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  1. "...Commissioner Roger Goodell said Kaepernick was not the victim of a coordinated effort by owners to bar him from playing, but rather just not a good fit for any of the 32 teams." This is why he's not playing. None of the teams wants to put up with the kneeling. I don't think all the owners decided together not to sign him.
  2. What's the criminal charge in the real world? Felony hit and run. Battery with intent to do injury. In Thailand, a wei and pay hospital bills. Absolutely insane.
  3. Ok. Then let them continue to destroy their environment. I hope they get the plague.
  4. This problem could get out of hand quickly. Then there would be nothing the Thais could do. But they dont understand the problem, dont understand the science behind it, and seem to seek out fortune tellers or the retarded to get advice like spraying water 20~30 meters in the air (problem solved!). This coupled with a potential major downturn in tourism due to smog, rampant crime, careless accidents, murders that are covered up, and those getting cheated left and right will have large and long standing effects on the thai economy.
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