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  1. This report comes up with an interesting fact which is so very Thai! "Thai law essentially forbids the export of arms for purposes other than national security and the promotion of peace. Yet in 2016 Thailand ranked as a major exporter of small arms largely due to an ammunition export valued at USD 14 million." So, although the export of arms is illegal, it is declared as being responsible for keeping Thailand afloat!
  2. And what about the wards, where the distance between beds is only about 18" if you are lucky! They would have to have about one third less beds per ward if social distance is to be observed. Somehow, I don't think that will be possible.
  3. No wonder the state of emergency is being continued, they haven't finished building tanks to control the masses yet
  4. Shouldn't they be wearing face masks as well as those "deflectors" which would certainly not contain atomiser droplets escaping from their coughs and sneezes!
  5. I am sure the "Fat Controller" will offer some help if asked nicely.
  6. That depends on what you see as important in life! Life is more important than material goods and money. There is little point in storing up wealth on earth if their is nothing left of the earth! Many species of animal and plants have already become extinct in my lifetime, and many more are threatened by destruction of habitat due to mankind's greed! For me, I would willingly take a cut in pension and food to protect wildlife. As it is I already support charities that work to protect the planet!
  7. This will make him Sir Thomas Moore. I hope that he will live out his life more peacefully than his namesake! (Sir Thomas Moore 1478-1535, beheaded at Tower of London for treason)
  8. Thank goodness that some large food chains and pension funds put ethics and future of the planet before profit! Unless we stop deforestation around the world and allow habitats to regenerate now, hundreds of species of flora and fauna will be lost for ever and mankind's future will be very bleak.
  9. I saw some figures referenced by one of our TV contributors the other day which referenced the Ministry of Public Health register of causes of death. It showed that during a period of a few days when Covid-19 deaths were recorded in single digits, about 700 people had died of pneumonia! It seems that Thailand has a pneumonia epidemic!
  10. In areas where CAT and TOT have not been installed, DES will talk with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission to see if a deal can be achieved with the private internet providers. And therein lies the problem of too many cables! In UK, it used to be the case that only one company, usually BT, would provide the cable and any other Internet Service Provider, would rent the line from them. I am not sure whether this is still the case but it would be a good model to follow here in Thailand
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