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  1. I think you have shown two good examples. Of course they do. Birds of feather. Human rights go on the back burner.
  2. I went along with everything you said until you mentioned 'logically.'
  3. Why can't I sign into the Bangkok Post. I click 'Sign in' but the usual sign in code doesn't come up. Could it be the I've become a persona non grata? due to some of my criticisms of the government who are doing a magnificent job??
  4. Bash someone? A frivolous remark meant in jest. It would seem humour is sadly lacking, or not understood in the New Normal.
  5. Having a senior moment. Nick Clegg! Nigel Ben might have been a better bet. Clegg was as much use as a one legged man in an ar-sorry. mustn't say it, backside kicking contest.
  6. It's extremely unlikely voting would change that. Now, if all the expats returned en masse. Claimed their full pension, which they would get automatically. Claimed bus passes, winter and heating allowances in addition to all the other add on's, Fell upon the NHS, which would make the waiting periods for treatment much longer and add cost to the Service. The powers that be would realise that it would be more more economical to keep us out of the UK.
  7. You mean by being in the UK we will be claiming a multitude of benefits and leaning on the National Health Service using public money that was contributed by the likes of me in taxes and National Insurance contributions. No. Those benefits go to many who contributed nothing. I didn't swan off. and never ponced off the government. I had a good reason.
  8. A Tory promise that Brits living abroad for more than fifteen years will be allowed to vote.' What about- 'Brits living abroad will receive the same pensions as those living in the home country?' -We payed our dues and some served Queen and country. A country that was supposedly built on fairness, but in reality does not practice what it preaches. Unless you are one of the upper class privileged of course. A vote? What party would address the iniquity of expat pensions? I raised the question many years ago and Nigel Ben replied 'Its not on the Government's agenda.' It seems like it never will
  9. 'Mentioned.' But not addressed! How long does Thailand have to continue to suffer this incompetence?
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