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  1. As Joe Biden recently said “Come On, Man”. 40% of the Covid 19 cases are in NY, NJ and CT. Those states have combined population of 30 Million. The US has a population of 330 Million. So 10% of the total population represents 40% of the infections and deaths. Presently those states are more or less locked down. But if one is in Montana or Idaho then it won’t be much of a gamble to open up. The Doomsday Gods on mass media predicated disasters in Florida and Georgia and it has not happened. At least not yet.
  2. It looks like S. Korea is following Thailand’s lead because Bar and nightclubs will be required to adopt a QR code-based system to keep track of visitors following a resurgence in coronavirus infections in Seoul's party district of Itaewon. Tracking movements of people will be the most direct way to deal with Covid 19 outbreaks in the future. it will be the fastest way to communicate with those who may have been exposed. It appears in S. Korea anyone could enter and exit bars and nightclubs and it was impossible to track everyone who had been exposed to the one person who visited five bars and clubs in one night. Dude got around? I expect when the “higher” risk places are allowed to open in June a QR Code scan or actually writing in names and phone#’s will be mandatory. So going to a movie, getting a traditional massage and getting a tattoo will probably require a QR Code Scan to enter and then exit. For better or worse it feels like 1984 in 2020.
  3. Just a little perspective on “Numbers”. China has approximately 1.3 Billion people. Total Covid 19 Infections: 83.000 and deaths: 4600(allegedly??) The State of California has 40+ Million People: Total Covid 19 Infections: 90,000 and deaths: 3700. This makes the average Chinese Traveler the safest person in the world to let in to any country?? Welcome “My Chinese Brothers”. The Welcome Mat will be spread long and deep. FYI: I am from California with an American Passport. What category will I be placed in? DO NOT LET IN??? At least I’m not from New York.
  4. Today: 1) 7/11 QR Code in and out to buy a bottle of water 2) QR Code In at the mall 3) QR code in at the restaurant inside of the mall and then QR Code out of the restaurant 4) QR Code in at the supermarket and then QR Code Out from the supermarket. 5) QR Code out of the Mall. So far no QR code to get into my apartment(at least not yet). The New Normal- QR Code or Sing in.
  5. If you drive back then I’m not sure. If you fly into CNX then you will be directed to a government employee who will be holding a large “Foreigner” sign. Then the fun begins. The obvious questions will be asked and then you might be just allowed to go home or someone(a Thai) might have to come and pick up you. This presumes you pass the health assessment? I believe the 14 day Quarantine for anyone entering Chiang Mai is still effect. Either way I would have proof of where you live.
  6. Isn’t the current theory from Medical Experts that Nasal Droplets are Covid 19 Carriers and not perspiration? Therefore, one can sweat like a “pig” and not transmit the virus but sneezing or possibly spitting out saliva could transmit the virus?
  7. Harris Fitness Center is open for weight training only. It is located on the 6th floor of the closed Lotus Hotel(kind of weird the hotel is closed but the independent gym inside of the hotel is open). The Gym has opened it’s windows to comply with the government order. Just fans and the old fashioned Swamp Coolers for “comfort”. I would not want to be there in the afternoon.
  8. Well this gives me some hope. I have a trip back home in mid October with a planned return to LOS for early November. At least for now no need to change my travel dates? Maybe I can find a Genie in a bottle and ask for three wishes: 1) World Peace 2) inner Peace 3) Either Understand Women or grant me clearance to re-enter LOS in November ?? Tough Choices.
  9. Today I went to 2 mall in CNX. Both wanted sign in and out with name and Phone# or scan the QR Code with the Line App. The App itself is rather slow. It is 3 step process: 1) Scan QR Code 2) Click confirmation line 3) Click the Green circle on Line. People were lined up to sign in or wait for the App to respond. Social Distancing????
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