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  1. Trudging though the obligatory TV nastiness, to the sunlit uplands of a few sensible views, I get the feeling that nobody has heard of this. So maybe it's not a thing, or was lost in translation by the lawyer, etc., etc. We'll see if there are more comments but for now I'm returning to DEFCON 3, my usual state of readiness in Thailand. Thanks all! Edit: this topic is in the TV newsletter this morning so expect more comments.
  2. This was posted on the Phuket forum in the last week. I think it deserves a wider readership. (Please note, I am only the messenger. The post doesn't relate to me at all.) Is there any truth in it? "A friend of mine (Aussie) was in the land office the other day as they want to sell their house of the last 15 years, they went through the generally accepted route of a Company to own the land and house with them as 49% shareholders and directors. Please lets not get into the old arguments of whether that is the best way of doing it etc. that is not what this is about. They were told that as from next year NO foreigners would be allowed to be Directors of Companies that own land, This has been confirmed since by my lawyer. Has anyone else heard this? If it is true then it could mean a lot of issues for home owners."
  3. Dentist here. My wife and I go to Rang Hill Dental Clinic. http://www.ranghilldentalclinic.com/ They're not the cheapest but all the work we've had done has been very well done, including root canal ... and I checked the before and after x-rays. Any crown you get should fit as well as any other. The cheapest will be a non-precious metal, silver-coloured crown. Since the tooth is 27 (near the back on the top left) nobody will ever see the crown and you can save money there. If you want to save the tooth, get the root filling and the cheapest crown. If it's done well you may have it for the rest of your life. If you have an x-ray and can send me an image, I'll be happy to give you an opinion. You can pm me.
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