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  1. " I'm now contemplating booking my return to the US. I won't be coming back. My decision will be based on Thailand's vaccination policy" I am thinking of doing the exact same thing. At this point I will probably buy a Round Trip ticket with Singapore Airlines? But who knows it could be a one way trip depending on the conditions to come back into the country. Did Quarantine once (this was enough) this year in BKK.
  2. "mixed messaging". At this point going back to Los Angeles soon just to get vaccinated sounds more and more like the sensible thing to do? First it was June? Then maybe August? What next June 2022 for healthy foreigners and of course "you must pay". It is already the middle of May and no definitive plan or timetable? With the way things work in this country I doubt any foreigner who is under 60 and without any underlying health conditions will get vaccinated until 4th Q 02021? I am under 60 and healthy. This puts in me near the bottom of the list for foreign
  3. I was skeptical about this from the start. I emailed the US Consulate in Chiang Mai and asked if they could verify if this was indeed a project by the Provincial Government? This is the reply I got: Thank you for your email. Yes, we are aware that this information has been shared on multiple facebook groups. We have been in communication with the Chiang Mai Provincial COVID Center, and I can confirm that is their email address and LINE ID. Once we can confirm more details we plan to share information with the general U.S. citizen community. Please check the COVID-19 page on our w
  4. This is the confusing part: is it covidcentercm or vaccinecm? Are both programs run out of the Provincial office?
  5. At this point somewhat hesitant to send my passport information to a "hotmail.com" email address?
  6. "1. No...it is not impossible. If the US can ship rations to 2 seperare war zones complete with gum and 4 cigarettes then they have the logistical capability. And now with a surplus of vaccines that some idiots are choosing not to take... the supply is there." Thailand is currently not a War Zone. The issue not the supply of vaccines. 2. Repatriation flights are pegged at present commercial costs. 4400 was special.... not a flight to a commercial airport and not on a commercial carrier. NEO(Non Combatant Emergency Evacuation Operations) i
  7. "Logistically very feasible. How many expats from the US do you think there are in Thailand? No need to enter very far onto the grounds. Set up a big tent outside of the buildings. Safer for unvaccinated people to not congregate inside of buildings anyway. Appointment system? Are you kidding? This is so easy to do. Easy to automate confirmation emails. Military medics can be brought in to administer vaccines if needed, but local nurses could also be hired." 1) The exact number is unknown. Could be at least 25,000? 2) US Embassies, in order to enter, have probably the
  8. Logistically not feasible. What would an embassy do? Set up a mass vaccination site on embassy grounds? Not likely. Security to enter any US Embassy(especially now) is cumbersome. Also, the embassy would then have o set up a process to register, verify and book time slots for the vaccination. Could the embassy hire local medical staff to vaccinate only it's citizens? It could turn into a diplomatic nightmare. If it got really bad in any country the only real assistance the embassy would provide is emergency evacuation(anyone remember those flights from Japan to Travis Air Force Base in
  9. If one leave quarantine in Singapore there are consequences. A British National who left his hotel room during quarantine and walked up to another room to see his wife was sentenced to two weeks in jail and $750 fine. What are the consequences for quarantine rule breakers in LOS?
  10. I have worked and lived in the Middle East and now I live in LOS. I have learned the mission of any US or other nations embassy is to promote the it's political and economic interests to the host nation. Assisting it's own citizens is a very low priority. I think expecting the US Embassy to provide vaccines to it's citizens is unrealistic. Why should they? I and any other American currently in LOS can go back to the US and get vaccinated. Currently I am waiting to see when or if I can get vaccinated in LOS. If it looks my turn will be in 2022 then I am booking my flight wit
  11. I spent 42,000. The room looked nice(large tv, bathtub and shower etc). But the food was the deal breaker. First and last time I ever had bread with ketchup and cheese for breakfast. The Fried Eggs looked, smelled and unfortunately tasted like it was bought at the wet market a day ago. Also, as a treat once in a while I got a box of juice( the kind you can buy at Tops for 32 baht for a pack of 6). I got food poisoning from bad fish on day 7. From that point on I ordered from Grab and FoodPanda. I spent over $150 on food. The hotel could care less when I called to complain.. I am than
  12. sqwakvfr


    Thank you Flare for the confirmation.
  13. sqwakvfr


    “One establishment and you conclude it is all plus other major categories?” I asked for confirmation. I seek out confirmation from someone who is more informed and wiser. Maxx is just one example of a fitness establishment that is communicating to all concerned that they are closed until further notice due to a directive issued by the Provincial Government. I did not see the need to post more evidence to ask for confirmation. At this time I have been unable to find the specific provincial directive concerning Gyms and other establishments translated into English. Th
  14. sqwakvfr


    Maxx posted that the above notice today? So no I did not “make it up”.
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