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  1. Amnesty or whatever people call them is NOT applicable to yearly extensions. @ubonjoe has given him spot on advice
  2. The normal is very reasonable at the best of times lol So a friend told me when I was on my last temple tour.
  3. I hope that I have enough time and earning potential to reassess and re-plan my retirement in Thailand. I feared and deep down always knew that investing (spending because it is not an investment) so much was a silly move. This confirms all my worst fears I had about Thailand. All the cliché comments are TRUE! I am lucky my family is with me while we work overseas. But even so some of the dumb comments that come out of my wife's mouth when we talk about the situation confirms all the my worst fears about Thailand The attitude to foreigners from the population and the government. I fear the worst for my future in a country I so wrongly chose to spend my retirement years in. For the record I'm in my third decade of marriage!
  4. A back packer passing through could do better. Therefore all their degree and license requirements are nugatory. She should never have been put in that position for the world to see, If she volunteered she should know better.
  5. What platforms are they using to deliver the distance learning?
  6. Covid allows some countries and governments to exert unnecessary restrictions on the population.. Thailand is well under control. Now it's just extending the convenience of control. My humble opinion.
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