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  1. The new financial requirements only affects the 1 year extension applications inside Thailand. The embassy requirements are not part of this but each embassy can and will have their own interpretation and sometimes additional requirements for the Non-O visa. But when you do the 1 extension (not the 1 year entry stamp on arrival) inside Thailand afterwards the new requirements will be applicable for you.
  2. Thai immigration never talks about foreign bank accounts, As you are in Thailand and apply for a Thai extension only Thai bank accounts are accepted. Therefore if they make a reference to a bank account it is always a Thai bank account.
  3. It would be good indeed if he tells us which immigration office he is using. At Phuket there is currently only one report of the affidavit being refused and it is not clear which kind of income he was using (Pension or some other income)
  4. NO the bank balance after your application will be checked for the next years application. If you went below the 800K for the first 3 months or 400K for the next 7 months and again 800K for the last 2 months you will "probable" not get the extension next time. Therefore there is no need to show the bank account during the year but it will affect your next application.
  5. I have the information from the officers in room 103. Therefore all information i have is only applicable for Phuket immigration. I heard today about the issue that the affidavits are not accepted but i don't know exactly why there are refused. Was your income from a ( government ) pension or normal income / transfers. Hopefully i get some more information shortly why and or when the (valid) affidavits form the UK, USA, Australia are suddenly not accepted anymore.
  6. So far it is explained to me is that in case you have a income certificate from the Embassy / Consul the pension, the normal supporting papers are enough (same as before) and the money deposits conformation are not required. The money deposit proof for the 12 months are only required for the countries which don't supply the income certificate anymore.
  7. The new 800k, 400k requirements will be checked starting from next years applications. So this year you need to have the 800k (before the application date) in the bank and when you apply next year for the extension you will need to proof that you had the 800k and 400k for the last 12 months. (don't forget to update your bank book on a regular basis for this) Therefore there is no need to show financial proof when you do the 90 days reporting, The 90 days reporting will be maybe cancelled all together. This is mainly done to block the visa agents who offer a retirement extension without the financial proof. Also if people have the income statement (UK, USA, Aus) they can use it as long it is still valid. (6 months) There are no changes to the extension based on marriage. I tried to do the multi quote option but i doesn't to work for me or i'm just stupid Sorry found it
  8. Nothing is changed for the extension based on marriage and no money requirements after the application approval. Only the requirements for the extension based on retirement is changed.
  9. Does the new Central has a parking area for cars ?
  10. He only was referring to the countries who don't issue the statements anymore. People from the other counties can use the income statements same as before.
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