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  1. 'we actually did kick the "chit" out of Vietnam and more would have died, but we pulled out.' With the North Vietnamese at the front door and scrambling for the last helicopter. Not a lot to be proud of. A "super power" fighting a non developed country. Quite the contrary. Your Memorial Day highlights the futility of aggression.
  2. The 'me first' syndrome? No consideration for others.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Has he been in any military armed conflict abroad I wonder. Perhaps the US Embassy should look into this.
  4. What area are you? The Thai general store? Where? I've brought natural skins from UK and NZ but you can buy them in Bangkok from a main suppler. I haven't because the quantity you have to buy is too much for my requirements.
  5. My adopted 19 year old son who my wife and I have raised since he was a baby is fluent in Thai and English which he speaks in what I suppose is called BBC English. I'm struggling with my 11 year old nephew, trying to get the th, tongue between the teeth, and r sound, Also trying to get him to drop the 'ed' as in dropp-ed. We are getting there though. I get the feeling he has been taught to say this by his school teacher. And that is the problem. If pupils are given wrong instructions from the beginning it is hard to break.
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