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  1. I recommend: Enter Thailand visa exempt. Currently, this gives you a 45-day permission to stay, but the first part of that will almost certainly be taken up with a mandatory quarantine of 7-14 days. On exit from quarantine, if you do not already have a Thai bank account, your first task is to open one. This is not always easy, but an agent can help you if you are unable to do it yourself. Transfer an amount greater than 800,000 baht into the Thai bank account using a method that will allow you to get a transaction slip from the Thai bank confirming the money came from abroad.
  2. Right now, you are in the clear, but I do not recommend you work again without a work permit.
  3. I assume you do not actually mean visa on arrival, but mean visa exempt entry. If you really did mean visa on arrival, please post again to confirm this. Extensions for those who entered visa exempt are still processed at MTT.
  4. You are correct that the agent's quoted price was ridiculous, even for Bangkok. Doing it yourself will involve some effort. The 90-day Non O visa costs 2,000 baht. It will be taken under consideration, and will require at least two visits to Chaengwattana. You wife will need to be with you for the first of these visits. Near the end of the 90-day stay from the Non O visa, you apply for the one-year extension (1,900 baht) which should usually go smoothly, but again will involve two immigration office visits and an under consideration period. You wife will need to be with you for the application
  5. Some private hospitals have been trying to get government endorsement of vaccine purchases since last December. I remain sceptical about whether the health ministry's attitude is going to change any time soon, unless sweeteners for key officials are forthcoming.
  6. It is easy for them to say "don't worry" while refusing (already) for over six months to allow private hospitals from providing us vaccination services, obstruction that seems likely to continue. It is not they that will die if I become infected and suffer fatal complications. There is no morally justifiable reason to prevent private hospitals from providing services the government is unable or unwilling to provide. It is beyond infuriating.
  7. Be aware that at most immigration offices (unless using an agent) requests for medical extensions based on being unable to travel are treated very sceptically.
  8. It might be possible to bribe hotel staff to act as a conduit with an outside agent, but I do not think, in general, asking staff to come to your room in PPE, disinfect whatever you are leaving at reception, and arranging for an outside individual to get past security to to pick up something from ASQ reception is a service that is provided.
  9. Unless, of course, they are bribed themselves.
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