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  1. I thoight immigration did not likr fixed accounts as they want to see that you a tually have funds for living on daily basis and see the account being used ???
  2. Im guessing it is fir faster trains, maybe not actual ‘“ high speed “ rail. You will notice they are building overpasses at ever road crossings, since they can ot rely on Thais stopping at a barrier, so im guessing it will be faster rail than present. there is approval for High Speed track from Bangkok to Utapao airport, but this is not started yet.
  3. Im with AIS, kept getting strange text messages asking to subscribe to various things, I ignored and deleted them. But then noticed credit had disappeared. Went to AIS shop, she put various codes into phone and all stopped. Obviosly didnt get credit back !! LOL.
  4. Just got following from Bangkok IO. obviously the bottom line is relevant, some offices sticking to this I guess.
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