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  1. I put my husband into what i thought was a rehabilitation care resort in Chang Mai 7 months ago. After we arrived at resort I realized it was not a rehab facility but a care facility. I made an agreement with the owner that my husband be walked and be exercised every day. I had to go home, to the US, to work, but talking to him via skype, tried to monitor the situation. Arrived this month to bring him home and find that is weaker than when he went in -- he is so weak, I can't take him on a plane for the long journey home. I moved him to another elder care resort. So far so good. My problem is the prior facility, refuses to give me back my substantial money. Anyone have a suggestion what I should do -- short of hiring some thugs? I.e., is there legal action I can take to get my money back, with, hopefully, lawyers fees? I'd really like to sue him for breach of contract, but at this point, just want my money. Got a suggestion for an attorney?
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