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  1. I know. I've got a tub of it I've been trying to use up for nearly two years.
  2. The solicitor's office where I'd got my marriage lines translated went up in flames in that one. Quite a few car drivers were trapped and died.
  3. Do I detect a lack of humour here? Smarten up.
  4. Ridiculous! I nearly dropped my Easter Eggs!
  5. I'll think about that. I'm 87.
  6. I did all you suggested and tweaked a few more things and voila. Hey presto! I've got them back. I disabled add block and it seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the advice. I've been struggling with this for a couple of weeks and it's added a few more years to my almost 87. Taken them off more likely.
  7. By my bad screen shot you can see, no symbols. It seems I am signed in. I went to incognito and got the symbols?
  8. For some reason the likes /dislikes and comments have gone missing from videos I am watching. I've tried google search to no avail. Any ideas how to get them back?
  9. Any comment or discussion on the present student protests is strictly taboo between my wife and I. We have agreed not to get into it to maintain a quiet life. For her, after a lifetime of indoctrination it must be very difficult to listen and accept differing views. Any others out there following the same policy?
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