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  1. Very decent pizza in Hat Yai Wifey and I thought we'd jump on the scooter and explore the back streets and roads on the outskirts, with finding an nice little restaurant, possibly with odd fare that you don't find in the city proper. On a road leading to the new highway to Songkhla, came across a pizza place that looked ok, and although we had Thai food in mind, pizza sounded good. Well, the ambiance was nice. Air con, very high ceiling, and professionally decorated. Modern. There was an outside eating area too. Ordered the chef's special pizza (280 bht, there were other special pizzas, and a list of 250 bht pizzas too). There was a range of pasta dishes. The waitress asked what we'd like to drink (a pleasant change to be asked). I had iced doi chaang coffee....not bad, (but not as good as the doi toong I have at a friend's coffee shop in town.). The pizza came in good time, was big, and had a nice traditional thin crispy crust, hand spun/rolled. The tomato base was very nice. real basil, good umami, not sweet, not sour, just right. A decent amount of cheese, a mozzarella/cheddar mix I think as it was soft cheesy and just the right amount of stringy. Real spinach, cooked just right, some sort of fish, nicer than anchovy....I forget what else, but it wasn't overloaded nor was it a meager topping. A nice mix. and balanced. My only gripe (not really a gripe..call it a mild constructive criticism (although I didn't say anything)) was they used the local over-processed bland frank-type sausage as the "sausage". In the absence of salami, they could have used naam, or even sprinkled larb mu on it and it would have been excellent. For my taste, a bit more chillie in the sauce would have improved it. Overall, a very nice pizza, served in pleasant surroundings by efficient staff. I suppose I should tell you where it is..... I think it is Thanon Nipatsongkraw 5....the road from Siam Nakarin.....or maybe it is off that....it's the road to the floating market. The place is called Payom Pizza and is about 500 m (or more) short of the floating market, also on the left.
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