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  1. 3 hours ago, webfact said:

    The company will increase the number of tech consultants based in Thailand, currently 40, by 30 per cent this year. 

    Does this indicate they hope for foreign talent struggling with red tape and work for a meager salary?

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  2. 1 hour ago, darksidedog said:

    Bit negative in the reporting I thought. After all 75% of us are doing very nicely, Thank You! Two in ten are getting by, with only a fairly small fraction on the floor, or very close. Their numbers are probably fairly accurate, but I personally believe that we should not all be written off as broke, just yet.

    ...and those who need more can always apply for monkhood. 

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  3. Another website carries a story with the headline that the PM begs for mercy then later the word sympathy is used.

    The PM is quoted as saying LoS has been wrong about this for a long time so now it's up to the EU to show mercy which translates as we've done b....r all until now when our backs are to the wall. Standard Operating Procedure for LoS.

    Wow, the Big D having to beg / plead !

    Time for a new strategy if they don't want to eat rotten rice and rotten fish for the next decade:



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  4. Since last month, 150 fires have been reported in the home.

    …the governor of Phatthalung Mr Winai Buapradit, Phatthalung governor also went to the home to investigate the cause of the fire.

    Is there any minimum education and skills required to become a governor?

    Several government agencies came to inspect but no formal inspection was carried.

    Some said the fires were caused by spirits

    However no scientific test has ever been conducted to find out the exact cause

    "hermits" arrived at Lom's house and informed him that a child ghost has been haunting his family and setting the fires.

    How many of these morons does it take to change a light bulb?

    151! One on the ladder to hold the bulb to the socket and 150 to turn the house around.

    It makes me wonder they don't worship man made ice cubes anymore as unexplained miracles.


    Exporters' wish for a weaker baht unlikely to be fulfilled

    SO UNTRUE !!!

    The international markets are in US Dollars, not in Thai Baht. I am in doing international business for over 30 years.

    Only the European community uses their own currency within the Eurozone and when doing business with the UK they are using the Pound Sterling.

    Everywhere in the world they are using the US Dollar. Or is Thailand now the world leader that they are using the Thai Baht for doing business???

    The title must be:

    Exporters wish a stable baht.

    The Thai Baht has been very stable according to the US Dollar in the last 5 years. In April 2013 THB/USD was at the lowest at 28.61500 THB/USD.

    So have export companies been calculating that the USD would weaken even more??? Plain stupid. Where was their margin ???

    I have heard Thai (with Masters degree) say that if you have 100 products and you have 1% profit, you would make 100% profit. Yeah sure, on only on 1 product !!!

    They don't have brains. And if they can find brains, they are in a calculator.

    Link: http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=THB&view=10Y

    I have heard Thai (with Masters degree) say that if you have 100 products and you have 1% profit, you would make 100% profit. Yeah sure, on only on 1 product !!!

    However, I’m sure he/she paid 100% in cash to his/her educator to get the degree!

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