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  1. Here in Khon Kaen it poured with heavy rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning all Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Flattened my corn and caused a mud slip on my land which didn't look fake to me! We also had thunderstorms, heavy rain and wind again this afternoon! ⛈🌩🌨⛈🌩
  2. Disgraceful. These vaccines were supposed to be for front line staff not hiso governors and their wives I think local people would have more confidence if local front-line doctors and nurses were shown being given the shot!
  3. This is a mere drop in the ocean when the population is 69 million! Come on Thailand, get a grip. Has production under licence of the AZ vaccine started here yet or do they think that somehow it will magically materialise in June?
  4. Only 319 in one day! My small town Health centre in UK did 1,300 in one day with a proper AZ vaccine, without side effects! Clearly they need to get themselves better organised here and have every available nurse injecting patients which should only take a couple of minutes per patient. Straight in and out.
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