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  1. They have been required to take ID or passport numbers for some time but I am not sure if they need a photocopy or verification, or just rely on self-disclosure.
  2. You'd have thought they could radio their colleagues to set up road blocks on surrounding roads and maybe follow with a helicopter, if one is available in working order.
  3. I don't know what the policeman was aiming from - car window, back of pick-up, back of motor cycle - but I would say that the police should not take a shot from a moving vehicle at another moving vehicle at all unless they have a clear shot and shooting the suspect's vehicle is truly justified, e.g. the suspect is known to be armed and dangerous. It turns out that this boy was killed for just a few bottles of moonshine hooch. Anyway I think we can be pretty sure the policeman is lying. All Thai police, except some specialised firearms units, are very poor shots with their handguns. They get little or no training which is impractical anyway, since there is no standard issue firearms and cops buy and carry whatever gun they fancy. They have to buy their own ammo for practice in Thailand which is expensive and practice with low power practice ammo to save money, which means they are unprepared for the recoil of full power ammo carried on duty. A rear tyre of a moving vehicle from another moving vehicle in the dark is too hard a target for such poor shooters to even consider. Although he may not have been aiming specifically at the rear windscreen or the occupants, we can be pretty sure he would have been aiming at the mass of the truck or its cab which gave him the best chance of stopping it, rather than shooting at the road under it.
  4. No. They will learn to manipulate people’s thinking better using social media along the lines of Cambridge Analytica. That’s the way things are going globally. If they shut down the net, they just turn everyone against them instantly.
  5. The Chinese seem to be ignoring the insult to their ruling party and jumping on the bandwagon by complaining about Thanathorn’s selfies with Joshua Wong. I find it quite confusing as J Wong doesn’t seem to fit the leftist/communist description very well. He is fighting against the imposition of the Chinese communist one party system on Hong Kong. Therefore it should logically follow that he is an anti-communist right winger worthy of Apirat’s support in his fight against communist ideology. Posing for selfies with Thailand’s second generation billionaire political leader seems consistent with the right wing label. Just like the first generation billionaire leader, currently on a prolonged global tour, the new one is a dyed in the wool capitalist out for further self enrichment, even though he disguises it better than his predecessor.
  6. Go the whole hog on legalising marijuana and become a tropical Amsterdam. Young backpackers and old hippy baby boomer retirees would flock to the Kingdom like there was no tomorrow. The only complaints would come from the cops who would lose a source of income from shaking down foreign backpackers caught smoking a joint.
  7. The government did intervene some years ago during the Thaksin era by starting to plan a competing airport on Samui. However, palms were crossed and a sweet deal compromise was worked out. Bangkok Airways agreed to one flight a day by Thai Airways and the government shelved its plan to build another airport.
  8. I remember going to a policy presentation in English by the lady tourism minister who was appointed just after the coup. She seemed a well meaning but clueless person who had been chairman of Toyota Thailand but only because her family was lucky enough to be Toyota's local nominees. She was making a big pitch that her ministry was going to pitch foreign 50-60 year olds for activity holidays, like biking, in secondary provinces like Prae, her idea being that 50-60 year olds had money to spend and that secondary provinces had many overlooked attractions. Some of the hoteliers in the room got up and respectfully told her that the hotels and infrastructure in the secondary provinces were totally lacking to welcome these well heeled older foreign tourists. One of the problems is that people with no knowledge or experience sit down to indulge in policy making in Thailand and come out with ideas that seem good to people with no experience or knowledge. Consequently the policies never work.
  9. When I first came about the same time Thailand was frequently commended for having the most free press in Asia after the Philippines, although Thai broadcasting media were all controlled by the government. Now look what has happened to freedom of expression in both countries. It is a tragedy.
  10. I am not an IT expert and I wonder, if those log files show anything of interest to the police, if someone browses in a coffee using a VPN installed in his phone or notebook/tablet. Does the log file simply show that he connected with the VPN or does it show more detail of what sites he visited and anything he posted there?
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