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  1. The Good: In person 90 Day Report took 5 minutes(from entering the building to stepping out). The Bad: A Copy of the Police Order Requiring Mandatory Health Insurance for those Who initially entered on an OA Visaa was posted on the side wall next to the blank forms. But only the Thai Version was posted?? TIT.
  2. Speaking strictly as a “naive” person who obtained an OA some years ago I disagree with the comments of Mr. Gallagher. Imagine you want to retire and live in LOS and you are in Los Angeles. You hear about a long term Visa that is available at the LA Thai Consulate. You meet the requirements and apply. The Visa is then granted and one can arrive and stay up to almost two years. No need to have money in a foreign bank or go the Non Imm O 90 Day and then conversion process at Immigration. It was the best option for me. Even with the mandatory Health Insurance Requirement it could still be the best option for me. I purchased and maintained Health Insurance during my entire stay in LOS. Honestly being in essence “forced” to purchase a new Health Insurance Policy that is poor value for the money is part of the new process now. Therefore, as i have heard many times in the past “when in Rome”. Different Perspective without passing judgement.
  3. Yes, needed. I am an OA guy and I have had Thai Health Insurance since the I entered LOS but my current insurance has over 1 million Baht IPD but no OPD. My current insurance company responded that I cannot add an 40,000 OPD Rider to my current policy. Never needed OPD because so far I have paid Cash or Visa for all of my Out Patient Medical and Dental needs. For my current policy I pay under 13,000 Baht annually. For a new policy which complies with the Long Stay Visa Health Insurance criteria I have been quoted annual premiumsform a range of 30,000 to over 46,000 Baht. TIT.
  4. I just checked the MFA website and no mention of Health Insurance under Non Immigrant Visa OA(Long Stay). Under Channels of Submission this somewhat confusing line: Channels to submit application Applicant may submit their application at the Royal Thai embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General in their home/residence country or at the Office of the Immigration Bureau in Thailand located onGovernment Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Tel 0-2141-9889. So I can submit my application at Immigration?
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