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  1. Concrete jungle with water supply and soon energy issues ... Pattaya can't scale. They did not even manage to fix the beach
  2. Thoses days are gone. Lot of Koreans and ageing girls. Been there several years , same trend as in Pattaya.
  3. Wouldn't say trikes are better because you are so close to the ground that you swallow the dust , and because of poor amotizer, you back can be at risk
  4. Work is getting harder everywhere in the world , why would things improve for Thais when inflation is increasing. If a better job had ever been an option they would already have quit the bar. From the testimony of girl i know , they prefer learning <deleted> than controling a robot in a factory. Thais have no interest in beeing more knowledgeable , you can tell by how little culture they have in general. They just dont bother. Dont map westerner feeling over a different culture. That just does not cut
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