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  1. I fear that you actually believe some of the cr4p that you write!
  2. I think you have just described them succinctly and accurately.
  3. The hand is strong enough - the weakness is in the so-called negotiators.
  4. There is more than one tree to bark up.....I have as much contempt for the UK government as I do the autocratic EU.
  5. Trust me, there is a rising ‘hostility’ towards the EU and it HAS turned Remain voters....... I would guess not enough to create a rebellion, but certainly enough to a make a second referendum very interesting. I fail to see how any self-respecting Brit could have any regard for the EU after the way they have treated the various representatives of the UK. The fact that the UK have made a complete balls up of the so-called negotiations does not exonerate the EU.
  6. So you think the EU have helped . The UK Government’s performance has been pitiful, but I knowmanr Remain voters who would now vote Leave because they have been alienated by the bast4rds at the helm of the EU.
  7. I think you need to employ the Crocodile Dundee method.. The tits are too small for it to be a Barcadi.
  8. Your comments are redundant. Brexit WILL happen and we could be out by 12th April if parliament continues to fail to come together. L
  9. In the absence of your GF owning land, see if she can get a letter of reference from her village Poo Yai Ban stating that he has known her for X number of years, she and her family are of good standing and he has no doubt that she will return ... If you are sponsoring you are complicating it by using her financials. Just another thing for an ECO to pick holes in. Evidence the relationship Evidence YOUR financial adequacy. Evidence (as best you can) her reasons to return by employers letter and PYB reference.
  10. You know full well that if a Brexit concert were to be held at Wembley (with or without The Who.....but Daltry would be a bonus) it would sell out.
  11. The gig would be opened by The Who ................... probably with Roger Daltry belting out “Won’t get fooled again”.
  12. Thank you..... yes 6pm on Saturday to 6pm on Sunday.......................... but I am not voting....
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