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  1. They should care for otherwise they are going to lose a huge amount of unearned foreign currency
  2. I understand that the main reason for this poorly planned requirement concerning income is to make sure foreigners have sufficient funds to cover costs in case of death, injury and sickness. The Catch 22 is that most retirees can't get health insurance because of their age. Surely the government, in conjunction with Thai insurance providers, could come up with an affordable plan to cover us. In this case it would be sufficient for us to just have a monthly income of 40,000B (app. normal pension) plus verifiable insurance cover, either from a foreign insurance company or through the Thai government sponsored plan.
  3. The main cause of any growing anti-semitism at present is due to Israel's disgusting stand-over man treatment of the Palestinians and America's unquestioning support.
  4. It is the pedestrian's own fault. Everybody knows that pedestrians have no rights in Thailand and that the footpaths are for the exclusive use of motorbike riders, food and trinket vendors, and the displaying of advertising signage. Next time, walk on the road - it is much safer.
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