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  1. Once you have an offer of employment from a suitable, employee, they must usually provide documentation to the Labour Department to get a WP3 which is a preauthorisation for the employer to engage you. Armed with this and a few other documents, you usually apply for a Non B visa at an embassy outside Thailand, though applying for the visa through immigration is usually possible, albeit with stricter requirements. Assuming you apply for the visa outside Thailand, you have 90 days from the date the visa is issued to enter Thailand, and you receive an initial 90-day permission to stay when you enter. You should apply for your work permit (usually the employer handles this) before you actually start work, and this final authorisation is usually quick.

  2. I think a combination of

    1. the number of new infections in the country you are departing from dropping to a low level; and
    2. you having been vaccinated; and
    3. a rapid test on arrival returning a negative result

    will at some point be enough for you to avoid quarantine. For at least some departure points that could be as early as next summer. I do expect a continued requirement for insurance, in case you test positive on arrival or subsequently.

  3. 20 minutes ago, farangzy said:

    You haven't, you asked the Op.. But I'm nearly 40, so not many options left. 

    On the same note : can u enter and exit with the volunteer visa?


    Reentry permits are available for any kind of permission to stay. However, the possession of a reentry permit does not exempt you from the regular conditions for entry. In the time of Covid-19, this means the mandatory quarantine, testing and insurance.

  4. I believe a time will come when showing a Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be part of the process in being allowed entry. That is probably a year down the road. It is possible that selected groups (critical foreign workers, perhaps) will be allowed quarantine free entry earlier, but quarantine is going to be with us for a long time yet. Continued strict controls will remain necessary if outbreaks are to be avoided.

  5. 1 hour ago, 2009 said:

    Still don't see how it discriminates against Thai women.


    Farang men, yes.


    Or does political correctness not allow straight white men to be discriminated against?


    It would be more accurate to say that both the Thai wife and the foreign husband are affected (assuming this is a genuine marriage, and not a marriage of convenience). Which of the two feels most discriminated against will, I guess, depend on which feels most strongly about being deprived of the company of the other.


    Also affected are any children from the relationship.


    While on the subject of discrimination, though, I would point out the much greater problem faced by those in same sex relationships. Thailand has hinted at recognising same sex marriages, but it is still true that those under 50 have essentially no appropriate visa to allow them to stay with their same sex partners in Thailand.

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  6. First, what I am sure of. If a Thai is willing to pay for the Alternative State Quarantine, they can fly into Thailand on any of the flights that foreigners can now use.


    Now, what I believe to be true but could be mistaken. I think Thais wanting to use the free State Quarantine must travel on the official quarantine flights. The difference is that the free SQ, places are assigned by the Thai authorities, not via the free market. I do not think you get allocated a SQ place when making your own travel arrangements.

  7. On 11/11/2020 at 1:58 PM, DrJack54 said:

    OP, What advantages will you obtain having PR.

    You mention avoid 90 day report. I assume that's a joke. You can do it online in 3 mins or small payment to agent or mail. 

    Also mention no desire to work.

    It's very easy to live in Thailand obtaining annual extension based on retirement or marriage. 


    I somewhat agree with this, but with an important caveat. Under the current conditions for extensions of stay, money in a Thai bank account and annual extensions is pretty easy (except when you must deal with rogue offices). However, no one can predict the conditions in the future. If citizenship was possible, this would protect against whatever insane changes are introduced over the next 20 to 30 years.

  8. 1 hour ago, Peter Denis said:

    Thanks for posting the chart.  Had no idea that there were that much daily cases tested positive.  I understood from other posts that when tested positive in ASQ off you go to Hospital.  But these positive ones must be in some kind of admin covid Purgatory, as the Hospitalization figure is too low for them being included in it.

    The hospitals have "alternative hospital quarantine" facilities that are not included in those admitted for treatment for Covid-19. Also in the AHQ are those who enter Thailand for medical treatment unrelated to Covid-19.

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  9. If the extension needs Division sign off (which is when an under consideration stamp is used) there is no way of circumventing that. However, the agent will be able to do the second visit to get the final stamp without you accompanying him. It is unrealistic to expect an agent to help with an extension of this type for the money you have in mind.

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  10. 5 hours ago, bwpage3 said:

    43,200 baht for one year.


    I am not familiar with insurance prices in Thailand.


    Is that a good price for the 3,200,000 coverage?

    Will you be travelling with a Non O visa (90-day initia permission tol stay on entry) or a Non O-A (long stay) visa? If a Non O, I believe 90 day coverage should be sufficient. While I cannot say for sure, 43,200 baht for 12 month coverage seems fine.

  11. 3 hours ago, Xavi said:

    Doesn't the dictionary meaning of "hire purchase" mean that the condo is purchased in installments?

    I have seen the confusing term "hire purchase" used before by Immigration. I have been guessing that the actual intended meaning was long term lease. However, the context here makes it look as though it may mean "mortgage" with 25% of the total cost already paid off.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Confuscious said:

    Why on earth would anyone need a "Certificate of Residence" when he/she has a "BLUE BOOK" and a "Red BOOK" on his/hers name?
    The Blue book and the Red book are certificates of PERMANENT residence.

    When you apply for a CoE as a permanent resident, I assume the embassy prefer that you have a passport showing you are a permanent resident, together with the reentry permit. I am unsure what happens if you have lost your passport with the permanent residence stamp and reentry permit. Perhaps, the red book, together with some sort of evidence that you did have a reentry permit would be accepted. Leaving aside this exceptional situation, I think the red book would be irrelevant when applying for a CoE.

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