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  1. Hi there. I need to open a bank account in preferably a low taxation country. Any country will be fine, providing I have a debit card, online banking and the ability to recieve weekly internationaly wired deposits. Singapore and Hong Kong seem like a popular choice, but it seems the rules have changed recently and now there are quite a few strict rules in place? I have of course looked around google for an idea but it seems to be an absolute minefield? It looks like Hong Kong and Singapore require company formation for non residents to open a bank account and that would be fine for me as I would like to offer a little tax each month, but even then, there are quite a few hurdles in place. Getting a bank account in this era seems like a whole bunch of hard work and red tape. Has anyone any recent experience in opening a bank account overseas? Is it a challenge? Are there any other countries that might appeal? Appreciate it Batty
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