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  1. But will the tourists want to come to an unvaccinated country?
  2. A friend who is the same age as Prayuth got the Astra Zeneca in the UK and had very nasty side effects for two hours after he got home - fever, nausea and terrible shakes. One can but hope!
  3. Don’t forget that the owners of 7/11 were strongly rumored to be supplying refreshments to the redshirt supporters of the Yingluck government. They play both ends against the middle.
  4. It is interesting that Prayut has been saved the effort of ejecting Education Minister Nathapol Thepsuwan from the cabinet, as demanded by a clique of PPRP MPs close to party leader Gen Prawit. Nathapol defied a party directive to stop his wife, Taya, from running for governor as an independent against PPRP’s candidate, the previous police chief. Taya is a former Democrat deputy governor, while PPRP’s candidate has zero experience of BMA administration. Thus PPR worthies are scared that Taya might win or split their vote and allow an opposition candidate to win. Unfortunately for them, though
  5. Very good questions. It does seem inconsistent that those who incited the insurrection should go to jail, while those who actually acted on the incitement and insurrected are not even charged. The mechanism was to dissolve the constitution, propagate a new temporary one and amnesty themselves all of which received royal assent the following day and thus became law. You could argue that it would have been more equitable to include a blanket provision to amnesty everyone who facilitated the coup makers’ glorious ascent to power as well but that is not how things work. They will acqui
  6. Rather than hogging the first decent non-Chinese or Russian vaccines off the plane, the government's ministers should wait until the very last Thai citizens have been vaccinated to show responsibility like a ship's captain seeing his passengers are safe instead of jumping in the first life boat and scarpering.
  7. Anutin has not explained why the criticism of the government's vaccine policies by the opposition delayed the arrival of Astra Zeneca's vaccine. Did he tell AZ to delay shipment until he was sure he could handle the criticism. Surely it's the opposition's job to criticise the government and he would be doing exactly the same, if he were in the opposition.
  8. That's a weak excuse by Prayut because he doesn't want the Sinovac vaccine injected into him and nor would I. The Sinovac was not trialed in over 59s but none of the trial data has been published anyway and what was unofficially released by Brazil suggests that it is barely effective. Yet Thailand is willing to approve it on this basis and will use it on front line health workers, which is the exact group that Brazil found not to work properly in. What a disgrace. The Astra Zeneca was not trialed on over 65s. So Prayut's reason for refusing the Sinovac applies equally to the As
  9. It’s an interesting point. You could say the same of the army’s refusal to concede power after the 1988 election. They held on to absolute power for another 24 years but it came at a price of closing colleges and universities for 3 years and filling up the prisons. I guess it will be harder this time as people have had a taste of semi-freedom for 8 years and voted for more. In Thailand approval ratings of the military backed government must be below 50% but not as low as 20%. However, as memories of Thaksin and Yingluck fade and new voters come of age the cohort of anti-Shinawatra
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