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  1. Hi All, I live in Isaan, I am going to Bangkok on Monday to purchase a car cash. I have read I cannot put the car in my name with just a none o visa, and I would need a work visa, so I am going to put the car in my wife's name that's fine. I wanted to ask a few questions. As I will not be doing the transfer in Bangkok and doing the transfer here in isaan, what do I need to make sure I get from the seller in order for my wife to transfer when I get back? As far as I can read from old posts I would need them to provide the following: 1. Blue Book (check its in date and has the same code as it on the car) 2. Car Transfer Document Signed (left open for the new buyer - my wife) 3. Signed Copy of the sellers ID (In date) Optional but a good idea 4. A signed receipt confirming the sale Are those 3 things above enough for me to drive away confidently knowing my wife can then transfer to her name, she is a bit clueless to be honest and I didnt want to have any issues transferring it to her/us. Little side question, is it correct a falang needs a work visa to transfer a car? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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