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  1. I just withdrew 10,000 Baht and it converted to $330 USD. The Baht is getting stronger each day. It looks the USD will hit close to 30 Baht and even the Euro trending down to 35 to the Baht.
  2. 1) Got a FedEx envelope from TX to CM and it took 4 days 2) Sent a small envelope through Thai Post to Los Angeles from CM and it took 8 days. I paid 130 Baht and was able to track it on the Thai Post website. The name of the person who signed for the envelope was noted on the tracking page.
  3. Ahh, I saw a parade at 1230 at Tapae Gate. The marching band looked like it was from a high school? Also, there was a large water cannon machine spraying everyone the area. The Air Quality was definitely better today than yesterday.
  4. Took a lot of flights on the A380 with Emirates and it was great. I just crossed the Pacific on an A350-900ULR and it was fantastic. For Airbus the A380 might go down in history as a blunder but the A350-900ULR will and has revolutionized long haul aviation. Looking for my next trip across the Pacific on the A350-900ULR.
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