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  1. 46 minutes ago, KhaoYai said:

    Are you absolutely sure that passengers stay 'airside' when connecting to a domestic flight? My apologies to the OP if I was wrong in my previous post.

    You will need to pass through immigration before connecting to a domestic flight. If connecting to an international flight, you may or may not need to clear immigration depending on the airport and airline.

  2. 2 hours ago, EricTh said:

    If he can really stay 330 days on a tourist visa, then we don't see any point in getting an education visa, retirement extension, elite visa, marriage visa etc.


    That saves us a lot of headache in bringing in money into Thailand.

    I believe he has successfully done so, but it has become challenging to achieve, needing to be very careful where you get visas, and where you enter Thailand. Also, I can see it becoming infeasible in the future.

  3. 12 minutes ago, EricTh said:

    You can only stay in Thailand for max of 180 days per year on tourist visa.

    That depends on the entry point into Thailand that you use. Most land crossings and some airports are still not enforcing unofficial rules limiting your time in Thailand on tourist entries.

  4. 1 hour ago, tjo o tjim said:

    Not to hijack ...well, ok, yes:  similar situation in that I spent a total of four months in Thailand on a METV between March and August, and would prefer to not get another one for another as it takes a day out of limited time available. Will be spending 3.5 months in SE Asia January through mid April, with 2.5-3 planned in Thailand. 

    Do I need an METV?

    You would probably be able to use visa exempt entries, but a single entry tourist visa (at least) would not hurt.

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  5. I do not think you should risk flying into Thailand for a visa exemption with your history. If you will be returning before the end of 2019, you could consider blowing your last visa exempt entry by land for 2019 by returning overland from Myanmar. There are overnight VIP buses from Yangon to Myawaddy where you cross into Thailand at Maesot. If you will fly in, get a visa.

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  6. Vientiane has become strict about issuing tourist visas to those with prior tourist entries to Thailand, especially if they are recent. If you have spent the bulk of the last six months in Thailand, and your passport reveals this, I would discourage you from even trying in Vientiane. In Savannakhet, they are even stricter in case you are wondering.

  7. At CNX, Immigration seems to scrupulously follow the letter and spirit of the law and associated police orders. Entering at CNX with a visa has historically been safe. However, they can and do exercise their right to deny visa exempt entry if they deem you are using visa exempts to stay long periods in Thailand. Your history of entries is unclear, but do not rely on being able to enter visa exempt by air anywhere. It is my impression (based on little evidence) that U-Tapao might be the least risky airport to ask for a visa exempt entry with a dodgy history of tourist visits. That would imply flying via Kuala Lumpur, I think.


    Without getting a new passport, it is unclear whether you would be able to get a tourist visa outside of your home country. Maybe, you would be lucky in Yangon, especially if you have never had a visa from there.


    Good luck! I always advise people to husband those land based visa exempt entries, and only use them in an emergency. Your experience shows why this is the case.

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  8. Unfortunately, your re-entry permit has a misleading name. A "re-entry visa" is not really a visa. It is a protection of an existing permission to stay. Usually, in has the clearer name "re-entry permit". That stamp is different from the re-entry permit I have usually seen.


    Sadly, your permission to stay will expire (and your re-entry permit will be useless) when your employment ceases.

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  9. 32 minutes ago, Hog Whisperer said:

    Nonsense. My visa is multiple entry and I've traveled out of Thailand every other month since Jan. this year, which is when it was issued. Each time the stamp on entry was Admitted Until 31/01/2020. The last time was Oct. mentioned in the OP and I leave tomorrow again for a week.

    If that is the case, please post scans of your visa and most recent entry stamp (hiding personally identifiable information). You cannot have a multiple entry Non O which only allows 90 days on each entry. I fear that instead you have an extension of stay from an immigration office within Thailand, together with a reentry permit. This totally changes your situation as the extension of stay most certainly is tied to your employment.

  10. 34 minutes ago, Hog Whisperer said:
    1 hour ago, BritTim said:

    You should get your current permission to stay stamp corrected.

    Why? If my employer doesn't care and if Imm and Labor are separate then there is no reason.

    Because the current stamp is in error. You should only have been admitted for 90 days. If you stay until December 31, you will be on a 16-day overstay. Immigration will not take responsibility for the incorrect stamp. You will be fined 8,000 baht and the overstay may create problems in the future.

  11. You cannot apply for a 30-day extension of your non immigrant entry. However, assuming you have not done so before, you can get a 60-day extension based on your Thai son. You need to be named on the Thai birth certificate as the father, but do not need to have legalised the relationship for the 60-day extension. Your son needs to go with you when you apply for the extension.


    A border bounce for a 30-day visa exempt entry should be fine at most land crossings. If you live near Nong Khai, that is a good choice.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Farangdanny said:

    Thank you, good news.

