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  1. Hi Guy's I am in the midst of trying to return to Thailand to see my family, its been way to long now. I am having issues in gathering the correct information from the embassy in London. For those in the know can you please assist on the below ( Sorry if this has been discussed numerous times, really would appreciate any info ). I have asked the embassy via their home page on the below but have had zero response, can somebody advise? * I am married to a Thai and we have 2 children, what documents do I need to provide to apply for my return and where do I send them? * My Non O visa expired in July and as I was out of the country I could not extend it, can I apply for a new non O in the UK, has anyone succeeded in this? * Information on repatriation flight options, I am looking to return in late November or early December. * List of quarantine hotels. * Insurance providers. Can somebody please help??? Cheers Ace
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