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  1. My understanding is that all the 30 day data packages are auto-renew prepay as standard. If you want a data package which is not auto-renew then there is the 7 day package which costs ~90 baht. The phone code for this is *777*7009#
  2. I found myself agreeing with about 20. I would put Seven Samurai at the top.
  3. So, you are here for hot weather and big but not fat jugs. Seems like a plan.
  4. Yes, we have seen the ruble go from strength to strength in Thailand.
  5. The Estonian leader is signalling small nation support for Ireland and EU unity and has the right to speak. And if it is only a chocolate teapot what do you care.
  6. Russia didn't get rid of anything other than as a result of the USSR collapsing. And 'er Kaliningrad still seems to be knocking around.
  7. Focus on the details of the backstop and try not to meander off.
  8. Right now let's just focus on the Irish backstop without the need to wander off in the distance.
  9. Other than some of the Conspiracy Theory munching Hard Brexiteers who would like to ally with Russia.
  10. There wouldn't be a veto of 'slight changes'. And unlike Hard Brexiteers, others are able to compromise.
  11. She hasn't. But the Brexiteers would like to gag anybody speaking against their nonsense views.
  12. Protecting the interests of small countries in the EU. Its not rocket science.
  13. You appear to have a limited view of the range of visas available.
  14. The Commonwealth has a special place in the hearts of Grumpy Old Gits because of the Royal Yacht, Pathe News and Southern Rhodesia.
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