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  1. I'm also missing the photo of all their bras hanging on the clothesline.
  2. ...but after the first cop of the SWAT team stormed the room he was heard yelling: CLEAN!
  3. After they shuffled the names and numbers a couple of times around, caused by misunderstanding of course, what's the difference to "Painting by Numbers"?
  4. I know who has to retire and refrain from any meddling politics to get to that point...
  5. ...and there goes another media down the drain after the "election"
  6. With so many terminally ill and dying buffaloes in the country (according to Thai bar girls) how can they come up with piles of this every day?
  7. Meanwhile farangs throwing a cigarette butt on squeaky clean Sukhumvit will be fined 2.000 baht. Looks like there is no money to be squeezed out of the locals.
  8. In many pubs you'll see half empty prepaid bottles on the shelves with a label showing the name of the customer on it. I wonder what happens if they consume a drink of the bottle which was not sold on the day of the ban to sell alcohol?
  9. If this date were to be our last, I'd never sit down this glass It'd take all the booze in the world to forget you You've left my heart a vacant lot, I'll fill it with another shot And yes I guess they oughta name a drink after you ( John Prine ) Here's the reason why the cop is smiling: he narrowly escaped to be named Bloody Mary
  10. Sometimes it helps to be dead drunk to participate in a farce...
  11. In my hood they would celebrate World Sleep Day 365 days a year. Problem is, nobody wants to wake up to prepare for the party.
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