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  1. Thank you for your useful input. I did mine today and took along all the copies you mentioned, signed by me. I just had to fill the form they presented me. Was in and out in one hour. All fine. Now, I will see if I can do the 90 days online next time, or if for the first one I will have to do it in person at the office, as some people have reported. I've been doing it online successfully since it was introduced a few years ago.
  2. I went to immigration today for the transfer of the visa from old passport to new passport, and they did transfer the single re-entry stamp in the new passport as well.
  3. I just received my new passport from my embassy in Bangkok together with the old cancelled passport and a note from the embassy to the immigration office to kindly transfer the current retirement visa which is valid until end Dec 2019 to the new passport. I plan to go to the Chiang Mai immigration in the next few days. Do I need to take any other documents along? copies, etc...? Thanks in advance for any input or personal experience.
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