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  1. Nope, Google Pay not supported anywhere in Thailand, nor is Apple Pay. Only the Chinese versions like Alipay and a smaller presence with Samsung Pay (Thailand cards only). There are various prepaid "wallets" that can be used, QR codes and such, but I am pretty sure there is no way to use your phone to pay with an overseas credit card
  2. Ubonjoe, just to be clear, this means there is no way to complete an application for conversion to non-O for my family? Dependent's visa exemptions cannot be converted to non-O in-country? (I don't recall needing them to get them a non-O visa outside Thailand the first time we did the conversion, but it's been a few years). In this case, it would probably be pointless to do it at all, we would all need to leave the country and return, which defeats the purpose and likely means quarantines at both locations (horrible with a small child), if we can enter at all. If this is the reality, I expect we may simply depart Thailand one-way and not return.
  3. Hi Mikie, not sure if you are still checking this thread, but I have a quick follow-up question. First, I am not quite clear why a tourist visa extension stamp was required given the automatic extension until July 31. Was there any explanation of this? What was the initial expiration date stamp for the visa? (maybe they just want the extra 1900 bt) Second, I am interested in the same approach for converting to a Non-O for retirement but in my case I would be converting from a visa exemption (stamp was until 6 April). Based on your experience, it seems they may ask me to extend the visa exemption for 30 days first (extra cost of 3x1900 or 5700 bt for my family, plus additional trip to Impact area, paperwork and photos) before doing the Non-O conversion. Maybe I am missing something. Can Ubonjoe, Peter or anyone shed light on this?
  4. Actually, we asked the IO to void the previous retirement extension on last entry (it was expiring within a few days) so we entered on a 30-day exemption. I would assume I could just reapply for the retirement conversion, if the process I outlined is allowed -- not sure if anyone knows for certain how the covid extension will be treated. If it's treated the same as a normal extension of our visa exemption, logic would indicate we could go forward with a conversion to a 90-day non-O (retirement). Thanks very much for the document in your PM. It's nice to have this information in one place rather than having to repeatedly search for it, so your guideline is a great service to this forum
  5. Thanks for this, I have a follow-on question related to the two-step process from within Thailand. Any firm information (or educated guesses) if it would still be possible to do a conversion from visa exempt to a non-O for purpose of retirement? In theory, if the visa exemption has now been extended by decree until 31 July, I could do one or both of the following: a) apply for a 30 day extension, since we did not extend previously (our entry exemption stamp was Apr 6), if this is still allowed. This would extend us until 30 Aug. b) before August 15 (or July 16 if no additional extension allowed), deposit 800k thb and apply for a conversion to a non-O for purpose of retirement. This would give us another 90 days (or 75 depending on when the clock starts), for a total of 3-4 months additional time. If we have no intention to apply for a 1-year extension, I believe I could quickly round trip the 800k baht into and back out of my Thailand bank account. Otherwise, we could keep the money in Thailand just in case we need to change our plans again. Any obvious issues with this approach? (again, I know we will need to rely on educated guesses).
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