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  1. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/notarial-and-documentary-services-guide-for-thailand#transferring-your-thai-visa-for-replacement-passports
  2. yes but the app will be no good to do 2 things for some of us, who's wife does the tm30
  3. the MP's want 2 votes each, the referendum vote and another vote in the commons. it sound like you didn't get the result you wanted so now you want a 2nd bite
  4. the problem with a 'do both app' for some expats/tourists it that the 90 day needs to be done by the visitor, and the tm30 by someone else ie the wife.
  5. the rules says he does need a tm30, but in practice if no contact needs to be made with local immigration during his stay, then no need to do the tm30. so to say no tm30 without explaining is misleading, other people get their information from threads , not only the op.
  6. get it changed, its fairly cheap
  7. the first one was clear, ( there was no mention of a deal) its the good old MP's that want a different result, any new referendum should be take the deal or no deal, no mention of remain
  8. how can there be another referendum, they ( the glorious MP's) haven't sorted or respected the result of the first after 3 years.
  9. if you are in Mukdahan then my advice would be to get a multi entry non immigrant o visa, overnight stay in Savannakhet required for being married to a Thai national, no financials required, then during any of the 90 day entries that that visa gives extend for one year being married to a Thai national.
  10. what the hell is a double majority, does that mean what i think it means, ie stack the odd of getting the result you want
  11. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/877840-biggest-aftermarket-car-parts-in-bangkok/ google here - https://bit.ly/2VtG3UK google images here - https://bit.ly/33mN3pc thats where i would head if i was looking
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