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  1. Perhaps not technically required, but be prepared for some Gestapo interrogation techniques if you don't have one. My wife was subjected to a tedious list of questions (repeated over and over) as to why no embassy letter, why didn't leave, requested proof of flights being canceled, proof of inability to leave, etc. In the end the IO relented and gave the under consideration stamp, but it definitely looked like a denial was coming prior to that point. Just be mentally prepared with answers to the inquisition you may (or may not) get, depending on the specific officer, and try to remain calm.
  2. As for the child education visa, we got one for our 4-yr old boy last month as he attends international preschool in Bangkok. The school head indicated that age could be a factor for younger than 4, but I can't confirm. I would suggest contacting more schools, especially some of the most well known (NIST, Patana, ISB) that would likely have dealt with this issue before. I have been told the visa isn't actually necessary to stay in Thailand (as Ubonjoe noted above, rules not enforced), but many international schools will require a proper visa of some kind to enroll the child --
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