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  1. report lost, apply for a new one, you have the best part of 2.5 months, when it arrives, get a letter from the embassy regarding the new passport, and then get last permission to stay transferred at local immigration office. good luck, don't bother with UK embassy they are useless, unless you need an emergency travel doc.
  2. the story goes on and on, all that money around 10 million, at the tax payers expense to keep a police guard which ended in Oct 2015, why doesn't he just slip out the back.
  3. travel down to ban laem/ kamrieng ( cambodia) and cross there 120km 2hrs by road - https://www.google.com/maps/dir/13.1006255,102.4525503/Cambodia-Thai+Border,+5,+Krong+Poi+Pet,+Cambodia/@13.0648181,101.9687953,66319a,35y,35.08h,40.39t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x311b1695749fe68f:0x57865793ab5ff9c7!2m2!1d102.5502384!2d13.6612239
  4. my wife just told me she saw one of the new 20 odd seat minibuses in ban chang yesterday around 11 am ish, it was showing pattaya to ban laem on the bus. yes sorry 30 usd a thread that be helpful here -
  5. you can apply for a 30 day extension it will be refused but they will give you 7 days to leave the country, 1,900 baht. you can only do 2 land border visa exempt entries per calendar year.
  6. Cambodian visa is 35usd, but converts to about 1,500 baht at their exchange rate, you could insist that you pay the 35 usd, but you will be messed around, then another couple of hundred baht for the not staying overnight charge, so i would think the 2,000 baht would just be for the vehicle.
  7. on line reporting is between 7 and 15 days before, no after
  8. the 2 crossing pong nam ron and ban laem near to chanthaburi do not take e-visas, mini buses run from chanthaburi to pong nam ron, for the Thai's using the casinos, i dont think you will get one from Rayong to the border.
  9. i have one easy pass and move from one vehicle to another as needed, so i just lay the easy pass on the dash correct side out, works a treat
  10. it gives you both, payments withe ni contributions you have, and what would be if you get more years, 30 years should give you a 30/35 pension excluding any contracted out years adjustment.
  11. you seem disillusioned with the UK, maybe due the changes brought about by being in a federation of Europe, full of people with differing view, beliefs, habits, way of life, weights and measures, and manners to us and ours
  12. they were voted in as conservatives, so they should have a by election. the same for the labour defectors
  13. but its our country and i assume our crotch we are shooting, The EU has had its day all empires come to an end. its that time all non Brits can have an opinion but it doesn't count. I don't poke my nose in to the comedy show going on in the USA
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