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  1. Tell a Thai this and you’ll get “ I no believe . Aussie white skin. Why she look thai”
  2. The Making of Donald Trump Book by David Cay Johnston Reveals a lot by 40 year experienced Journo who knows Trump very well and documented proof of this con artist
  3. Buts it’s a Democratic Party hoax, cried Trump, praising China at that time. Read “ The making of Trump”by Republican journalist David Cay Johnston . Facts and figures . Amazing con man. Pulled of the Presidency !
  4. Hah, signs of a desperate all brawn and no brains clown. Good on ya, Americanos. Dumb Dems or a Loser. Don’t envy you !
  5. Bolton, a die hard Republican , served under 6 Presidents, claims the country is doomed. Trump , unfit for office or the dumb Democrats. .
  6. Patience. There’s a crash due , then buy REITs and SET index. KBank and CIMB have REITs that have returned double digits last 5 years. for now, I’d be appreciating the 1% in safe ready cash . Cash will be King soon.
  7. Hi, Australia also has a Double Tax Agreement with Thailand. And I am taxed an extra 5 % in Australia which goes to the Thai Tax Office, through the Aust Tax Office. this only applies to personal income, not pensions or superannuation income or company profits/ income.
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