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  1. and whats that to do with the topic, diesel cars not wanted dead as a dodo, evolve or die.
  2. what about the 400,000 for the other 6 months, your way you would have to have 400,000 each and another 400,00 that moves , extensions would have to be 6 months apart , and also makeing sure the passport does not run out, which would give you a shorter one year extension, would take some planning.
  3. i tried the app and couldn't get on with it, exp to fill in a tax return, i will try again this year
  4. all that for a yellow book which is hardly ever needed and does not contain a thrilling story anyway
  5. just a reminder that class 2 NI contributions will be abolished this April, the government have been postponing it for a few years, but i have seen nothing about postponing it this year
  6. gov. gateway now sends a pin number to your phone when logging in, i can get to the log in page without a VPN
  7. maybe no one wanting diesel cars in Europe is the reason, and very little if anything to do with Brexit did brexit also effect these figures, In 2008, the Swindon site produced 230,423 cars. By 2016 annual unit production was down to 134,146 units
  8. its ok to have an opinion, but your point no 1, to quote things that are unknown as a fact, is stretching the opinion a bit too far. forget all the may be's and stick to the facts, the majority of people that voted in the referendum voted to leave, not leave but only with a good deal, not lets have another vote 2 years down the line, not lets cave in to the remoaners who will not accept that they lost, Cameron is to blame he brought the referendum to the people and then bu**ered off when he lost, he should have had a plan in place for a leave vote.
  9. what is the point of extending if as the EU have repeatedly said they will not renegotiate the agreed deal
  10. i had a flash as i walked down the stairs one morning like the sun reflecting off a car mirror, i also had some floaters, i was checked at Bangkok hospital rayong, all ok they said come back in week, no more flashes only the first one, no more floaters, only the original increase, so life as normal, before the week was up i completely lost the sight in that eye, back to bangkok rayong, yes a detached retina, they wanted to do the op at bangkok hospital pattaya about 4 days later, as they had the equipment required. i was advised by my son to see a doctor ( a work colleague of a friend) at rama hospital in Bangkok, she was working that afternoon and was going to wait for me to be driven to Bangkok, yes she confirmed the retina detachment and did the op at the EENT bangkok hospital the following day, i can not recommend her highly enough https://www.bumrungrad.com/doctors/Somsiri-Sukavatcharin EENT Bangkok hospital was half the price of bangkok rayong and all were excellent, staff, room ,food my advice would be to completely rest for a few days laying down on your back, to not strain the eye or retina, ( i wish i had done) good luck i hope all is ok edit dr somsiri has clinics on the weekend at EENT hospital, she is at other bangkok hospitals through the week, - https://eent.co.th/
  11. dont know it was just there, and due to grandfather rights being in the limelite, with the changes, i assumed it was current
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