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  1. Will our esteemed leader visit this victim? I very much doubt it.
  2. So where are the bedside groupies who attended the poor Finnish boy? It doesn't matter. It's only a Thai child and it won't be bad publicity for the Thai tourist industry! Let's hope the boy recovers quickly and the parents get some help.
  3. An example of the people advising Trump. Crosshairs? This is threatening behaviour. If a John Doe did this he would be arrested for terrorism.
  4. I wonder how many Thai children who are savaged by dogs get this treatment? It's quite sickening seeing these groupies around the boy's bed. We mustn't let anything get in the way of tourism, must we? Meanwhile, I wish the boy a speedy recovery and sympathy for the parents.
  5. More to the point, will the UK rise again?
  6. Now people are bending over backwards to end their lives in Thailand. But seriously, did she fall or was she pushed? Another sad ending to a life. RIP.
  7. What about small items? Some roadsides are used as rubbish dumps for all sorts of garbage. Perhaps if community bins were placed at convenient sites and emptied on a regular basis it might help stop dumping.
  8. I agree. The dog was dangerous. Could be a carrier of rabies. I don't condemn him for putting the dog down but for owning an unregistered firearm and shooting in a public place. A ricochet could have injured someone.
  9. Why is every poster blaming the truck driver for the accident? No excuse for him to flee the scene but maybe the motorcyclist caused the accident.
  10. It's dangerous for pedestrians for a car to stop at the lights. It gives them a false sense of security. They walk across and get hit by vehicles that don't.
  11. To counter the naysayers. My wife's family stepped up to the mark without being asked. Not all Thai women are there for the money.
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