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  1. So why would you mention these two countries in reply to another poster if you are not associated with either. Oh dear lord indeed. You are just trolling so i will let you go back to your Underage sex fixations ( two mentions in one post about couid vaccination, Bizarre) and leave it at that . Haha
  2. No you suggested you did when replying to @joecoolfrog and it was you who suggested they dont even recognise any vaccine so yes i was ill informed by taking your word as true And where are you living? Neither Iceland nor Thailand is to be considered any third world countries
  3. Again, who is forced to take the vaccine? How is taking a vaccine not protecting people? Do you know what calculated risk means? Your Anti-vaxxer stance is your choice, people who take the vaccine in the UK is Their choice, and they do have a choice, unlike the population of Icelend, who it would seem by your previous post, have the inability to make informed choices themselves and need the government to dictate to them as they cannot be trusted to make these *blind decisions* is that the same trusted government who were overseeing the icelandic banks pre 2008 and allowed them to
  4. I dont think i stated anything of the sort so please dont put words in my mouth The age of consent is a Law, which if you break the law you can be punished, Having a choice to take a vaccine for Covid or not is not against any Law in the UK so why your bringing up inderage sex is beyond me! You are correct the government does have departments, and the UK health department (along with many other countries) have deemed the vaccine to be safe for the general population. What is your point?
  5. Rightly or wrongly is a matter of opinion, The UK isnt forcing the vaccine on anybody, people have the right to choose to receive it or refuse. I would rather have the option to decide then no option at all. The UK has currently vaccinated over 3million people who had the Choice, it is now been offered to the next tier of people (over 70s and medically vulnerable) who can either get their vaccination or not. If you believe this is a stick to beat the UK with, up to you but i really dont see why you would belive having NO choice is better than having a choice
  6. the over 80s and health workers Yes, how is your country fairing in its vaccination of its citizens?
  7. I think this could be great. Half the price of most of the current testing offered by the hospitals and can do without leaving your home!
  8. What!!!??? I have no strong thoughts either way, if Scotland wants independence, then they should have it, but surely before any vote / referendum can be conducted, surely their must be a policy in place and one which details all aspects of how seperation will be made. Have we learned nothing from the fiasco of Brexit ?
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