     I noticed a sign on Immigration booths  at Mae Sai say, "no more visa runs' !!

     It must have been obvious I was doing one ?

     If you stay in Myanmar for the day and look around the town, do you still have to pay their 500 Baht ?

    500 baht or US$10. You need a border pass regardless of the length of time you remain in Myanmar.

  13. 1 hour ago, Hog Whisperer said:

    I called our HR Visa person this afternoon. She said I have till the visa expiration day 27/1/20 to leave. I didn't bring up the Admit Until stamp as the conversation was over the phone in broken English but I'll take it that that day 31/1/20 is the real D-day.


    I specifically mentioned that my WP is till 30/12. She wasn't interested. "You can stay how long your visa."


    Which makes sense as I don't see the point in my employer proactively taking my passport and trying to shorten my stay by a paltry 30 days to co-terminate with my WP. If in that "extra" 30 days I work a new job without the WP being extended or get into some kind of mischief it's my funeral.


    And 30 days seems about the right "grace" period to pack up and leave. If it were say 120 days then there would be a point about staying too long beyond the job. But then why the heck would an employer arrange a visa in the first place that goes so far beyond the work contract/WP? Unlikely.


    Anyway, thanks all for your input.

    Ask @ubonjoe (the resident expert) to confirm that what I wrote in https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1137313-when-do-i-have-to-leave/?do=findComment&comment=14830454 is correct.


    1. You should get your current permission to stay stamp corrected.
    2. Your visa and the permissions to stay based on it are not tied to your employment, and you can continue to use them.

  14. 20 minutes ago, Rahibew said:

    The Metv  Visa is not worth it now that they are starting the visa when issued,I got one in June and arrived in Bangkok in October..much to my surprise I only got to stay 4 monthe

    It is not wise to apply for a multiple entry visa so long in advance if you wish to make full use of it before its expiry date. For some, who get about eight months of stays on an METV, it is worth it, albeit you may need to be careful only to use it at entry points that will honour the visa,

  15. 31 minutes ago, Hog Whisperer said:

    Ok, so here it is again:

    Visa: "Category "F" Good for multiple return journeys to Thailand ... must be utilized before 27 Jan 2020. Issued on 28 Jan 2019.

    Latest immigration stamp: Date 18 Oct 2019. Admitted Until 31/01/2020.

    Work Permit: MUST EXTEND BEFORE 30 Dec 2019.


    The first two are from my passport, the last one from the blue book. My appointment letter from my employer says I have a contract till 31/12/19. So I won't be terminated with an official letter as such. They simply won't give me another contract which means I will be out of employment end of the year.

    You need to get the permission to stay stamp corrected. If you entered Thailand on 18 Oct 2019, your permission to stay should be until 15 Jan 2020.


    On or before 15 Jan 2020, you can leave and get a further 90-day permission to stay. Technically, you could make a further border bounce before 27 Jan 2020, but that would only buy you a few further days and is unlikely to be worth it unless you want to make a trip then for other reasons.


    The date on which you must leave Thailand is not tied to your work permit or contract of employment. That is only true if you have an extension of stay for working (which you do not). Of course, if your work permit expires, you can no longer legally work.

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  16. Based on your original post, it is possible that our advice is based on incorrect assumptions. Terms like visa, permission to stay, extension and reentry permit are very important in your case.


    The most reasonable interpretation is that you are in Thailand on a 90-day entry from a multiple entry Non F visa. That would imply that you entered Thailand on 03/11/2019. In that case (and you say the visa expires 27/01/2020)

    • your permission to stay does not expire when your work contract and/or work permit expires; and
    • you can even leave and reenter Thailand on or before 27/01/2020 and receive a further 90-day permission to stay.

    As far as I can see, other explanations require either the immigration official to have made a mistake or you to have incorrectly stated your situation.


    If you were granted an extension of stay (not a visa) until 27/01/2020 at an immigration office in Thailand, then when you left and reentered Thailand you should also have had a reentry permit also specifying that date. On return to Thailand, that is also the date that you should have been given on your restored permission to stay. If you have an extension and reentry permit, you should get the permission to stay corrected. Other than that, the rest of the advice above is correct.

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  17. 4 hours ago, visaissueboy said:

    one question: for cambodia, do you suggest an online visa or pay on the border? Or let the agent do it?

    If travelling with a visa run company, they will usually handle the Cambodian visa for you as part of the price. 2,000 baht is too much if you are doing it yourself or using an agent. I can usually get the official price of US$30 if doing it myself and paying in US currency. There will often be an additional fee (about 200-300 baht) for same day return. This is not a scam, but a bribe to circumvent a genuine Cambodian immigration regulation. An e-visa has the advantage of saving space in your passport, but do not consider getting one until you know the border crossing used by the visa run company. The crossing you use will probably not allow e-visas.

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