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  1. There you go. And his spokeswoman said in a TV interview "God wanted Trump to become the U.S. President." Watch out for the live TV broadcast from Las Vegas when he is walking on water, healing the crippled, and turns water to Jack Daniels.
  2. That would require Thailand 8.0 which is, according to the 20 year plan, scheduled for 2040.
  3. When they went to school the subject "history" didn't even exist in any curriculum.
  4. Let's hope all these quoted scientist have a higher level of expertise, than the local experts in charge of flood prevention:
  5. To the Miele PR wizards: Convince her and you hit the sales target!
  6. I wonder so far nobody made a bit to buy all the empty chairs to open up the biggest cinema in Bangkok.
  7. Years ago a minister summoned parents to produce "quality babies". I'm surprised they did not heed the call.
  8. ...and the average income in LOS is?
  9. He probably thought these monkeys are his former classmates.
  10. Chiang Mai must be a serious crime free city, if the cops have nothing else to do.
  11. I think at the office entrance of the Alcohol Control Committee (ACC) they have a dream catcher as large as the tropic of an aircraft carrier
  12. 15 years! Maybe he was just late with his insurance payment.
  13. If Chinese get killed or injured on ferries and speed boats, it is fate or bad karma. However, blaming them for wrong doings or being rude is prohibited by the TAT.
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