avoided.
  11. The no alcohol rule is imposed by the government. I believe it exists because there is a perception that someone who has been drinking is liable to flout other quarantine rules. While that might not be true in your case, you will not find a hotel admitting in writing that they will aid you in circumventing the rules. There are two circumstances that just might allow you to be plied with alcohol: A medical letter from your doctor back home to the effect that you have an alcohol dependency, and going cold turkey would carry serious health risks. Contact with the hospital that is the partne
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