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  1. This is an old thread, but just to revive it, it is silly to talk about Philippines as a country when there are huge differences depending on where you live. No different than Thailand - one person's heaven is another's hell. For example, we were in the process of relocating to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Metro Manila before getting stuck in Bangkok due to Covid. In many ways, BGC is nicer and more modern than anywhere in Thailand. We currently live in Bangkok and BGC has more green space, is more walkable and has cleaner air. many other areas of the Philippines (including most of Manila) are truly awful though, so if that is what you have seen I can understand the perspective. But before judging the Philippines (and especially Manila), spend some time in BGC. I saw a mention of Cebu as a location and that is one I would personally avoid -- for the very reason another poster said it was a good option! Specifically, it is loaded with very old white guys holding hands with teenage girls. I find this embarrassing and don't want to be put in this group (my wife is a Filipina, but not a child). Cebu is cheaper than Manila, but I personally prefer Davao by far. Nicer people, less crime, less old white guys, more relaxed but still plenty to keep you occupied. BTW, in general most things throughout thailand are superior (infrastructure, supermarkets, food, transport, etc.). However, Philippines has one HUGE advantage - the people. You can be welcomed there and make genuine friend, unlike in Thailand where you are always a foreigner and never truly belong. Bottom line, for 90% of people Thailand is still a better choice, but depending on your circumstances (and budget -- BGC is not cheap!), the Philippines can also be a viable option.
  2. Yes, my visa exempt stamp expired in April, now on amnesty, so the question is whether a 30-day extension will be allowed if I have not done one yet. I would rather not wait until the last few days to find out so that other options (such as non-O application which requires 3 weeks lead time) can be pursued as necessary. Only have few days decide if no amnesty news forthcoming. Sambotte and no doubt others in the same position. I suppose I could simply attempt the 30-day extension (not sure how early that can be done, and when the 30 days clock would start - Aug 1 or day of application?) but of course it would be preferable to know for certain since we would need extensions for the whole family
  3. Anyone know if a 30-day extension of a visa exempt entry (currently on amnesty) is/will be possible at Chaengwattana? Obviously, this would apply only to those that did not already get an extension pre-amnesty. In theory, it would seem to be possible, but in reality I would be skeptical based on difficulties reported applying for a non-O (from visa exempt) when in Thailand on amnesty I realize anyone can make a wild-assed guess about this, and no doubt will, but it would be nice to hear something a little more insightful, firsthand and current.
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