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  1. Thanks for the reply. I dont mean to sound ungrateful but that is the worst IPTV I have ever seen! I just signed up for a 1 month trial and will probably never use it again after testing for 1 hour. There is no decent listing format for a start, for example if you want to watch the football in UK there is no 'sky sports' or 'BT SPorts' folder. Everything is just under UK so you have to open UK folder and scroll through hundreds of chanels. MOst of the chanels are SD even though listed as HD and there is no FHD. Plus, the whole menu is filled with global chanels. The movies are terrible,
  2. Hi there. Not sure if this is the right forum for this question. Could anyone suggest a decent IPTV service that I can watch on my android TV or Firestick? I have used a couple this year and they always turn out to be really poor, buffering like crazy despite having fiber internet. Any suggestions appreciated but please note I absolutely dont want to use a reseller service. Im looking for a direct provider. Thanks
  3. Hi there. Anyone out there using a Nano Ledger? I have had one for a few years but my laptop died on me and I brought a new one so need to install the app. Im almost certain the last time i downloaded the actual ledger live app it was from the google app store. I cant find it anywhere now? Is it safe to download from ledger website? Nervous about scams. Thanks!
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