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  1. yes and yes ( in Thai ) weber tile adhesive - Google Search
  2. thin bed tile adhesive, weber is one of the better brands, you may have to scrap a few mm off the adhesive/sand and cement 'bed'
  3. thank you for the thread, a lovely house in a lovely part of the UK, good luck
  4. we use a few different makes,( don't ask) we have 2 x autobot bought as a pair for around 5,000 ish baht work really well, the wife puts a fresh disposable cloth underneath using the location tabs, blocks the doorways and sets it off while we sleep, work really well, lasts about 2 hours, it bumps against the wall and then changes direction, but has no set pattern, either circles, straight line or curved lines, seems to get everywhere, i raised up the sofa on some pieces of rubber cut to fit the legs, so now the robot does under the sofa, it goes under the dining tables and negotiates
  5. have to apply through the Thai embassy London -Visa - Royal Thai Embassy, London
  6. on a tourist visa she would have had to do 2 extensions to go beyond 1 april, ie. 1st March and another 1st April
  7. I find it strange they kept an original marriage cert, they will file that away never to be soon, along with all the thousands of copies of everything they get every week
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