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  1. 14 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

    The Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Internal Trade will establish a centre at the middle of next month to hear complaints about private hospitals overcharging patients.

    To prevent misuse with the intend to tarnish the nations image as hub of hub for medical tourism, the addresses and phone numbers will only be available after interview with your local 'Blockwart' at his home office. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, Puchaiyank said:

    proceeded to remove his clothing and put on his bathing suit

    What a horrible catastrophe it must have been to see a naked man at the beach while he was changing his cloth. Hope you fully recovered from the shock. There is a FB group petitioning babies should come to this world in jumpsuits, they just don't know yet who to send it to...

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