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  1. I am not sure what you mean by a "real degree at a Russell Group University". The expansion of the UK university system to give an opportunity to middle and working class kids to progress to higher education is one of the jewels in UK education. Add on probably Harold Wilson's most significantly legacy, namely that of the Open University and you have a pretty good system, faults and all. Back in the 1960s, any kid failing their 11+ was odds on done for. Now, a Comprehensive School student stands a chance of taking a degree. Yes, we know the faults, but the opportunity is there. And those who have benefited from a good education might do better showing a little more modesty at times.
  2. Apart from the pipe-smoking friend I knew who died from cancer of the jaw.
  3. There are no complaints that Corbyn or the Momentum Organisation which supports him are themselves denying the Holocaust. The complaints are that Corbyn et al have been found either supporting or dragging their heels re Corbyn supporters who have been found openly expressing anti-Semitic comments inside the Labour Party and that has included HD. Corbyn supporters on this forum like to take pains that they they oppose Zionism as opposed to being anti-Semitic, but the trouble is that they too try to kick into the long grass all anti-Semitic incidents inside the Labour Party... which has come from those who don't take enough care or actually don't care there is a difference or are actually right-wingers coming along for the ride. For them its all the same thing. So is there a connection with Corbyn's prior support for terrorist organisations some of whom have taken on board old neo-Nazi propaganda for their own use? Of course. What will happen now? Corbyn will continue to attempt to bury the issue under platitudes and limited disciplinary actions (as he has done so far) under anti-Tory campaigning. Maybe he will succeed, but for the moment the Labour MPs split has brought the issue more out into the open. Their complaint was that Corbyn had shown no intention in practice to want to clean out the stables. PS. Watch out for those who rather than discussing the issues raised by the split, reserve all their venom for those MPs and demand that they resign etc. They are part of the problem both inside the Labour Party and support outside for the ugliness. And one of the old Hard Left tactics under pressure is to just blank out problems and wait them out. Denial is the way to go.
  4. Huh? At end of primary school years, all children in the public education system took an examination referred to as the 11+. The results of that test determined whether an individual was admitted to either a Grammar School or Secondary Modern School. With educational reform in the second half of the 1960s/early 1970s the 11+ was abolished and the binary divide mostly (though not completely) abolished in favour of Comprehensive Schools. Pockets of selection still survive in the UK. All this is separate from the Public School (ie private) education system. If someone tells you they went to a Comprehensive school it usually means they are of a younger generation than those of us who attended either Grammar or Secondary Modern schools.
  5. I and others have read interminable back and forth from some Brexiteers and some Remainers that the other side represent some elitist plot. For the Brexiteers the elites are part of a Euro Conspiracy Theory. On the Remainer side it has come from the guys who want us to line up behind the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn against the evil Tories. Not buying either storyline.
  6. I'm a sensitive type of guy. As for portrayals, both sides playing that populist game.
  7. Yellow Jackets unholy mix of extreme right and extreme left populism.
  8. Too much chips on shoulders on display around here against private education. No monopoly on educational background on the Brexiteer side. You might as well beat up the anti-Brexit side with that stick.
  9. Try not to confuse the difference between "better' and "better-off". And while you are thinking about that, consider all the Labour voting parents who use their financial clout to move into catchment areas for better performing schools.
  10. The breakdown in the Good Friday Agreement will kick off a lot, lot faster than 10 years if the Hard Brexiteer car crash goes down.
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