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  1. i know they have told me that Thai planes take 3 to 4 times longer to fix than other airlines and cost 4 times as much due mainly to laziness and corruption British and USA , aircraft maintenance inspectors and Engineers that oversee Thai operations for international compliance and insurance as well as technical support,,,,,They are the laughing stock of the industry ,, the planes end up well maintained but they lose so much money compare to almost any other airli One mate told me they had to inspect the engine change on a Thai 747 should have taken max 24 hours and another half day for tests it was omnly a single engine but the Thai technicians took 8 days to do it because the manager in the hanger wanted it done slow someone was making tea money out of it also the union makes money out of it , they also ofyten inflated costs o the finacne dept and got kick backs ,,did not care thet foreigners could see what was happening .
  2. i like the mayors comment about the unique Walking St smell... <deleted>, Vomit , booze, Sweat. tobacco, fried food, kebabs . perfume , incense , and decaying stinking rubbish and rancid Fat ,,, maybe they should bottle it and sell it online
  3. If you need medical certs from home country and Covid medical insurance cover which is almost impossible to get ,, Flights wont be any use ,,, Thai Government needs to clarify and simplify immigration rules
  4. saw the Video on CNN where 4 white cops were beating up a black 91 year old lady on crutches ,, USa really is finished ,, no better tha Beijing thugs and their concentration camps and bullying
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