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  1. They also got an infusion of cash from the CP Group which bought 15% of the company in a private placement to raise funds for the vaccine production. Actually the Chinese government didn't adopt Sinovac for its own roll out initially. They went with Sinopharm instead. There was a nasty business of Sinovac being caught bribing the regulator for approval of another drug which may have put them off. Naturally a small issue of bribery was a mere bagatelle for the CP Group and a Thai government that boasts a convicted heroin smuggler in its cabinet.
  2. Obviously neither the "independent" report from China nor the Thai public health officials touting it have any credibility whatsoever. After looking at the Chinese report the WHO said the evidence that Sinovac was safe for over 60s was not compelling but, of course, the Thai officials slyly omitted this important consideration when they announced that the WHO had finally approved Sinovac for use in its COVAX programme (which Thailand declined to join). It has been a fairly safe bet from the outset that an inexperienced producer like Siam Biosciences producing under the direction
  3. I wonder how many will register for the 16 million doses supposed to be delivered to Thailand in June and July for the over 60s and 7 high risk conditions. A few days ago only 1.3 million had registered on Mor Prom. It will be embarassing, if they have a shortfall in demand after refusing to vaccinate foreigners at the same time. I have heard a number of Thais say they don't want the vaccines as they don't trust them or their government.
  4. 555. You can see the way it will go. 3,000 for the vaccine shots plus another 10,000 for unnecessary tests, doctors and nursing fees, monitoring for side effects etc.
  5. The explanation from the government is pure double talk. As usual this government is only interested in form over substance. Announce to everyone that treatment will be free to achieve great PR. Then step aside and allow price gougers to charge whatever they want, justified by the small print.
  6. Only free if your loved ones don't bother to collect your corpse which they won't release unless they pay.
  7. No way of knowing what's swirling around in Burma but the pandemic situation there must be dire with many hospitals and labs closed. But it's almost a stone cold racing certainty that it is in Burma that illegal border crossers who continue to bribe corrupt immigration officials and will bring the Indian variant with them. It is useless having the profile of an authoritarian regime led by a military strongman who cites national security as a justification for many things while presiding over a system that is so corrupt that it cannot even secure its own borders in a pa
  8. He said they would be deported in accordance with the law, but added that because of the coronavirus outbreak they would be held in detention for 14 days before being handed to immigration authorities. Send them back to the generals next door for torture and execution just like the Uighurs sent back to China. That's the way boys!
  9. Nobody expects any help from the British embassy any more. Even if you are murdered, they will only pitch in to help an officially endorsed frame up of scapgoats. But have they even bothered to vaccinate embassy staff?
  10. The US embassy has vaccinated its own staff, including locals, and families with Pfizer. Other US citizens have to look after themselves. A friend is in the silver tube right now on the way to get himself Pfizered in California. He had the airmiles and is happy to get out of Thailand for a few weeks.
  11. Prof Dr Yong Poovorawan, a senior virologist at Chulalongkorn University, explained that people who get the first AstraZeneca jab had a 98.3% immunity against COVID-19, compared to 99.4% in people who had received the second Sinovac jab and 92.4% in people who had been infected with COVID-19. No evidence cited for these findings. Dr Yong seems to have already sold his soul to the devil and is not a reliable source for anything.
  12. I didn't need to type anything in Thai in the Mor Prom app. I just typed in my ID number and my name came up in English, which seems to be the case for everyone, and it told me I was eligible for a vaccine in June and invited me to make an appointment at the I normally go to which I did. Obviously they have no means of registering foreigners who are not registered with them, i.e. in district offices. However, that is not true of migrant workers who have pink ID cards, since they are registered in the district offices system. They could be registered immediately. Their knowledge
  13. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/vietnamese-woman-becomes-first-to-die-in-vietnam-after-receiving-astrazenecas-vaccine-shot RIP to Astra Zeneca's first victim in Vietnam.
  14. I find it interesting that NNT felt the need to correct the English of the quotes from AZ country president James Teague in the press release. If you look at the original you can see some differences. Even after corrections it remains rather poorly drafted. You would think that a country president would take greater care over such an important announcement. Let's hope that greater care has been taken in checking the accuracy of the statements therein. James Teague seems to have a low profile on Google. Wonder if he really exists.
  15. Kanitta Saejang, 30, went to Taiwan but with a name like Saejang she is Thai Chinese, so more like returning to the homeland. Of course she would feel comfortable surrounded by Chinese culture. Not exactly a great example of a Thai moving to a completely alien environment like the US or UK where they might be targeted by neo-nazi thugs.
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