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  1. I would rather go with owning 80% and my wife owning 20%. As it seems fair as everyone is getting out what they put in. However, I was wondering about the money that I am using to buy the condo, as it is money that I have earned from living in Thailand. It was my understanding that the money has to come from a foreign bank account and I can't use the money I have earned. Is this still the case? The amount of foreign owners is less than 49%.
  2. Hi, I am planning to buy a 1 bedroom condo. I am currently working and have saved up ~80% of the money, and my wife will put the other ~20%. The 80% is coming from the money I have earned while living in Thailand. I have a work permit and an extension of my visa based on Marriage. I am just wondering can I own any of the condo, or will it be all in my wife's name. My wife is ok with me owning 80% and her owning 20% if that is possible. We don't have any children. Many thanks for any advice on this
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