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  1. roojai are only the broker, you will be insured with one of the Thai companies, roojai insured me with the same insurance company as another broker, but at about 2/3,000 baht cheaper than the other brokers renewal price.
  2. on a winner there with those prices, Important Exclusions: This insurance does not cover - Treatment which is not considered a modern medicine, including alternative medicine. - Medicine Treatment or investigation not related to medical expenses from Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.
  3. i think you are mixing up state and private pensions, state pension is set by the government and rises at a small rate every year, just enough to still keep pensions low enough to be the worse in Europe. they will never get up to a liveable rate. private pensions were dependant on investments government employee pensions are again at a set rate and are not effected by investments
  4. The majority of hotels are on the busier west side of the island ie white sands beach and lonely beach etc, the other side is more remote, you can not drive all around the island, the roads are very hilly, and narrow as you drive south along the west side, but it should be ok now as its going to be really quiet, myself and the wife are thinking of going for a few days around the same time as you, I have been looking for a good deal
  5. I suggest you do some research there is a marriage single entry non immigrant visa, 90 day entry, or a multi entry marriage non immigrant visa which gives a 90 day entry on each entry into Thailand, both normally applied for outside of Thailand then there is a one year extension of stay which requires a non immigrant visa to apply
  6. why would you want to go out for a week knowing its expensive and difficult to re-enter Thailand, some normal flights can be booked but the Thai embassy in your country would have to issue a COE,
  7. single entry will be dated until the end of your extension, get nearer the time that you will need it
  8. I think this is a lot of wishful thinking and guess work, at a breakfast buffet, the Thai decision makers change their minds 10 times, before choosing Chinese food as it will please China.
  9. i don't think retirement extension holders on the list of people allowed to return to Thailand, to enable a coe ( certificate of entry) from the London Thai embassy
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