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  1. 40 died starvation! He is a good soul and needs money now. Please post how to donate $ or food.
  2. Pardon has nothing to do with reoffending as the primary problem is drug addiction that has gone comletely untreated.
  3. Sad for sure. RIP. However why is this news? Its not even in Thailand with 70 million people there is going to be plenty of heart attacks of avid sports fan who would love some money to help sort out loved ones last wishes. Just saying... finally why mention a sports event? Again RIP Englishman.
  4. In defence of the "luxury condo folk" I walk by that camp and the man has obvious mental heath issues better suited for the center where he will be going, and he did make a huge mess and a strange shrine of garbage not at all like most all indigent Thai people who are just trying to survive.
  5. What did this guy accom0lish? I understand and believe what everyone is talking about, but he is not going to be asked to speak on a morning talk show, no one is going to take up and start protesting- most Thais never get any formal training, or license and acting like a spoiled kid from the West will not change a thing, especially doesn't help those of us that love living here despite the dangers of daily life. Get up brush your off your knees and move on... It happens everywhere
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