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  1. “ the stock market can remain irrational as long as you can remain solvent “ Keynes Going by past bust ups, markets rose after dumps, only to crash below their previous lows . And history always repeats. Folks think the economy will go back to normal even when this pandemic is still current. 25% or the workforce now unemployed. Billions borrowed. A few tech stocks leading the charge. Be cautious. Smart money is on the sidelines
  2. Hopefully in the upcoming elections ,he and his rogue client will be Barred for good. Crazy system where rogues who get into power don't get fired for their corrupt ways .
  3. Another incident demonstrating Trump as a clueless , senseless , weak leader. Mr Tough guy who was a draft dodger. America has crumbled from greatness.
  4. Johnson, it’s not the last century. HK is not your land. Mind your own frigging business. You have enough already on your plate!
  5. So called “ high profile” brown nose doctors and other “ highly qualified “ scum are common. They will say anything if paid. And with vested interests so keen to get the economy restarted, money will pour to these ratbags who will then repeat the scrip they are given
  6. We need a wake up call to sharpen our acumen. And it will happen. Recessions clean out the cobwebs . I believe in ScotMo and his team to deliver. Unlike where we happen to retire now , run solely for the benefit of a few. And their ridiculously high currency! Also benefiting a small minority.
  7. Nobody is worried. Except exporters and the tourism Industry. The Central Bank folks just stool pigeons for all those benefiting from the artificially high baht. Rake in billions locally and invest overseas. It’s that’s simple. When it all crashes locally, mop up. Masses don’t get it.
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