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  1. I was a volunteer at a hospice in England for 10 years .. doing about 20 hours a week .... as my proper job gave me time off most days (I worked evenings). As well as interacting with probably hundreds of terminal patients I had many conversations with nurses. But never consultants .. The policy was I was told for the Consultant to answer the patients questions truthfully .. never lie. They had no right to lie. So ... If they dont ask ... assume they dont want to know, and dont tell them. Nurses would not answer obviously. Not their job. Its probably off post .. but ... I must add being (for example) in a room with 20 or so day care terminally ill people was never all doom and gloom. There was usually so much laughter believe it or not from the patients. But they had to get from the anger and painful "why me" stage to acceptance. Difficult ! I stopped being a volunteer when I moved to working in varying parts of the UK but those 10 years taught me alot. I could write (badly) a small book. I have had a desire once or twice to descibe one of many incidents that I found inspirational re the human spirit of many I witnessed but it never goes down well. . In general people dont want to think about it. When driving patients they often opened up more to the driver than to the doctor and nurses (about the emotions and problems they were having and had). This was because there was no eye contact ... the theory was. Most of us got a HUGE challenge ahead.
  2. The clearest, most concise and most useful post ever. The penny has finally dropped re combo method with me. Many Thanks.
  3. Thanks for info. The problem is with Samsung's / Android "Chrome" default browser. Amazing really as its so widely used. Before I knew ... I once spent days trying to buy tickets for an event in Dubai. Many phone calls got me no where. Online purchase only. On the 4th phone call the girl told me .. their system wont work with Android default browser.
  4. Its argueably now more adviseable to keep a close track of bank account(s). Getting passbook updates not always convenient. For Info ... Kasikorns Cyber (online banking) site does NOT seem to like Android default browser (Chrome). I have found many sites dont work with Chrome. Including some features on my English bank site. But I still persevered struggling to get it to accept my new user name and password. After 2 hours and phone calls to Kbank I remembered. Durrrrrrrr ! tooo many beers over the years. Had to download and use a different browser. I downloaded Firefox and it works a treat. Errrrrrrr except Firefox has very annoying features. I.e Its possible to download your account history for offline use/printing. But when I try to do that .. Firefox asks for permission to access my photos and files. What the Ferk !!!!! WHY !!!!!!!! I say NO .. and the download wont occur. I got rid of Firefox before because of this VERY annoying feature. So no printout possible with my set up .. so passbook only printed record. I might have to dust off my crappy old Windows laptop to get a print out if I feel the need. The internet bank shows in lovely big bold letters in full International Transation Deposit. But IOs will know the codes in passbook very soon. So dont struggle with Kbank with Chrome ... in my experience it wont work.
  5. "My TW transfers to Kasikorn only show as 05027 (International Transaction) when they use Kasikorn as their local banking partner (as shown on the TW receipt pdf). If they use BBL then it gets coded as 07416 (Stock Trading) or more recently 07206 (Receive Other Transfer)." I have no idea but now I got all the codes meanings .. I can see ALL my internet requested transfers over the past 2 or 3 years show very clearly they from my UK bank. Well to be acurate .. thats its an international transfer ... Probably also before that but old bank books destroyed. Phew .. all good. I can stick with Kasikorn. I always send in pounds not let Lloyds do the exchange .. They always give 2 auto warnings I will lose money and create a delay. BS .. they want to make money on the exchange rate. Banks suck. It might be if sending in baht it not get TFN code ... pounds arriving down them wires to be exchanged gonna generate some different code.
  6. Wow. Ballpoint. Your a star. Many thanks I will put PDF on my phone to flash under Immigration Officers nose if needed. Im sorted .. providing rules not change again. The 4 countries citizens needing to show 65k or more income from abroad a big contrast to ALL the rest proving income that need not come anywhere near Thailand .......a HUGE difference in fact. .... never been discrimated against before
  7. That list is exactly what Ive been searching for ... for many days. Thanks for posting. My account book's list and other posted lists not include all the international codes. Gonna print this and take to immigration when renewing. Sorted .. errrrrrr I think. No idea why all the posts that you gotta move to Bangkok Bank and use TW. Spooked me. Soon immigration will be experts on bank transaction codes but nice to have it printed out. I suspect all the codes will show on internet banking which Ive just applied for today but this list good info. I wont get 12 inward monthly payments in but they have been ordered to be lenient the first year and accept fewer imports. I must print put BJs letter that says allowances be made. Previously I did 2 or 3 large transfers in a year. What a performance. 800k route as a plan B hopefully not needed after first year if it all ok.
  8. Its devisive chaos in the USA. Why cant you have sweetness and light, cohesiveness and cooperation like us Brits. Oops let me think more on that.
  9. Many years ago I opened an account with Kasikorn bank near/at the Avenue complex in Pattaya. The girl did the opening bit ... as she started a sales talk regarding me taking out accident insurance. It was cheap and she was quite charming not pushy. She was very dissapointed when I at first said no. I asked if it was compulsory to buy if opening an account and she replied yes .. but with a cheeky smile. I think I paid 5,000 baht for a years coverage .... in the end. I was just so pleased I had an account and taken another big step towards getting a "visa" extension .. I didnt care. Later I realised she had charmed a stupid old man with a pretty face and cute smile (her not me had the pretty face and cute smile) and gained some commision. It was never compulsory ... it was a little perk for her. In bars you get hit for lady drinks .... in banks sometimes its accident insurance it seems. But it was genuine insurance not coloured water . After 1 year I was not asked or reminded to renew. Health insurance obtained elsewhere.
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