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  1. Where are they going to do the trials? Thailand had no local transmissions for a month.
  2. Historically the military has been in favour of the sex trade. It is a male chauvinist institution after all and not really puritanical. It was the military dictators who had the idea to promote the sex trade to European tourists after the American military left. After the 2006 coup the social purification campaign under Thaksin which placed restrictions on Bangkok go-go bars came to an end immediately. Prayuth initially had an idiotic lady tourism minister (a silver spoon job from the Thai-Chinese family that collects rent from Toyota for being its local partner) who tried to cause problems for the Pattaya sex trade. In the end she had to be got rid of. Prayuth may enjoy playing lip service to family values and up market tourists to replace the sex trade but at the end of the day the vested interests will win the day. At any rate, what has happened without any planning from the government is that super low end Chinese and Indian tourism started to eclipse the sex tourists which makes Thailand an even less attractive destination for the super rich.
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