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  1. It's extremely selfish and naive of that English bloke to try to limit the girl's income from other customers. That will definitely pee her off. He will come a cropper very soon.
  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish. It seems unlikely that the murder he was convicted of was the only one he was responsible for. With good connections and billions of baht garnered from a life of crime he was able to fix things, so he never had to spend a day in jail and has been able to found an enduring political dynasty. He is symptomatic of all that is wrong with Thai society. Let's hope they are getting a nice big fire ready for him down below.
  3. Funny that there's still been no official clarification of why Big Oud's predecessor was summarily dismissed from the police force after such a high flying career and being a protege of DPM Prawit. I wonder if Big Oud is at risk of a similar fall from grace. He should tread carefully and be sure that he doesn't arrest any lady boys with high level connections.
  4. Someone should find out where this old dirtbag lives and glue some 25 satang coins to the pavement and film him trying to pick them up.
  5. If you are married to a Thai and have been working legally for three years with a salary of 40,000 plus, you are entitled to apply for citizenship. It had better be a company with a real business as there will be some scrutiny.
  6. I am not sure of the advantages of s limited partnership. It seems only used by old fashioned Chinese shophouse businesses these days. The limited partnership has to file audited accounts, just the same as a limited company. What is quite different is an unlimited partnership but the advantages of those were eliminated by the Revenue Dept. I was the impression that the effective share split in a partnership was determined by the number of partners, I.e. 2 partners 50:50, 3 partners 33.333, 5 partners 25% each but perhaps that only applies to unlimited partnerships. In the latter case, if one of the partners dies, the partnership has to be dissolved.
  7. My recollection is that the VAT registration certificate was one of documents required for application for a WP. Normally a company only needs to register for VAT, turnover is B180,000 a month or more but to get a WP it needs to register and complete monthly VAT returns anyway.
  8. If you are in the SS scheme, you are entitled to healthcare at a private hospital that is part of the SS scheme, not a government hospital. When you join and each subsequent year, the SS will send you a paper membership card to a hospital near you. You are allowed to transfer to another hospital, if you don’t like it. The staff may may be better at a private hospital but the list of things they will treat and drugs they can provide is not the same. E.g. A few years ago government hospitals were approved to give retroviral drugs to HIV sufferers but the SS was not. That caused many HIV patients to quit their jobs to get out from SS and into the govt scheme. Ridiculous but that is one of the problems of running three very different public health schemes side by side: government, SS and Civil Service. The civil servants design the policies but don’t care about the people who have to use them because they have their own scheme with far more benefits than the other two which sucks but that’s Thailand.
  9. Clever girl to up the ante to 2,000 baht so she can make a profit out of the old git when the plods catch up with him. Serves him right.
  10. In another report when Premchai was asked for comment by s reporter in leaving the court armed with a walking stick, he said, “My leg hurts.” I assume that was play acting to lend credibility to all his no shows due to “bad health” which was not bad enough to prevent him from poaching wild animals in a national park. Of course he will never spend a day in jail but at least he is getting a bit of a run around, allegedly due to having some enemies in the current regime.
  11. You can work in any company that meets the requirements to get you a WP. It doesn’t matter if the shareholders include your wife, yourself or Tom and Auntie Sally. Four Thai employees are needed, although you might be given special permission to have less for the first year, if the company writes a letter explaining why it wants that, depending on the office you apply at. Since you are American, you can own up to 100% of your own treaty company, if you are willing to go through some additional hoops to set it up. Or you can own 49% of a non-treaty company. For the non-treaty company 1 million in capital is needed if you are married to a Thai to get a WP. The treaty company needs more I think at least 2 million. You also need to be registered for VAT to get a WP. The Labour Ministry has nothing to do with closing companies. If you closed your company there for 120 baht, it must be still registered and clocking up massive fines for failing to file accounts. You have to go to the DBD at the Commerce Ministry and, as in most countries, it is a fairly complex process like the accountant told you. It involves placing ads in newspapers to inform potential creditors that the company has applied to deregister to allow them to come and claim their debts back beforehand.
  12. Swiss1960 has the right answer. I was in your situation when I first got PR. My landlord didn’t want to put me in a blue book and only did so when I asked him to terminate my lease early so I could find somewhere else to live where I could comply with the law. It took him months to do it and then he refused to even give me a copy. I had to get one of those certified copies from the district office every few months. I forget how long they are valid for - three months I think. But anyway it was accepted everywhere, including for getting a white residence book when the blue one filled up. Problem solved.
  13. Almost certainly someone was reviewing the footage of the cashiers later.
  14. They will have their work cut out looking for a farang that meets the description of elderly male, bald, obese, shabbily dressed. 555
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