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  1. I refused to pay the 20 Baht takeaway charge, I failed to see the logic of it. I urged the management to reconsider the charge on the basis that labour, cleaning, crockery costs vs a few Baht for a polystyrene box levelled itself out. IMO it also sent out the wrong message. The charge was waived (only because I made a fuss) but the manager was unconvinced claiming that they add the charge because they lose out on drinks sales on takeaways........ thank you fhickson for pouring cold water on that argument. Of course it's not the 20 Baht, it is the principal. I put the saved 20 Baht in the tip box. Just by way of example consider Chow Mein Charley's in LK Metro....... eat at the tables or takeaway, same price.
  2. You didn't answer my question but are happy to just criticise those attempting to do their job. Even as a remainer you have a vested interest in the UK's success in the negotiations. Now, you clearly don't rate Boris so who would you put forward.
  3. I think he is the man for the job. He has made much more progress than the woeful T. May. Who would YOU have batting for us?
  4. +1 very quiet by comparison to other places you are seeking to avoid. Rayong is worth a look and Chao Lao beach (avoid weekends).
  5. That is unnecessary. There is no requirement for the pointless registration at a British embassy. For UK visa applications a translated copy plus a certified copy of the original marriage certificate has been acceptable for several of my friends.
  6. All income derived from the UK is taxable. You have income, you have a personal allowance and the tax rates are applied to the remainder.
  7. Good luck. Depends on your circumstances but you may wish to consider taking your wife to the UK on a 6 month standard visa. Gets experience of the visa process and VfS under your belts. It gives her a taste of the UK as well ahead of any subsequent Settlement application.
  8. You should have an original copy each. Nothing difficult about getting a visa for a Thai wife/partner to visit the UK. You just need to satisfy the 3 key criteria. Settlement is also not difficult if you meet the financial requirements.
  9. Facile. What does that make Corbyn ??? All politicians are opportunists and very few Tory politicians initially supported Leave.
  10. .... as is Preecha Seafood. For visitors they may wish try Rimpa Lapin.
  11. "Advisory" - get over yourself ! It didn't say advisory on my ballot paper - nor anywhere in Cameron's Chatham House speech; you know, the one where he set out what the referendum was all about.
  12. Jimmy's Sports Bar is just across the road and down a bit to the right. Max 5m walk from Best Western, Paddy's Bar is a bit further afield. Lively market is 1km from the hotel, a 12 minute walk (unless you stop off at Jimmy's en route). For street food I have found the food market adjacent to the football ground to be very acceptable. https://www.facebook.com/JimmysBuriram/ https://www.facebook.com/paddys.buriram https://www.facebook.com/livelymarket/
  13. Wrong. 100% wrong. This is not about extensions, it is about Non-Immigrant O-A Visas.
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