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  1. Mr Moo had just what I was looking for. Their racks are approx 5-600g each, a reasonable serving for one. They can get you bigger ones if you ask. It's 250 THB/kg, but they are good ribs and don't need any trimming, just the removal of the thin membrane on the back. Makro 'ribs' are approx 160 THB/kg, so a lot cheaper. However, they're not really a rack of ribs, more a slab of meat/small rib/cartilage mixture (taste OK though), and you lose 20% weight after trimming, so let's say 200 THB/kilo after trimming. For a BBQ where the appearance of the ribs matters, it might be worth going to Mr Moo, but for everyday home BBQ, I'll be happy with Makro.
  2. @steelepulse Excellent, thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. I was sure I'd read that home gatherings were not allowed. I realise that gambling was an issue in the article you kindly posted, however the 'emergency decree' breach, is definitely to do with the virus.
  3. @beechbum Yes, thank you. I am looking for the official line on this, not your opinion.
  4. As it says in the title: I can't find specific rules about people visiting other people's homes at the moment. I remember for sure that it was forbidden recently, but has that changed since the relaxing of the rules of lockdown? I haven't seen anything re relaxation of this rule, but I may have missed it.
  5. Hi, and I hope you're all managing in these trying times! As a new hobby in lockdown, I've been trying to BBQ meat 'low and slow', as the Texans say. Results have been encouraging so far, with no cremated disasters. I think the key is that if you cook at a relatively low temperature, things don't go wrong too fast! Anyway, I cannot find a decent rack of ribs anywhere. I can now see why so few local bars and restaurants serve decent-size ribs; they all get theirs from Makro. The cut of 'ribs' that they sell in heaps at Makro, are technically ribs, because there are ribs in them, but they are not a rack, like a row of soldiers, and they're never more than a few inches long. There's plenty of meat, but no long ribs. I'm wondering: If I ask them, will the butchers/servers at Makro, butcher me some ribs to my specifications? If not, where can I go to get a proper rack of ribs: cheap, untrimmed, but actual long baby back or spare ribs?? Thanks for any advice.
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