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  1. Shouldn't there be a co driver on long distance journeys to do two hour stints? Whether that would make any difference, who knows.
  2. It looks like he wouldn't have used the brake even if it had been given to him.
  3. Again the Military servicemen are putting their training to good use. Shooting at civilians seems about right.
  4. Over the years I taught all my Thai nieces and nephews to swim. To me it is the most important thing they are able to do. Being top of the class in all subjects is useless if you fall into water out of your depth. Sadly there is a lack of public swimming pools here where parents can take their children to teach or have then taught. One day maybe?
  5. In the garden this week.. No harm to anyone.
  6. A banded krait? If so highly venomous.
  7. Please, oh please General, save us from these dark forces. You are the only one who can help us poor, not allowed to think mere mortals. I'm sure the world is aghast at learning about the satanic black forces that threaten us.
  8. It is not always necessary to ban things but to apply order to them so that both sides of the equations needs are met. The Professor is correct when she says that street food vendors were not only for the tourists, but for workers who relied on them for cheap food. Infinitely better than the plastic rubbish dished up in the shops open 24 hours.
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