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  1. i read the op, and nowhere does it mention either of the 2 points you have posted. but it does say '' Eviction hearings will not be heard in courts until the end of August and no-one will be evicted''
  2. that a bit of a wild guess, op could your wife not collect on the day you have to be somewhere else, reports on here of wife collecting
  3. what about the tenants that are just taking the p**s, just playing the virus card
  4. no amnesty for yearly extensions, when does you present extension expire
  5. contained it very well, so lets open the borders and let thousands of possible covid- 19 carriers in edit - same applies to Thailand
  6. you need to do the extension as normal on or before the 26th June, so you need to think about doing it soon
  7. has the actual visa that you obtained in another country expired or the 90 day permission to stay stamp you got on arrival in Thailand, what date does your permission to stay expire
  8. does this help 3. When pensions were first introduced in 1925, they were only payable in Great Britain. Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Subsequently, a provision was included in the Contributory Pension Act 1929 enabling pensions to be paid in His Majesty’s dominions (broadly the countries which now form the Commonwealth). When the rate of pension was increased in 1946, the increase was not paid to pensioners abroad. The reasons for this decision appear to have been related mainly to the then forthcoming new scheme of National Insurance. It was considered that the substantial increase in pension, from 10 to 26 shillings, was a first instalment of the new scheme and that pensioners abroad had made only a small contribution to their pensions and could not reasonably expect a share in the new scheme taken from here a pdf, no page to view just a download - https://bit.ly/36LNI6i which is taken from here- https://www.parliament.uk/commons-library
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