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  1. Tanosh, essentially the OA has been reduced to a one year or less Permission to Stay experience. I left LOS in early January and got an OA and went through the challenges of the COE, ASQ and flight timing issues. Getting the visa was not difficult(took 10 days though the mail and online application). The problems started in the COE process. Once the COE was granted getting the 72 Hour before Covid 19 RT-PCR test done was not too difficult(many options in Southern California for this and the Fit 2 Fly done before departure). As difficult and challenging the entire COE
  2. Because my COE application too longer than expected I arrived two weeks later than planned. i am essentially losing a month on permission to stay(I got 11 months stamped in). This is the new reality for those arriving on an OA Visa. Timing the dates of the insurance policy with getting the ASQ, Flight and COE in line is very difficult. Bottom most of use will lose time stamped into LOS.
  3. On this I agree with the local sentiment(never before). No vaccine is 100% and everyday some in quarantine come up positive. Quarantine free arrival will not happen(at least not this year). The safest path is to have a 7 day quarantine for arrivals who have been vaccinated. Days 1 to 5 would be observation and temperature checks. On Day 5 or 6 a Covid 19 Test. If negative then free on Day 7.
  4. I came in on a new Non Imm OA two weeks ago. I got stamped in until the last day of my health insurance policy.
  5. I grew up in the South Bay and have driven on this road(Hawthorne Blvd) many times. The road can be tricky because you can pick up speed quickly. It is on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes. This area was always out of my price league(every house is over a Mil.
  6. Doubt Quarantine can be eliminated even with vaccinated tourists. At present the approved vaccines have an efficacy of over 90 percent but the true numbers will be probably less. At least for this year I see a shorter quarantine. Currently those in Quarantine in Thailand get their first Covid 19 Test at Day 5. The results come back on day 6 and those who are negative are allowed to leave their rooms on day 7. The most realistic quarantine policy for future is 7 days with a Covid 19 test at day 5 or 6. Those who are negaitve then should be "freed".
  7. Oatmeal with fruit and croissants. Wow. I had two hard fried eggs(I mean they were almost burned) and two slices of white bread for breakfast(no butter or jam were offered). This was better than the cheese and ketchup toast I was given on Day 1. . The other option was chicken fried rice. This is what a 42,000 Baht ASQ is like. It got so bad the other day I ordered Subway Sandwich through FoodPanda. I was considering the Avani Atrium for almostt 70,000 but I had already spent that much for the one year OA Visa and Covid 19 Insurance. Really enjoy these reports on what the other ASQ's are
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