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  1. If you want an extension of stay on the basis of working, the minimum income varies by nationality, but is 65k baht per month for those from Western countries. An extension of stay based on being the parent of a Thai requires only an income of 40k baht per month.
  2. Indeed, on the same day your extension to stay from working is cancelled, you can apply for an extension without an appropriate reason, which will be refused, but result in you being given seven days to legally leave the country. You want to be sure that seven days is going to be enough before choosing that approach. If you might need more time, other approaches should be considered. Immigration rules are changing so fast right now that it is better to wait until nearer the time to solicit advice on your best way to go.
  3. When did you make the trip? I was warned by several sources I considered reliable that, if you get stopped at a checkpoint (and there are quite a number) you can be in serious trouble if you lack the travel authorisation. This has been true since about January 7th.
  4. I was actually enquiring about this today. Yes, you need a travel authorisation to go to Pattaya, and will not be allowed on a bus without one. If you persuade a taxi to take you without a travel authorisation, you are quite likely to be stopped at a checkpoint, and be in significant bother. You get a travel authorisation from the amphoe office, and they will probably insist you have a Thai with you to act as a guarantor. It really might be easier if you arrange matters with your agent by phone and courier.
  5. Surely, once you print the file, the test result and fit to fly confirmation will be on separate sheets of paper.
  6. There is a difference between tax status and immigration status. You were told you were considered a resident of Thailand for tax purposes. That does not mean you have been through the permanent residence process.
  7. I do not think that is accurate. First, there are a very few international flights landing in Phuket. Secondly, for a significant fee, a land transfer is possible from Suvarnabhumi to any ASQ hotel in Thailand.
  8. It is unclear whether you should specify an initial journey of 45 days or 75 days. The problem is that extensions of stay are not, officially, automatic. Although virtually always granted, they are in theory at the discretion of immigration. There is a risk that there could be problems if you state you are planning a visit longer than that permitted automatically for a visa exempt entry. My advice is not to take that risk. If possible, get a return ticket where you are permitted to change the return date. As an alternative, get the cheapest available throw away onward flight out of
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